Buitenlandse Koopvaardijboeken

Aust-Agder Rederforening

samt noen trekk av fylkets sjofarts historie
Dannevig, B: 1956 Arendal Norway, hardcover 120 pages, with many photos of ships. The history of this shipowners association from the region Aust-Agder Norway. History of the shipowners and their ships, with fleetlists. In good condition. Norwegian language

Brochure Schulte und Bruns

Schulte und Bruns: 1970 Emden, softcover 68 pages. The fleet of this shipowners. Every page a large photo with specifications. Opposite page the plan of the ship. In very good condition

Andrew Weir Shipping

Bank Line-United Baltic-MacAndrews and Co
Dovery, M. and K. Bottoms: 2012 UK, softcover 135 pages. All the ships in detail, with photos. ISBN 9780956966209 In very good condition

Shaw, Savill and Albion, a fleet history

Spong, H.C. and R.H. Osborne: 2011 World Ship Society, hardcover 264 pages, with many photos and index. ISBN 9780956076939 In very good condition

Bergen Og Sjofarten Band IV 1914-1939

Vekst og strukturendringer i krisetider
Thowsen, A: Bergen 1983 Norway, hardcover with dustjacket 601 pages, with photos. History of shipping in Bergen Norway, with index of ships. First 15 pages mis-print, otherwise very good.

Deutsche Reedereien band 20

Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2003 Bad Segeberg, hardcover 200 pages, with photos.. History of the ships of The Horn Linie ISBN 3928473741 In very good condition

Deutsche Reedereien Band 13

Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2000 Bad Segeberg, hardcover 200 blz. H. M. Gerckens, Hamburg; Ivers and Arlt, Königsberg / Bremen; H. P. Vith, Flensburg; H. W. Christophersen, Flensburg; Bereederungs-Alliance Flensburg GmbH, Reederei Friedrich A. Detjen, Hamburg; Contimar Schlieker and Zander GmbH und Karl Gross, Brake / Bremen ISBN 392847359x In very good condition

Brochure BP Tanker Company1969

BP Tanker Company: 1969 UK, softcover 38 pages, with photos and illustrations of the ships and the company. In very good condition

100 and 7

Restucturing Greek Shipping after World War II
Foustanos, G.M.: Piraeus 1996 Greece, hardcover 271 pages. All the 107 Greece Standard/ Victory/ C-3 vessels built in the USA. Photo, history, specifications etc.. In Greece and English language. ISBN 9608584507 In very good condition

Coastal Ships 1966

Chesterton, D.R.: 1966 Ian Allan UK, hardcover with dustjacket 208 pages, with photos. Complete list of Coastal Vessels catagorized by shipowner. Coasters, ferries, tugs etc. In good condition

Sailing Seven Seas

a history of the Canadian Pacific Line
Pigott, P: 2010 Dundurn Press Toronto, hardcover with dustjacket 228 pages, with photos and index. ISBN 9781554887651 In very good condition

Brochure M.V. Discoverer Thos and Jas. Harrison Ltd.

Thos. and Jas. Harrison: 1965 Liverpool, softcover 5 pages, with photo of the ship, specifications and fleetlist. In fair condition

Coastal Ships and Ferries 2010 edition

Hornsby, D: 2010 UK, hardcover 224 pages. All the British and Northern Europe Coastal ships and Ferries. Categorized by shipowner, with many photos and all the details. ISBN 9780711034242 In very good condition

Jane's Warsaw Pact Merchant Ships Recognition Handbook

Greenman, David: 1987 Jane's Publications, softcover 273 pages. All the Warsaw Pact Ships in detailed profile drawings. All the sea-going ships. with name and specifications. Also index of all ships. In fair condition

Ocean Ships (diverse years)

From € 25,00
Each € 5,00
Hornsby, David or Bert Moody: hardcover appr. 300 pages. All sea-going ships Catagorised by Country and Company, with many photos, and details of each ship. We can deliver the years 1964, 1966, 1971, 1974, 1978, 1982, 1986, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006 During ordering you can fill in the year(s) you want, or mail us

Eine Klasse fur Sich

Containerschiffe fur die Eisfahrt
Grobecker, K. and E. Petzold: 2005 Hansa, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, illustrated with photos. The development of special Containerships for the trade in arctic waters ISBN 9783934613935 In very good condition. German language

Die Deutsche Handelsschiffahrt Bei Kriegsausbruch 1939

Boie, C. and B. Oesterle: 2000 Elbe Spree Verlag Germany, hardcover 127 pages, with many photos. History of the German Merchant Ships who were abrought when WOII started. ISBN 3931129225 In very good condition. German language

Ben Line

Fleet list and Short History
Somner, Graeme: 1980 World Ship Society, softcover 120 pages, with many photographs ISBN 0905617118 Maritime scheepvaart. In very good condition

Merchant Fleets 22

Glen and Shire Lines
Haws, D: 1991 UK, softcover 85 pages. All the ships in detail, their history and a detailed side-profile drawing on scale. In very good condition

Merchant Fleets 14, Blue Star Line

Haws, Duncan: 1988 UK, softcover 99 blz. Historical fleetlist, with history, specifications and detailed sideprofile drawing 1/1200. ISBN 094637810x In very good condition