Oude Zeilvaart Boeken

Fighting Ships of the Far East (2)

Japan and Korea AD 612-1639
Turnbull, S: 2003 Osprey UK, softcover 48 pages, detailed illustrated, Anatomy and use. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. New Vanguard serie 63

The Medley of Mast and Sail part 2

A Camera record
Hurst, A.A.: 1981 Teredo UK, hardcover with dustjacket 473 pages. Photobook (525 photos) with text and index of ships. ISBN 0903662076 In very good condition

Fluitschepen voor de VOC

Balanceren tussen oncostelijckheijt en duursaemheit
Ketting, Herman: Aprilis Zaltbommel hardcover 144 blz., rijk geillustreerd. Over het Fluitschip zelf en de inzet van haar door de VOC, tevens een gedetailleerd beeld van de strakke organisatie van de werf m.b.t. het bouwen van het fluitschip. ISBN 9789059941410 In zeer goede staat

De Gouden Eeuw van het Fluitschip

Wegener Sleeswijk, Andre: 2003 Franeker,  hardcover met papieromslag 207 blz.. Het fluitschip. Als er een scheepstype is dat de gouden eeuw bij ons kan oproepen, dan is dat de fluit. Vanaf even voor 1600 werd het scheeptype ongeveer 200 jaar intensief gebruikt. Over hoe het er uitzag en hoe het werd ingezet gaat dit schitterend uitgevoerde boek. Een stuk sociale geschiedenis en een stuk techniek-geschiedenis. Boeiend en met vele illustraties. ISBN 9051942591 In zeer goede staat

The Wandering Albatross

Jameson, W: 1958 Rupert Hart-Davis London, hardcover 99 pages, with photos and drawings. The story of this fabulous birds solitary, mysterious life. In good condition

Coolie Ships and Oil Sailers

Lubbock, Basil: 1981 Glasgow, hardcover 180 pages, with illustrations and photographs. Sailships with transporting Coolies (Asian Labourers) and Oil. With index of the ships. ISBN 0851741118 In very good condition

The Opium Clippers

van € 39,50
Lubbock, Basil: 1946 Glasgow, hardcover 392 pages. About the the ships, shipowners, trade, sealife, economics, tales, with folding-out illustrations and photos. With index of the ships. In good condition

The China Clippers

from € 39,50
Lubbock, Basil: 1973 Glasgow, hardcover 295 pages.. History, the trade, the ships, the sailors and the tales, illustrated. With index of the ships. In very good condition

The Colonial Clippers

Lubbock, Basil: 1975 Glasgow, hardcover 384 pages. The sailing to Australia and New Zealand with the clippers of the large shipowners during the goldrush, the history of the wool- and woodclippers and the rise of the steel sailships, with photos, maps and illustrations. With index of the ships. In very good condition

The Nitrate Clippers

Lubbock, Basel: 1953 Glasgow, hardcover 155 pages, with photos. History . With index of the ships. In very good condition

The Last of the Windjammers (2 volumes)

Lubbock, Basil: 1969 Glasgow, 2 delen hardcover, totaal 966 blz.. Deel 1 gaat over de bemanning en het leven op de windjammers en Kaap Hoorn, de schepen en de diverse schepen voor de diverse handelsdoeleinden. Deel 2 gaat over de zeilperiode tussen 1888 en 1928 en met name de geschiedenis van de vele schepen, met veel fotos en uitklapplaten en index van genoemde schepen. In goede staat

The Colonial Schooner 1763-1775

Hahn, Harold M.: 1981 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages. For the Shipmodeller with many photos, detailed drawings and guided text for modelling ISBN 0851772153 scheepsmodelbouw schepen

Deane's Doctrine of Naval Architecture, 1670

Lavery, Brian: 1986 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages Deanes developed an important warship for the English. The book with the design and  construction was published in 1670. The transcribing of this 1670 edition with many background information is published in this edition. With many plans and illustrations. ISBN 0851771807 In very good condition

The James Craig

Her history, recovery and restoration
Toghill, Jeff: 1979 London, softcover 32 pages, with photo's ISBN 0589500597 In very good condition. Sailingships

The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships

Longridge, C. Nepean: 1972 London. hardcover with dustjacket 283 pages. Book Full of folding-out maps with detailed illustrations of every detail of the HMS Victory and a guide for building the ship. ISBN 1854861220 In very good condition and complete!

The Log of the Cutty Sark

Lubbock, Basil: 1954 Brown, Son and Ferguson Glasgow, third edition, hardcover 422 pages, with illustrations and plans. this is Lubbock’s detailed history of one of the most famous tea and wool clippers in history, the CUTTY SARK, now preserved at Greenwich. She was considered by 19th century seamen to be the finest and fastest clipper ever built in Britain, and the author examines her log-books and brings together first-hand accounts from those who sailed in the ship during her heyday. In her later years she was sold to foreign owners and during the early 1920’s interest in the ship was re-kindled when she was spotted under the Portuguese flag in Falmouth - the years failing to diminish her beautiful lines. This book is illustrated with many interesting old photographs and other plates, in addition to scale plans of her sails and hull. In a chapter entitled A Hell-Ship Voyage, there is more drama than any fictional story of the sea could produce, a fact not lost on Conrad who took the true events of the tragedy narrated here and wove them into one of his sea-stories

The Blackwall Frigates

Lubbock, Basil: 1950 James Brown and Sons Glasgow, hardcover 332 pages, with photograps, plans and fleetlists. With index of the ships. In very good condition

Cape Horn

Riesenberg, F.: 1950 UK, hardcover without dustjacket 240 pages. History of Cape Horn from her discovery till the sailors wo whre surrounding her. In good condition.

De ronding van Kaap Hoorn in 1896 door het Fregatschip Nederland

Hazelhoff Roelfzema, H.: 1996 St. Nederlandse Kaap-Hoornvaarders, softcover 40 blz., gladpapier, met foto's en illustraties. In goede staat

De Zeilvloot van Willem Ruys J.dzn en de Rotterdamsche Lloyd

Hoynck van Papendrecht, A: 1933 Rotterdam, softcover 147 blz. + Bijlages, met veel fotos. Uitgegeven ter gelegenheid van het vijftigjarig bestaan van de NV Rotterdamsche Lloyd. Over de zeilvloot en de huidige vloot, met dwarsdoorsnedes van o.a. de Baloeran enz. In goede staat.