Engelse Marine Boeken

Big Gun Monitors

Design, Constructon and Operations 1914-1945
Buxton, I.: 2008 Seaforth, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with photo's and index ISBN 9781844157198 In very good condition (other dustjacket as on image)

British Warships and Auxiliaries (Diverse Years)

Each year € 7,50
Critchley, Mike: UK, softcover 120 pages. All the floating material of the UK Navy till the smallest vessels. With photographs of every class and every vessel without a class. Every year a edition. We can deliver the years 1979, 1983, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014. In very good condition. Mail with info@nautiek.nl for the year(s) you want to receive

The Royal Navy in Old Photographs

Trotter, W.P.: 1975 Dent London, hardcover with dustjacket 200 pages. 190 photos of the old British Navy with description. ISBN 0460041320 In very good condition

British Battlecruisers 1939-45

Osprey New Vanguard Serie 88
Konstam, A: 2009 Osprey UK, softcover 48 pages, with photos and detailed drawings. In very good condition ISBN 9781841766331 In very good condition

Warships Illustrated No 7

van € 12,50
British Destroyers in World War One
Burt, R.A.: 1986 Arms and Armour Press, softcover 64 pages. Full off photographic material with backgrounds. In good condition

The British Destroyer

Manning, T.D.: 1961 London, bound without dustwrap 148 pages. Complete record of all Classes of Destroyer that served The Royal Navy. With backgrounds and many photographs. In very good condition

The Royal Navy and the Sino-Japanese Incident 1937-41

Brice, M.H.: 1973 Ian Allan, hardcover with dustjacket 163 pages, with photos and index. In very good condition

Royal Navy Aircraft Serials and Units 1911-1919

Sturtivant, R. and G. Page: 1992 UK, hardcover 480 pages, with photos. The tracks of all airplanes in this period. ISBN 0851301916 In very good condition

Ships of the Royal Navies

and British Common Welath of Nations
Parkes, O: 1937 UK, hardcover  220 pages, with all the Royal Navy ships and the Common Welath of Nations in detail, with many photos, detailed information and history of the ships. In good condition

Moving Bases

Royal Navy Maintenance Carriers and Monabs
Hobbs, D: 2007 Canberra Australia, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with many photos. History of the Maintenance Carriers and Monabs. ISBN 9781904459309 In very good condition

The Blockade Busters

Barker, R: 1976 London, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages, with photos. The story of Binney who shipped steel from Sweden to the UK, avoiding the blockades in the Skagerrak by the Germans. ISBN 0701121890 In very good condtion

The Big Blockade

Chatterton, E.K.: 1932 Hurst and Blackett London, hardcover 287 pages, with photos. The story of the 10th cruiser squadron in World War One. In good condition

Hold The Narrow Sea

Naval Warfare in the English Channel 1939-1945
Smith, P.C.: 1984 Moorland UK, hardcover with dustjacket 255 pages, with photos an detailed information on actions in duty, also information of the ships. ISBN 0861900790 In very good condition

H.M.S. Bedouin and the long march home

Hagger, P: 1994 UK, softcover 188 pages, with photos. Tribal Class Destroyer in WWII. ISBN 9780902830288 In very good condition

Task Force 57

The British Pacific Fleet, 1944-1945
Smith, Peter C.: 2001 UK, softcover 192 pages, with photos, appendices and index. ISBN 9780947554859 In very good condition

British Escort Ships of WW2

Lenton, H.T.: 1974 London, hardcover with dustjacket 64 pages. All British Escort Ships of WW2, with photos and detailed information. ISBN 0356080625 In very good condition

Make Another Signal

Broome, J: 1974 Kimber London, hardcover no dustjacket 255 pages, illustrated. Funny, historic, signals between ships in war and peace are here, from earliest times to the Bismarck action. In good condition

Make a Signal

Broome, J: 1955 Putnam London, hardcover no dustjacket 224 pages, illustrated. About the signals between ships, before the electronics. In good condition

The life and letters of David Earl Beatty, Admiral of the fleet

Chalmers, Rear Admiral W.S.: 1951 Londen, hardcover 488 pages, between 1871 and 1936..The admiral with an important role in WW1. In good condition

The Queen s Regulations and the Admiralty Instructions for the Government of Her Majesty s Naval Service.

HMSO: 1899 London, hardcover leather binding 1593 pages, official copy for onboard the ships who are serving the Queen in the foreign. In very good condition.