Boeken Britse Binnenvaart

The Sailing Barges of Maritime England

Ellis, T: 1982 UK, softcover 80 pages. Photobook with text of the old saling barges from different parts of the UK and her variety in types. ISBN 0906986036 In good condition

Under Oars

Reminiscences of a Thames Lighterman 1894-1909
Harris, H: 1978 London, softcover 41 pages, illustrated. ISBN 090373835x In very good condition. Small publication. Rare!

Narrowboats Explained

Yorke, T: 2009 UK, softcover 96 pages, illustrated. All inns and outs of the Narrowboat. ISBN 9781846741463 In very good condition

Britain's Canal and River Craft

Paget-Tomlinson, E: 1993 UK, softcover 143 pages, with many photos. Different Classic craft from all parts of the UK. Their history, use and design. ISBN 9780861902866 In good condition

200 Years of Clyde Paddle Steamers

Deayton, A. and I. Quinn: 2012 Amberley UK, softcover 159 pages, with many photos. ISBN 9781445602554 On very good condition

Canal Narrowboats and Barges

Conder, T: 2004 UK, softcover 56 pages, with photos. History, types, use, builders etc. ISBN 9780747805878 In very good condition

Wherries and Waterways

The story of the Norfolk and Suffolk Wherry and the waterways on which it sailed
Malster, R: 1978 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with many photos. ISBN 900963301 In  very good condition

A Pictorial History of Canal Craft

Smith, P.L.: 1984 London, hardcover with dustjacket 135 pages. Photobook with text. History. ISBN 0713416378 In very good condition. Inland shipping. Binnenvaart

Discovering Craft of the Inland Waterways

Smith, D.J.: 1977 Shire UK, softcover 87 pages, illustrated. Traditional- and old inland ships of the UK in detail. Small publication. in good condition

Glasgow and South Western, and other Steamers

Deayton, A: 2002 UK, softcover 128 pages. History and information ISBN 9780752427737 In very good condition

Scottish Loch and Canal Steamers


Deayton, A: 2004 UK, softcover 157 pages, with photo's. History and information, with photo's. In very good condition ISBN 9780752431703

Electric Boats on the Thames 1889-1914

Hawthorne, Edward: 1995 UK, bound with dustwrap 224 pages, with many illustrations. The Thames Valley in the late 1880s was becoming the summer playground of wealthy Londoners and, thanks to the Great Western Railway, a magnet for large numbers of day-trippers, many of whom would embark on one of the steamers running trips on the river. At the same time, electric motors and batteries had developed to such a point that the electric boat had become a practical reality, capable of competing with the steam launch. In 1889 Moritz Immisch set up the first electric boat hire company, and its launches with their freedom from dirt and smoke and their ease of operation were immediately popular. Other boatbuilders and hirers on the Thames followed his lead and blazed the trail of electric boating, so that by 1900 its future looked full of promise. The growth in demand for petrol engined boats and the outbreak of war in 1914 spelt the end of the Edwardian era of steam and electric launches, but today electric boats are making a comeback throughout the world as people are experiencing the quietness and lower pollution which they offer. Once again, it is becoming commonplace to see them on the Thames. This book brings together for the first time the story of electric boating on the Thames. Fully illustrated with over 150 photographs, it draws on contemporary records to describe the story of boatyards, the histories of individual boats, and the activities of river users.

Barge Country

An exploration of the Netherlands Waterways
Liley, J: 1980 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 150 pages with photo's and index. John Liley describes his travels in the short barge "Arthur" and the klipper "Secunda". on the Dutch Waterways. ISBN 054007179x In very good condition