Treinenboeken Internationaal

Locomotives a vapeur Chinoises

Sigg, H: 1989 Paris, hardcover 179 pages, with photo's. Steamlocs in China. In very good condition ISBN 3909158137 in very good condition French Language

Locomotives of the South African Railways

A Concise Guide
Paxton, L. and D. Bourne: 1985 Struik Publishers Cape Town, hardcover 186 pages, with many photos and detailed information of all hostorical Locs ISBN 0869772112 In very good condition

Janes World Railways and Rapid Transit Systems 1980-81

Goldsack, P: 1980 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 557 pages, with photos. Catalogue with detailed information. In good condition

Maghreb Rails

Vleugels, M: 1999 Heerlen, hardcover 220 blz., veel fotos. Geschiedenis en huidiige situatie van de spoorwegen in Marokko, Algerije, Tunisie en Libie. Met fotos en informatie over de treinen ISBN 9073280060 In goede staat

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Worlds Modern Locomotives

A technical directory of major International diesel, electric and gas-turbine locomotives from 1879 to the present day
Hollingsworth, B. and A. Cook: 1983 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 208 pages, with many photos and much information ISBN 0861011767 In very good condition