Internationale Maritieme Historie

The Last Armada

Siege of 100 days, Kinsale 1601
Ekin, Des: 2014 Ireland, softcover 411 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9781847175984 In very good condition

The Encircled Sea

The Mediterranean maritime civilisation
Arenson, S: 1990 Constable London, hardcover with dustjacket 205 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780094694804 In very good condition

The Commodores

The Drama of a Navy under Sail
Guttridge, L. and J.D. Smith: 1970 Davies London, hardcover 340 pages, illustrated. Describes the fighting exploits of the 65 years' life of the American Navy under sail. During this period the Navy fought actions with the Barbary pirates, battles between American, French and British vessels: the furious battles between American and British frigates in the War of 1812. In good condition

Nelsons Battles

Warner, O: 1971 London, hardcover with dustjacket 254 pages, with illustrations. Nelsons career as a fighting seaman. In very good condition

The Black Ship

Pope, Dudley: 1963 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 367 pages, with illustrations. Study of the mutiny onboard the 32 gun Frigate Hermione of the Royal Navy. Dustjacket some marks of use, otherwise good

Allgemeines Worterbuch der Marine (4 volumes complete)

In allen Europäischen Seesprachen
RÖDING, J. H.: Reprint 1969 in 4 volumes, hardcover all together 1893 pages. Mit Bibliographie der Marine-Literatur, Anhängen und acht Indexen. Hamburg 1793-98., Maritime Dictionary in Deutsch, Hollandisch, Danisch, Schwedish, England, Franzosisch, Italienisch, Spanisch und Portugesisch. Deutsche Sprache. In good condition

"Old Bruin" Commodore Matthew C. Perry 1794-1858

Morison, S.E.: 1968 Oxford University Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 482 pages. Biography of the American Naval officer who helped found Liberia, hunted pirates in the West Indies, practised diplomacy with the Sultan of Turkey and the King of the two Sicilies, commanded the Gulf Squadron in the Mexican War, promoted the steam navy and the shell gun and conducted the naval expedition which opened up Japan. Dustjacket with marks of use, otherwise good

The Hidden Navy

Berckman, E: 1973 Hamilton London, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages, illustrated. Interesting and unusual events in the inner history of the Royal Navy discovered in the State Papers at the Public Records Office. In very good condition

Crime and Punishment in the Royal Navy

Discipline on the Leeward Islands Station 1784-1812
Byrn, J.D.: 1989 Scolar Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 251 pages. ISBN 9780859678087 In very good condition


A Life of Admiral The Earl of Dundonald
Tute, W: 1965 Cassell London, hardcover with dustjacket 275 pages, with illustrations. The life of this remarkable Admiral who lived between 1775 and 1860. Dustjacket with marks of use, otherwise good.

Charles Darwin and the voyage of the Beagle

Darwin, C: 1946 New York. hardcover with dustjacket 279 pages, with folding-out map and illustrations. The series of 36 letters written by Darwin to his family during the famous five-year voyage. In good condition

Atlas Maritime

See-Atlas Le Neptune Francoys des Pierre Mortier gestochen von Alexis Jaillot 1693

Mortier, P. Text W. Schwarze: 1977 Wuppertal, softcover ca. 175 pages. Book with maps of Mortier. In good condition. German language

History of Ships

Ireland, B: 1999 UK, hardcover with dustkjacket 192 pages, illustrated. The development of ships from the start. Good comprehensive work. ISBN 9780600595908 In very good condition

Seemacht Deutschland

Die Hanse, Kaiser Wilhelm II. und der neue Maritime Komplex
Pfeiffer, H: 2009 Berlin, softcover 221 pages. ISBN 9783861535133 In very good condition. German Language.

International Register of Historic ships

van € 34,50
Brouwer, Norman J: published in association with the World Ship Trust 1985 England, 321 pages. Overview of historic ships who survived. With photo and their history, categorised by country. All kind of ship types, like tugs, steamships, sailships, fishingships, lifeboats etc. ISBN 0904614115 In good condition

The conquest of the Niger by land and sea

From the early explorers and pioneer steamships to Elder Dempster and Company
Hollett, David: UK 1995, 256 pages. Book about the expeditions to the Niger River in Africa from 1831 till the Merchant Fleet of Elder Dempster and Company to this region in 1932. With illustrations. ISBN 1872006043 In very good condition.

The loss of the Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie Jacht Vergulde Draeck, Western Australia, l656 (2 volumes complete)

an historical background and excavation report with an appendix on similar loss of the fluit Lastdrager
Green, J.N.: 1977 Western Australian Museum, softcover. Volume 1. History, findingplace and catalogue of found artefacts, Volume 2, historical background and catalogue of finds. Together 506 pages, illustrated. In good condition

La Traduction Espagnole Du ''De Sitv Orbis'' De Pomponivs Mela Par Maitre Joan Faras Et Les Notes Marginales De Duarte Pacheco Pereira

Carvalho, J.B.: 1974 Lisbon Portugal, hardcover 248 pages. Number 15 From the serie Centro de Estudos Cartografica. In good condition

Os Guias Nauticos de Munique E Evora

Albuquerque, L.M.: 1965 Lisbon, hardcover 290 pages, illustrated. Number 4 From the serie Centro de Estudos Cartografica. In good condition

O Livro De Marinharia De Andre Pires

Albuquerque, A: 1963 Lisbon, hardcover 232 pages. Number 1 From the serie Centro de Estudos Cartografica. In good condition