Internationale Maritieme Historie

Investing in Maps

Baynton-Williams, R: 1969 London, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, illustrated. Guide for investing in the right maps. In good condition

Ships & Guns

The Sea Ordnance in Venice and Europe between the 15th and 17th Centuries
Beltrmae, C. and R.G. Ridella: 2011 Oxbow Books UK, softcover 132 pages, illustrated. This book brings experts together on shiparchaeology and historic artillery. ISBN 9781842179697 In very good condition

Mary Rose Your Noblest Shippe (2 volumes in Cassette)

Anatomy of a Tudor Warship
Marsden, P: 2009 UK, hardcover. Volume I, 433 pages, illustrated, with all the details of the Mary Rose her contruction. Volume II, the Map volume with 15 folding-out maps of the Mary Rose in detail. This is part II of the serie about the Mary Rose and contains the Anatomy. ISBN 9780954402921 In very good condition

Weapons of Warre, The Armaments of the Mary Rose (2 Volumes in Cassette)

Hildred, A: 2011 UK, hardcover, together 1006 pages, illustrated with many illustrations and plates. The Great Guns, Munition, Artillery, Hand-held Weapons, Personal Protection etc. Part 3 in the serie about he Mary Rose. ISBN 9780954402938 Cassette small tear, otherwise in very good condition

Those Emblems of Hell

European Sailors and the Maritime Labour Market, 1570-1870
Royen, Paul C, van: 1997 St. John New Foundland, Research in Maritime History No. 13, softcover 362 blz. ISBN 0968128815 In very good condition

Uniforms of Trafalgar

Fabb, J: 1977 Batsford London, hardcover with dustjacket 94 pages, illustrated. The uniforms of the combatant navies. Britain, France and Spain. ISBN 0713402180 In very good condition

List of Men Of War 1650-1700

English Ships 1649-1702. No.5 Part I
Anderson, R.C.: 1966 The Society for Nautical Research, softcover 72 pages. The English ships. Their name, type of ship, built, date, guns, beam, length, tons. In very good condition

Lists of Men of War 1650-1700

No. 5 Part IV, Ships of the United Netherlands 1648-1702
Vreugdenhill, A: 1938 Cambridge University Press London, softcover 54 pages, with the fleetlist in this period of the United Netherlands Navy. Details. Name, Guns, Admiralty, Date, Lenght, Beam, Depth. In very good condition

Naval Warfare Under Oars

4th to 16th Centuries, a Study of Strategy, Tactics and Ship Design
Rodgers, W.L.: 1939 United States Naval Institute, hardcover 358 pages. With folding-out maps and plates. In very good condition

The True Glory

The Story of the Royal Navy over a Thousand Years
Tute, W: 1983 Harper, hardcover with dustjacket 298 pages, illustrated, with index. ISBN 0060152125 In very good condition

From Dunkirk To Danzig

Shipping and Trade in the North Sea and the Baltic 1350-1850
Heeres, W.G. a.o.: 1988 Verloren Hilversum, hardcover with dustjacket 499 pages. Scientific book ISBN 906503129 In very good condition

Lists of Men of War 1650-1700 No.5 part III

Swedish Ships, Danish-Norwegian Ships, German Ships
Borjeson, H.J. a.o.: 1974 UK, The Society of Nautical Research, softcover 55 pages. Complete lists of the Fleets. Name of ship, guns, built, date, lenght, beam, Tons. In good condition

Lists of Men of War 1650-1700

No. 5, Part II, French Ships 1648-1700
Conte, P.le: 1974 UK, The Society of Nautical Research, softcover 47 pages. Complete lists of the French Fleet. Name of ship, guns, built, date, lenght, beam, Tons. In good condition

List of English Men of War 1509-1649

Anderson, R.C.: The Society of Nautical Research UK 1959, softcover 24 pages. Complete lists of the Fleets. Name of ship, guns, built, date, lenght, beam, Tons. In good condition

British Shipping

its history, organisation and importance
Kirkaldy, A.W.: 1970 London, hardcover with dustjacket 665 pages, with appendices and index. Reprint 1914 edition. Period between 1860-1914. In good condition

L' Astronomie Nautique au Portugal

a l'epoque des grandes decouverteres
Bensaude, J: 1967 Amsterdam, hardcover 301 pages, reprint 1912/17 edition, illustrated. In very good condition

For Honor and Country

The Diary of Bruno De Hezeta
Hezeta, B. de: 1985 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 167 pages, illustrated. The claim on Oregon by the Spanish. ISBN 0875951201 In very good condition

Trickster Travels

A Sixteenth-Century Muslim Between Worlds
Zemon-Davis, N: 2006 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 435 pages, illustrated. The Story of Leo Africanus, borned as al-Hasan al-Wazzan ISBN 9780809094349 In very good condition

Ships and Science

The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution 1600-1800
Ferreiro, L.D.: 2007 MIT USA, hardcover with dustjacket 439 pages, illustrated, with index and bibliography. ISBN 9780262062596 In very good condition

In Pursuit of Pepper and Tea

The Story of the Dutch East India Company
Jacobs, E.M.: 1991 Walburgpers Zutphen, softcover 96 pages, illustrated ISBN 9789057300400 In very good condition