Internationale Maritieme Historie

Fighting Ships of the Far East (2)

Japan and Korea AD 612-1639
Turnbull, S: 2003 Osprey UK, softcover 48 pages, detailed illustrated, Anatomy and use. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. New Vanguard serie 63

Every Man Will Do His Duty

An Anthology of Firsthand Accounts from the age of Nelson 1793-1815
King, D: 1997 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 425 pages. ISBN 9780805046083 In very good condition

The Graveney Boat

Fenwick, V: 1978 Maritime Museum Greenwich, softcover 348 pages, illustrated. Excavationand recording, interpretation of the boat remains  and the environment, reconstruction and other research, conservation and display. Dated 890 ad, early English-Saxon Clinker built. In very good condition. Shipsarcheology, scheepsarcheologie

Roar Ege

Skuldelev 3 skibet som archeologisk eksperiment
Andersen, E. a.o.: 1997 Roskilde, hardcover 274 pages, illustrated. The Skuldelev Vikingships in detail, with many photos, plans, illustrations ISBN 8785180297 In very good condition. Danish language

The Sea Chart

An Historical Survey based on the Collections in the National Maritime Museum
Howse, Derek and Sanderson, Michael: 1973 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, illustrated. In very good condition. ©

Jack Nastyface

Memoirs of an English Seaman
Robinson, W: 2002 Chatham UK, softcover 155 pages, with illustrations. Memoirs of a sailorman in the Nelson Navy. ISBN 9781861761910nIn very good condition

Reise um die Welt in den jahren 1803, 1804, 1805 und 1806

Krusenstern, Adam Johann von: 1986 Bohlau Verlag Koln, hardcover with dustjacket 136 pages, with illustrations. ISBN 3412062855 In very good condition

The Naval Architect Oktober 1971

Diverse authors: 1971 UK, softcover.. With 28 pages about the ss Grerat Britain. With technical details, plans etc. In good condition

Memoirs of a Seafaring Life

The Narritive of William Spavens
Spavens, W: 2000 UK, hardcover in cassette 254 pages. A unique lower deck view of the eighteenth century navy first published in 1796, this unparalleled account by an ordinary seaman of the mid 18th century of his life, travels and adventures is one of the most fascinating autobiographies to have come out of the Age of Sail - and also one of the rarest, as there are only a handful of copies extant. Spavens describes his career in the Royal Navy of Anson's time, giving insights into the conditions of life on the lower deck, the Press Gang, which he both suffered from and served in, and an eyewitness account of Admiral Hawke's famous victory at Quiberon Bay in 1759. Also included are fascinating descriptions of all the ports and islands around the world which he visited. This remarkable first-hand account of life at sea is both an enthralling story of one man's adventures and a major contribution to our knowledge of the lot of the common seaman. In very good condition

The Royal Navy a History

From the Earliest Times to the Present
Clowes, Sir W. Laird: 1897-1903, Sampson, Low, Marston and Company London, 1st edition, 7 volumes complete, 35 photogravures complete and other illustrations and maps. All 7 volumes good in the hinges. Overall, set in good condition

The first and second charters of the Swedish East India Company (1731-1766)

Koninckx, C: Kortrijk 1980, hardcover with dustjacket 543 pages, with the list and details of the individual ships of the Swedish Navy in this period. History. In very good condition

Itinerario Viagem Navegacao de Jan Huygen van Linschoten para as Indias Orientais ou Portuguesas

Pos, A. and Loureiro, R.M. (editors): 1997 Lisbon Portugal. Cassette with Gravures and Maps + book, softcover 414 pages. In very good condition. ISBN 9789728325381 In very good condition and complete.

Sent Forth a Dove

Discovery of the Duyfken
Henderson, James: 1999 University of Western Australia Press, softcover 218 pages, with photo's, maps and index. History, finding and recovery. ISBN 1876268255 In very good condition

The Anglo-Dutch Naval Wars 1652-1674

Hainsworth, R. and C. Churches: 1998 Sutton UK, hardcover without dustjacket 212 pages, illustrated and index. ISBN 0750917873 No dustjacket as on image, otherwise very good condition

Reliquaias Navais Do Brasil

Guedes. M.J.: 1983 Ministerio da Marinha Rio de Janeiro, hardcover with dustjacket 125 pages, with photos and illustrations. Naval history of Brasilia. Portugese language. In very good condition

The Discovery of Tasmania

Journal extracts from the expeditions of Abel Janszoon Tasman and Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne 1642 and 1772
Duyker, E: 1992 Tasmania, hardcover 106 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0724622411 In very good condition

Blankenese Seefahrer, Schmuggler und Lotsen

Wiese, E: 2015 Koehler Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 200 pages, with many photos. Maritime history of Blankenese, part of Hamburg. ISBN 9783782212304 In very good condition. German Language.

Histoire de la navigation et des portes Belges

Delmelle, J: 1982 Brussel, hardcover with dustjacket 168 pages, illustrated. In very good condition. french language.

The Counter Armada 1596

The Journal of the Mary Rose
Usherwood, S. and E.: 1983 London, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0370305566 In very good condition

How we found The Mary Rose

McKee, A: 1982 London, hardcover with dustjacket 142 pages, with many photos. About the Mary Rose, her finding and salvage. ISBN 0285625241 In very good condition