Boeken USA Navy

The Buckley-Class Destroyers Escorts

Franklin, B.H.: 1999 London, hardcover with dustjacket 210 pages, with photos and all the history and details of the destroyers used in WWII in the USA Navy, with index ISBN 9781861761187 In good condition

Warship Pictorial 3, USS Louisville CA-28

Wiper, S: 1998 USA, softcover 56 pages. The ship in detail in photos, also designplans, camouflage and detailed illustrations. ISBN 9780965482929 In very good condition

U.S. Battleships in action part 1

Warships No.3
Stern, Robert C: 1980 Squadron/Signal publications, softcover 50 pages. Photobook with text and many details. ISBN 0897471075 In very good condition

US Battleships in action Part 2

Warships No.4
Stern, Robert C: 1984 Squadron/Signal publications, softcover 50 pages. Photobook with text and many details. ISBN 0897471571 In very good condition

Golden State Battlewagon, USS California (BB-44)

Warship Series 3
Smith, M.J.: 1984 Montana USA, softcover 43 pages. Photobook with all the details, designplans, folding-out etc. ISBN 0933126379 In good condition

US Heavy Cruisers in action part 1

Warships No. 14
Adcock, A: 2001 Squaron/Signal Publications USA, softcover 49 pages. Photobook with many details and text ISBN 9780897474221 In very good condition

United States Destroyer Operations in World War II

Roscoe, Theodore: 1977 Naval Institute Press, hardcover with dustjacket 581 pages. With photos, illustrations and detailed plans. In very good condition

Destroyer Escorts in Action

Warships number 11
Adcock, A: 1997 USA, softcover 50 pages, with photos and detailed illustrations. ISBN 9780897473781 In good condition

The Escort Carrier Gambier Bay

From the serie Anatomy of the Ship
Ross, Al: 1993 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 127 pages. Anatomy of the ship in all her details, with many detail drawings and photos of the ship. ISBN 9780851776132 In very good condition

Essex-Class Carriers

From the serie Warship Design Histories
Raven, A: 1988 Naval Institute Histories, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages. Design study of this class of escort-carriers, with many detailed drawings of every aspect of the ship. Also photos and history. ISBN 9780870210211 In very good condition

US Cold War Aircraft Carriers

Forrestal, Kitty Hawk and Enterprise Classes
Elward, B: 2014 Osprey UK, New Vanguard series 211, softcover 48 pages, with photos and detailed designplans. History, use and design ISBN 9781782003809 In very good condition

The American Steel Navy

The Photographic History of the U.S. Navy from the Introduction of the Steel Hull in 1883 to the Cruise of the Great White Fleet 1907-1909
Alden J.D.: 1989 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 395 pages. Photobook with text ISBN 9780870212482 In very good condition

Silent Siege II

Japanese Attacks on North America in World War II
Webber, B: 1988 USA, softcover 397 pages, with photos and maps. Ships Sunk, Air Raids, Bombs Dropped, People Killed, Balloon Bombing on USA Soil. ISBN 093673826x In good condition

C.S. Ironclad Virginia and U.S. Ironclad Monitor

With data and references for scale models
Author unknown: 1978 Mariners Museum USA, softcover 47 pages with photos + 12 folding-outs with design- en construction drawings. Small publication in very good condition

Schlachtschiffe der US-Navy im 2. Weltkrieg

Battleships of the US Navy in World War II
Terzibaschitsch, S: 1976 Munchen, hardcover with dustjacket 205 pages. The fleet of the large US Battleships in detail, with photos, plans, design and history. ISBN 3469005761 In good condition

Brochure Naming Ceremony USNS Gordon (T-AKR 296)

Newport News: 1996 USA, softcover 5 pages, information and photo. In very good condition

Destination, Tokyo

A Pictorial History of Doolittles Tokyo Raid April 18, 1942
Cohen, Stan: 1992 Canada, softcover 127 pages. Pictoral book with history of the raid from aircraft carrier uss Hornet with 16 B-25 bombers. A retribution for Pearl Harbour. ISBN 9780929521527 In very good conditon

American Battleships 1886-1923

Pre Dreadnought Design and Construction
Reilly, John C. a.o.: 1990 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 259 pages. With plans and photographs. Naval Ships categorised in Classes ISBN 0853684464 In very good condition

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings Cumulative Index 1874-1977

Diverse Authors: 1980 Naval Insitute Press USA, hardcover 377 pages. Index of all the articles in this period. ISBN 0870210254 In very good condition

War With Japan (complete set)

Ministry of Defence: 1995 HSMO, hardcover with dustjacket Ca. 1500 pages. Volume 1-6 in 4 books + 4 maps with charts. In very good condition