Engelse Marine Boeken

The History of Royal Air Force Marine Craft 1918-1986, High Speed launch 100

Appendix  2c
Pilborough, G.D.: 1987 Canimpex UK, softcover 95 pages, with photos ISBN 0951026658 In very good condition

The History of Royal Air Force Marine Craft 1918-1986, The 200 Class Seaplane Tender

Appendix 1B
Pilborough, D: 1986 Canimpex UK, softcover 83 pages, with photos and many details ISBN 0951026631 In very good condition

The History of Royal Air Force Marine Craft 1918-1986

Volume One 1918-1939
Pilborough, D: 1986 Canimpex UK, softcover 117 pages, with photos. Many different vessels of the RAF in detail. ISBN 0951026623 In very good condition

The History of Royal Air Force Marine Craft 1918-1986

Volume Two 1939-1945
Pilborough, D: 1987 Canimpex UK, softcover 114 pages, with photos. Many different vessels of the RAF in detail. ISBN 095102664x In very good condition

HMS Belfast

Imperial War Museum: 1982 London, softcover 83 pages, illustrated. History of theis Britain Warship ISBN 0901627208 In very good condition

Ark Royal, a Flagship for the 21st Century

Author unknown: 2001 UK, softcover 93 pages. History of the Ark Royal V, with many photos and a DVD. In very good condition

Pictorial History of the Royal Navy

In 2 volumes
Watts, Anthony J.: 1971 London. Harcover with dustjacket together 288 pages, period 1880-1914. Photobooks with guided texts. In very good conditon

The Royal Navy Handbook

The definitive MoD Guide
Royal Navy: 2003 Conway UK, hardcover 208 pages. Every type of Vessel and Aircraft and their Weapon Systems in details, with photo ISBN 9780851779522 In very good condition

Royal Navy Trawlers, In 2 volumes

Toghill, G: 2003 UK, with many photos and details of the trawlers. Part one Admiralty Trawlers, hardcover with dustjacket 227 pages, Part Two, Requisitiones Trawlers The making of Trawlers made bij the English Amiralty to sweep mines ISBN 9780907771951 and ISBN 9781904459026 In very good condition

The Geordie Gunboat

The Story of HMS NewCastle
Blunden, J. a.o: 2003 UK, softcover 66 pages. History of this Royal Navy Ship. In very good condition

The Great Ships Pass

British Battleships at War 1939-1945
Smith, P.C.: 1977 Kimber London, hardcover 544 pages, with photos and index. ISBN 0718301757 In good condition


The Story of The British Pacific Fleet
Eadon, S: 1991 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 830 pages, with photos. ISBN 9781872017235 In good condition

British Escort Ships of WW2

Lenton, H.T.: 1974 London, hardcover with dustjacket 64 pages. All British Escort Ships of WW2, with photos and detailed information. ISBN 0356080625 In very good condition

British River Gunboats

Kemp, P.J.: 1989 London, softcover 40 pages, photobook with guided text of rivergunboats during the ages. ISBN 9780946784516 In  good condition

Ships of the Royal Navy

The Complete record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy, From the Fifteenth Century to the Present
Colledge, J.J.: 1987 Greenhill books, hardcover 388 pages.. All the ships with their tonnage, weapons, builders, dates, names, wood or iron. In good condition

The Royal Navy in Focus 1930-1939

Author unknown: UK 1987, softcover 134 pages, photobook with beautiful photos + guided text. In good condition

The British Navies in the Second World war


James, Admiral W.M.: 1947 Longmans London, hardcover with 22 folding-out plans of naval operations. In very good condition

The D-Day Ships

Neptune. The greatest Amphibious Opertion in History
Winser, John de S.: 1994 World Ship Society, softcover 172 pages. All the ships who joined D-Day, with many photographs ISBN 0905617754 In good condition

Warships Illustrated No 7

van € 12,50
British Destroyers in World War One
Burt, R.A.: 1986 Arms and Armour Press, softcover 64 pages. Full off photographic material with backgrounds. In good condition

Royal Fleet Auxiliary in Focus

Wise, J: 2002 UK, softcover 128 pages. Historical Photobook with detailed information ISBN 9780907771890 In very good condition