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Large collection Lloyds Registers

Only the whole collection.
Lloyds: Divers years. In this collection the complete years of 1950/ 1954/ 1956/ 1965/ 1975/ 1976/ 1978/ 1979/ 1983/ 1985/ 1988/ 1989/ 1990/ 1991/ 1992/ 1993/ 1995/ 1996/ 1997/ 1998/ 2003. 21 complete years. No sending because of the weight. Only collecting in our place

History of Lyle Shipping Company Limited

From € 10,00
Crowdy, M: World Ship Society 1966 softcover 43 pages. Firm and fleetlist with photographs, specifications and history of the ships. In good condition

H. Hogarth & Sons Limited Baron Line

World Ship Society: 1976 softcover 56 pages. Short history and a large fleetlist with history, specifications and a photograph of the ships. In good condition

Fearnley and Eger 1869-1969

van € 12,50
World Ship Society: 1968, softcover 57 pages, with photos, details and history of each ship. In very good condition

Ben Line

van € 10,00
Fleet list and short history
Somner, Graeme: 1967 World Ship Society, softcover 59 pages, with photographs of the fleet. Maritime. In good condition

Stag Line 1817-1983

Robinson, Nicholas J.: 1984 World Ship Society, softcover 84 blz.. Korte geschiedenis met een uitgebreid overzicht van de schepen, met alle gegevens en foto's.


History of the Hunting Fleet
Hackman, R.M.B.H.: World Ship Society 1969 UK softcover 44 pages. Specifications, history and photographs of all the ships. In very good condition

Irish Shipping Limited 1941-1982

Spong, H.C.: 1982 World Shipping Society, softcover 56 pages, short history, fleetlist with specifications and photographs ISBN 0905617207 In very good condition

The Wilhelmsen Fleet 1861-1961

For speed and service
Bland, A.L. en M. Crowdy: 1961 World Ship Society, softcover 75 pages. Historical fleetlist with photos, specifications and Life Path of the ships. In very good condition

The Liberty Ships

The History of the Emergency Type Cargo Ships Constructed in the United States During World War II
Sawyer, L.A. and W.H. Mitchell: 1973 UK, softcover 238 pages. With a survey of the whole fleet, with photographs. ISBN 1850440492. Trefwoord, scheepvaart. In very good condition

Victory Ships and Tankers

Sawyer, L.A. and W.H. Mitchell: 1974 Newton Abott UK, hardcover with dustjacket 230 pages, Overview, with their details and history. All built ships, with lists, photos and index. ISBN 0715360361 In very good condition

The West Hartlepool Steam Navigation Company Ltd

Spaldin, B.G. and H.S. Appleyard: World Ship Society 1980, softcover 56 pages., All the ships in detail, history etc, with photo. In very good condition

Lamport and Holt Line

Heaton, P: 2004 UK, hardcover 160 pages., History of the ships with details and history, with many photos of the ships

R. Lapthorn and Company Limited

A Ships in Focus Fleet History
Garrett, K.S.: 2001 Ships In Focus UK, hardcover 88 pages, History of the Company and her ships, with many photos of the ships, fleetlist and index of ships. ISBN 9781901703412 In very good condition

Ellerman Lines

Ships in Focus series
Clarkson, J/Fenton, R: 1993 UK, hardcover 73 pages. All the ships photographed with their history and specifications. ISBN 9780952117902 In very good condition

Coastal Vessels in Detail

Waine, C.V.: 2003 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 154 pages, with photos and plans. Different types of Coastal Vessels and their construction and details. ISBN 0905184181 In very good condition

Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders

Waine, C.V.: 1976 Wolverhampton, hardcover with dustjacket 152 pages., with many illustrations and plans of the ships ISBN 0905184041 In very good condition

Coastal and Short Sea Liners

Waine, C.V.: 1999 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 179 pages, with iformation, photos and plans ISBN 0905184173 In very good condition

The Hamburg South America Line

Cooper, J, Kludas, Pein, J: 1990 World Sip Society UK, hardcover with dustjacket 196 pages. Historical Fleet, their specifications, the photographs and their history. In very good condition.

New Zealand and Federal Lines

Ships in focus serie
Clarkson, J. en R. Fenton: 1995 UK, softcover 88 pages. All the ships historicaly, with photo, specifications and history ISBN 0952117959 In zeer goede staat