Buitenlandse Koopvaardijboeken

Janes Merchant Ships 1987-88

Janes: 1987 USA, hardcover 687 pages. Sea-going ships worldwide, with sideprofile drawing and specifications as former name and date of mutation. ISBN 0710608365 In good condition

Janes Merchant Ships 1985-86

Janes: 1987 USA, hardcover 787 pages. Sea-going ships worldwide, with sideprofile drawing and specifications as former name and date of mutation. ISBN 0710608071 In good condition

VEB Deutsche Seerederei Rostock. DDR

DSR Lines, Gestern und Heute
VEB: 1972 Berlin, hardcover with dustjacket, +/- 200 pages, full with photographs of the ships, many in Full-Colour. Includes a large fleetlist of the ships. Dustjacket on spine discoloured, otherwise good condition

Brochure Johnson Line Container Express

Johnson Line: Ca. 1971 Stockholm, softcover 14 pages, with photos. In very good condition

Brochure Canada Steamship Lines

CSL: Ca. 1988 Canada, softcover 12 pages, with photos. In very good condition

Cambrian Coasters

Steam and motor coaster of North and West Wales
Fenton, R.S.: World Ship Society UK 1989, softcover 200 pages. With all the coasters in detail, with photos and their history. ISBN 0905617525 In good condition

Fifty Dynamic Years

World Ship Society: World Ship Society 50 Years, 2000 WSS, softcover 72 pages.. anniversary book with diverse articles maritime articles, with photos. In very good condition. Merchant Navy, koopvaardij, scheepvaart

Gas and Electricity Colliers

The Sea-Going Ships owned by the British Gas and Electricity industries
Chesterton e.a.: 1984 World Ship Society, softcover 119 pages. Detailed information and photographs of the Ships. Merchant Marine, koopvaardij scheepvaart ISBN 0905617339 In very good condition

Head Line

G. Heyn and Sons Ltd.
Harvey, W.J.: 1990 World Ship Society, softcover 160 pages. Short history and large fleetlist, with photographs. ISBN 0905617533 in good condition

Ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company

Mclean, G.: 1989 NZ, softcover 48 pages, historical overview of all ships, with photo, history and specification ISBN 9780477000154 In very good condition

Hain of St. Ives

ODonoghue/Appleyard, H.S.: 1986 World Ship Society, softcover 132 blz.. Alle schepen met foto, gegevens en levensloop ISBN 090561741x In zeer goede staat

Donaldson Line

Telford, P.J.: 1989 World Ship Cociety, softcover 127 pages.. All the ships of the line with photo, details and history. ISBN 0905617541 In very good condition

The Australian National Line 1956-1981

History and Fleetlist
Clark, Robin a.o.: 1982 World Ship Society, softcover 120 pages. Many photographs. Owner of 117 ships. In very good condition

SD 14

The Great British Shipbuilding Succes Story
Lingwood, J: 1976 World Ship Society, softcover 72 pages. About the ships and other information containing this shipbuilding programme, with photos and plans

From 70 North to 70 South

A History of the Christian Salvesen Fleet
Somner, Graeme: 1984 Scotland, softcover 142 pages. In the Style of the WSS, with short History and a large fleetlist with specifications and photographs. ISBN 095091990x In very good condition

J. Lauritzen 1884-1984

Thorsoe, Soren: 1984 Kendal UK World Ship Society, softcover 239 pages. History of the Company and fleetlist with photo of each ships, also history of the ship and specifications ISBN 0905617320 English Language. In good condition

Talboth Booth Merchant Ships (3 volumes)

Talbot-Booth: 1977 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 1109 pages. Ship identification by class and detailed side profile drawings. Scale 1/200, with over 2600 ships. With detailed information of each ship. Dustjacket with small marks of use, otherwise good

Deutsche Reedereien Band 44 and 45

Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2012 Bad Segeberg. 216 en 236 pages, hardcover. History and Fleetlist. Number 742 of 950 ex. Woermann-Linie, Deutsche Afrika-Linie, Deutsche Ostafrika-Linie, Transocean Liners / alle Hamburg. In very good condition. ISBN 9783981364071 and 9783981364088

100 Jahre Neptun 1873-1973

Aus der geschichte einer Bremer Reederei
Neptun: 1973 Bremen, softcover 124 pages, with the history of the shipowner and her ships and photos of the ship owned by Neptun. German language. Cover small marks of use, otherwise good

The Advent of Steam

The Merchant Steamship before 1900, Conways History of the Ship
Gardiner, R: 1993 Conways Maritime Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 190 pages, with photos and index. Number 347 of 2000 Copies. ISBN 0851776183 In very good condition. Development design, use