Boeken USA Navy

Warships Illustrated 10

The US Navy in World War Two 1941-1942
Stern, Robert C: 1987 London, softcover 68 pages. Photobook with detailed information. In good condition

U.S. Naval Aviation in the Pacific

a critical review
Naval Operations United States Navy: 1947 USA, hardcover 56 pages, with photos and folding-out map of the operations in the back of the book. In good condition

U.S. Coast Guard Cutters and Craft of World War II

Scheina, R.L.: 1982 United States Naval Institute, hardcover 331 pages, with photos, history, details etc. ISBN 0870217178 In very good condition

The U.S. Coast Guard in World War II

Willoughby, M: 1989 Airlife Publishing UK, hardcover with dustjacket 347 pages, with photos. History. ISBN 9780870217746 In very good condition

Pearl Harbor Countdown

Richardson, James O: 2008 Pelican Publishing USA, hardcover with dustjacket 543 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9781589805927 In very good condition

U.S.S. Arizona

Ships Data, a photographic history
Lott, A.S.: 1978 Honolulu, softcover 52 pages. History with photos, and detailed plans. In good condition

From Mahan to Pearl Harbor

The Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States
Asada, S: 2006 Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 385 pages, with index. ISBN 9781557500427 In very good condition

American Destroyer Escorts of World War 2

The Story of the Famous ''DEs in US Navy, Royal Navy, and Allied Service
Elliott, Peter; 1974 UK, softcover 128 pages, many photographs and detailed information. In good condition

Jane's American Fighting Ships of the 20th Century

Janes: 1991 USA, gebonden 319 blz.. eeen overzicht van alle schepen, met veel foto's. In goede staat

The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet. 13th edition

Polmar, N: 1985 Arms and Armour Press, hardcover with dustjacket 559 pases. All the Ships and Airplanes of the US Navy, with photo and detailed information. Also index ISBN 0853687013 In very good condition

Shades of blue

shades of
US Naval Air Power Since 1941
US Naval Air Power Since 1941: Martin W. Bowman, 1999 UK, bound with dustwrap 140 pages. Guide of the planes ,and the history of them, used on board of the US Carriers, with many photograps and a index

The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

14th edition
Polmar, Norman: 1989 Arms and Armour Press, bound without a dustwrap 559 pages. The complete fleet, with photographs and background information.

Profile Warship 39 USS Mississippi (BB23)

Lautenschlager, K: 1973 UK, softcover 24 pages, with photos and detailed drawings, also the history. In good condition

Steel Shark in the Pacific

USS Pampanito SS-383

Jaffee, W.W.: Glencannon Press 2001 Palo Alto US, softcover 208 pages, with many photo's. Submarine survivor of WW2 ISBN 9781889901169 In very good condition

Strategic Theories

Castex, Admiral Raoul: 1993 Naval Institute Press, hardcover 445 pages 1557501009 In very good condition

Profile Warship 36

United States Navy Monitors of the Civil War
Cracknell, W.H.: 1973 UK, softcover 24 pages, history, details, photo's etc.. In very good condition

The Ohio and Malta

The Legendary Tanker that Refused to Die
Pearson, M: 2004 Pen and Sword UK, hardcover with dustjacket 163 pages, with photo's. After a Torpedo hit and hits of bombs and struck by two Luftwaffe aircraft this American Tanker survived IN WW2. Almost in two pieces, without spoiling oil, towed to Malta in 1942 ISBN 9781844150311 In very good condition

CSS Alabama

Builder, Captain and Plans
Summersell, C.G.: 1985 The University of Alabama Press, hardcover with dustjacket and inserted folding-out plans. History of this warship cruiser of the confederacy in the American Civil War ISBN 0817302093 In good condition

Yangtze Patrol

The U.S. Navy in China
Tolley, K: 2000 Naval Institute Press, softcover 344 pages, with photo's and index. The U.S. Navy's patrol of the Yangtze River began in 1854 when the USS Susquehanna was sent to China to safeguard increasing American commerce in the region. As Kemp Tolley explains in this entertaining history of the patrol in which he was to later serve, the presence of gunboats along the river greatly benefited the integrity of the shoreline factories. Tolley was a young naval officer in the 1930s when assigned gunboat duty, first in the Mindanao, then in the Tutuila, and finally the Wake in August 1941. His colorful description of life as a river rat is filled with anecdotes about the resourceful and high-spirited sailors who manned the old riverboats in that distant land.In the process of telling their story he covers a century of Chinese history, replete with warlords and mandarins, bandits and kidnappers, missionaries and mercenaries, riots and revolution. He presents a knowledgeable summary of the political situation in China up to World War II, including the bombing of the Panay, the siege of Shanghai, and the Nanking incident ISBN 1557508836 In very good condition

Welcome Aboard USS Tarawa CVS-40

Air Force, US Atlantic Fleet
US Government: 1957. Map with two Press Photo's and a Tarawa News Bulletin. Special for visitor's of this Aircraftcarrier. USS Tarawa (CV/CVA/CVS-40, AVT-12) was one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during and shortly after World War II for the United States Navy