Buitenlandse Koopvaardijboeken


Seefahrt und seemacht im deutschen kaiserreich
Diverse authors: 1988 Munchen, hardcover 404 pages, illustrated. ISBN 3406333052 In very good condition

Maritime Heritage Barrow and Morecambe Bay

Sankey, Raymond: 1986 UK, softcover 62 pages. Photographic report of many ships in this bay near Blackpool. Also backgrounds and history of the ships and abouth the built ships in this bay. Beautiful pictures. In very good condition

Barry Docks in the 1980s

McCall, B: 1989 UK, softcover 36 pages. photobook with detailed information of the showen ships in- or approaching - the Barry Docks near Cardiff. In very good condition

Brochure The Omnicarriers DFDS Nordana Line

DFDS: 1978 Denmark, softcover 5 pages, heavy paper. About the Dana America, Dana Africa, Dana Arabia and Dana Caribia, with photo and illustrations. In very good condition

P and O, a fleet history

Rabson and o'Donoghue: 1992 Kendal World Ship Society, hardcover with dustjacket 583 pages. All the ships with, photo, history and specifications ISBN 0905617452. In very good condition

The Attack on the Liberty

The untold story of Israels deadly 1967 assault on a U.S. Spyship
Scott, J: 2009 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 374 pages, with photos. ISBN 9781416554820 In very good condition

Ugly Ducklings Liberty Ship s.s. C.W. Post

Grohman, A: 2007 USA, softcover 100 pages, with photos. One of the fleet was named after millionaire cereal magnate Charles William Post. Ugly Duckling is the definitive look at one of the ships of the Liberty fleet that supplied the Allied Forces from Murmansk to Saipan, Italy to New Zealand, and every other port of call where the Allies fought for liberty. In very good condition

Ponte di Comando

La Marineria Nell Epoca del Vapore
Serafini, F: 2002 Italy, hardcover with dustjacket 528 pages, with many photos. History of the Italian Merchant Marine in both World Wars. ISBN 978880582137 In good condition. Italian Language

The Empire Ships

A Record of British- built and acquired Merchant Ships during the Second World War
Mitchell W.H., and L.A. Sawyer, 1990 London, bound with dustjacket 503 blz.., Chronologic by builder, with photogaphs and a index. All the details of all the ships ISBN 1850442754 In very good condition

Tragflugelboote des Schertel Sachsenberg-Systeem

Eine Deutsche Entwicklung
Hinsch, W. und K.J. Sachsenberg: 2007 Lauenburg, hardcover 260 pages, with many photos and techhnical drawings of the ships and technical details. ISBN 9783931129316 In very good condition

Ships of the British Merchant Navy of 1932

and what happened to the vessels after
Streater, L: 2008 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 178 pages, with many photos. In very good condition

Brochure EFFOA, exporting to the Middle East?

Effoa: 1978 Finland, softcover 4 pages, with photos of Effoa ship and the route. In good condition

A Great Fleet of Ships

The Canadian Forts and Parks
Heal, S.C.: 1999 Canada, hardcover no dustjacket 312 pages. History and fleetlist of all ships, with photo's. In very good condition. Victory ships, C3 ships, liberty's ;etc.. With folding-out map ISBN 1551250233 In very good condition

lllustrert Norsk skipsliste volume I Merchant Fleet (Diverse Years)

€ 25,00 each
Diverse Authors: 1993 Larvik Norway, softcover. The Merchant Fleet of Norway. All the ships with a photo and specifications. The Merchant Fleet above 199 grt and some smaller tugs and cargovessels, also oilplatforms. We can can deliver the years 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008/09 (when ordering fill in the year(s) you want to receive or mail to info@nautiek.nl) ( Volume II are Fishing Vessels, see Fishery department)

Die Deutsche Handelsflotte/The German Merchant Fleet (diverse years in stock)


€ 75,00 each

Diverse authors: Seehafen-Verlag Eric Blumenfeld. Complete referencework of the German Merchant Fleet/Tugs,/Fishingships/Passengerships who are under German flag above 300 brt. Till 1981 the yearbook was called Die Deutsche Handelsflotte. After that it was written in the English language and called The German Merchant Fleet. Each book contains about 1000 pages. Of every ship all the details and ex-names. Also detailed side profile plans of each ship. We can deliver the years 1957, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1969/70, 1971/72, 1973/74, 1976/77. 1977/78, 1978/80, 1979/80, 1982/83, 1983/84, 1988/89, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994. During the order proces you can write us which years(s) you want to become. or mail us

Early 20th Century Ports and Ships

Foustanos, G.M.: 2007 Athens, hardcover 255 pages. Beautiful photobook of merchant marine ships in the early 20th century, with text. ISBN 9789608940024 In very good condition

Norddeutscher Lloyd Roland-Linie 1905-1992

Thiel, Reinhold: 1999 Bremen, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages with photo's, with fleetlists. ISBN 3897570084 Very good condition

Brochure BP Tanker Company 1965

BP: 1965 London, softcover 24 pages, with BP tankers and on-board activities. In the back a folding-out in three parts with a image of the ss British Admiral. In very good condition

Die Geschichte der Hapag-Schiffe, Band 1. 1847-1900

Kludas, A: 2007 Hauschild, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, with many photos and details of the ships. ISBN 9783897573413 In very good condition

Jochen, vertell doch mal...

Erlebnisse aus der zeit als frachtschiffe auch nog segelten
Ziegler, B: 2008 Berlin, softcover 138 pages, with photos ISBN 9783938807538 In very good condition