Passagiersschepen boeken

Across the Pacific

Liners from Australia and New Zealand to North America
Plowman, P: 2010 Australia, softcover 272 pages, with photos and index. ISBN 9781877058967 In very good condition

A Century of Sea Travel

Personal Accounts from the Steamship Era
Deakes, C. and T. Stanley: 2010 Seaforth, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages, with many photos and illustrations. ISBN 9781848320819 In very good condition

Aurora and Oriana

Trend Setters of British Cruising
Smith, B.D.: 2012 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, with many photos. From planning till today. ISBN 9781906608460 In very good condition

Shadow Voyage

The extraordinary wartime escape of the legendary s.s. Bremen
Huchthausen, P.A.: 2005 USA, hardcover with dustjacket, with photos. ISBN 9780471457589 In very good condition


Kreuzfahrt-Excursionen, von Hamburg in die Welt in den Jahren 1891 bis 1914
Hamann, J. and H.: 1995 Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 86 pages. The photos of the brothers Hamann in this period. With text of S. Wiborg. ISBN 3767212358 In good condition. German language

Shaw Savills Magnificent Seven

Bell, A. and M. Robinson: 2011 Ship in Focus UK, hardcover 168 pages. With many photos. ISBN 9781901703603 In very good condition


Un Chef-d oeuvre Francais (1935-1942)
Ollivier, F: 2005 Chasse Marree France, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages, with many photos. Added affiche and a folding-out plan of the ship. From the building of the ship till her ending in the harbour of New York. ISBN 2914208804 French edition. In very good condition

Schiffahrt im Bild, Kusten-Passagierschiffe

Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2001 Bremen, hardcover 120 pages. Photobook of ships in German waters. From recent till earlier days. With guided text. In very good condition. ISBN 3897571021 German Language

Passenger Liners of the World since 1893

Cairis, N.T.: 1979 revised edition, hardcover with dustjacket 225 pages. Photos with details of each ship. ISBN 0517288753 In  good condition

Pacific Liners 1927-1972

Emmons, Frederic: 1973 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 135 pages. 226 liners from several shipping companies. Their history and from every ship a profile drawing. In very good condition.

Soviet Passengerships 1917-1977

Wilson, E.A.: World Ship society 1978, softcover 79 pages.. All ships, with photos, history and specifications of each ship ISBN 0905617045 In very good condition

Scheepvaart van de lage landen Noordatlantisch vaargebied

van € 10,00
Lagendijk, A.: 1976 Rotterdam, softcover 96 blz.. De Nederlandse en Belgische passagiersschepen, afgebeeld en uitgebreid beschreven, met een index ISBN 9060075919 in zeer goede staat

Scheepvaart van de lage landen, Afrika en Latijns Amerika

van € 10,00
Lagendijk, A: 1978 Rotterdam, softcover 124 blz. Van elk Nederlands en Belgisch schip een foto en een uitgebreide beschrijving, met index op scheepsnaam ISBN 906007601x In goede staat

De Grote Drie

Nieuw Amsterdam, Oranje, Willem Ruys
Haas, C. de: 1976 Unieboek Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 207 blz.. Geschiedenis van deze drie voor Nederland zo belangrijke passagiersschepen, geillustreerd. ISBN 9022819590 In zeer goede staat

Emigrant Ships

The Vessels which carried migrants across the world 1946-1972
Cooke, A: Ca. 1995, Carmania Press UK, softcover 112 pages, with many photos and a shipindex. Ships from Europe and the US. ISBN 9780951865606 In very good condition

The Stately President Liners

American Passenger Liners of the interwar years, part 1 The 50s
Goldberg, Mark H.: 1996 The American Merchant Marine Museum New York, softcover 646 pages, with photo's. American Merchant Marine History Series Volume V. History of the seven sisterships Government owned passengerliner. The so called president liners ISBN 1879180111 In good condition

Ms Lobo Marinho of 2003

N/M Lobo Marimho de 2003, Portuguese Ships-Navio Portugueses
Correia, L.M.: 2004 Portugal, softcover 80 pages, photoboojk with texts. English and Portuguese language. ISBN 9728536046 In very good condition

Historic White Star Liners

Rentell, P: 1986 UK, hardcover 48 pages. Photo or Postcard with the liner, her history and specifications. ISBN 0951231308 Passagiersvaart, scheepvaart


Le Nouveau Paqueboat De La C.G. Transatlantique
Author Unknown: 1935 D-illustration 125 pages including adverisements, with many photos of the ship, tecnics, arts and interior. This publication because of the launching of the ship. Cover of this publication in poor condition, cover not loose and the publication itself with marks of use

Hospital Ships and Ambulance Trains

Plumridge, J.H.: 1975 London, hardcover with dustjacket 203 pages, with photos, history and details of the ships and trains. Also appendices with information. ISBN 0854220879 In very good condition