Europese Veerboten

The Dover-Ostend Line

Hendy, John: 1991 Kent UK, softcover 52 pages. History with many photo's of the ferry's and inside information. ISBN 095135065x In very good condition

Greek Sea Bridges

Sturmey: 1993 Athens, softcover 202 pages. The profile of 88 Greek Ferries. Every very large photo, details and history. ISBN 9607404017 In very good condition

More Greek Ferries

Sturmey: Athens 1995, softcover 183 pages, with 68 Ferries in detail, with a large photo and history. ISBN 9608567807 In very good condition

Die Schiffahrt auf dem Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee

Marine- Gestern, Heute
Winkler, H: 1980 Austria, softcover 76 pages, with many photos of the ships. Mainly about the ships. In good condition


Of Britain, Europe and Scandinavia
Plummer, Russell: 1988 PSL UK, hardcover with dustjacket 142 pages, with photo's and index. Many Ferries with their History, also index of ships. ISBN 0850599237 In very good condition. Veerboten

Ferry Malta

Somner, G: 1982 World Ship Society UK, softcover 42 pages, with photos. Historically about the ferries and the services. In very good condition

North Sea Passenger Lines

Pedersen, M.H.: 2009 Denmark, hardcover 88 pages, with photos and illustrations. History of 150 years North Sea Passenger Lines. About the services and the ships. ISBN 9788790982485 In very good condition

Greek Coastal Service 1945-1995

Foustanos, G.M.: 2010 Argos Greece, hardcover with dustjacket 358 pages. All the Ferries with photo, history, specifications. With index of ships. English and Greek Language ISBN 9789608940093 In very good condition

Ferries Southern Europe (diverse Years)

€ 15,00 each
May, J. and W. Mayes: Ferry Publications UK, hardcover 225 pages, with photos and information of all ferries in Southern Europe. In very good condition. We can deliver the years 2001, 2003 and 2004. During ordering you can fill in the years you want, or go to

Ferries British Isles and Northern Europe (diverse Years)

€ 15,00 each
Widdows, N: Ferry Publications UK, hardcover 225 pages, with photos and information of the British Isles and Northern European Ferrys. We can deliver the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006-07, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. During ordering you can fill in the year(s) you want or go to

The Bosphorus Stemars of the Sirket-i Hayrye

Bogazici Vapurlari
Guleryuz, A. and H. Yuce: 2002 Denizler Turkey, hardcover with dustjacket 208 pages. All the Ferry Steamers from the past with photos, history and details. In English and Turkish Languages ISBN 9759268612 In very good condition

Mit Kohle, Dampf und Schaufelradern

Schiffe und Bahnen an Thuner- und Brienzersee
Jeanmaire, C: 1971 Verlag Eisenbahn Basel, hardcover with dustjacket. Photobook, with detailed information. Archiv Nr. 9. ISBN 3856490097 In very good condition

Schiffahrt auf dem Vierwaldstättersee

van € 22,50
Liechti, Erich e.a., Schiffahrt auf dem Vierwaldstättersee, geschichte und schiffsregister, (Stoomboten en Motorschepen op het meer van Luzern) der Schweiz 1974, +/- , 160 seite, mit viel foto’s .

Schiffahrt auf dem Genfersee

Les Grands Bateaux Du Lac Leman
Meister, J. a.o.: 1977 Stuttgart, hardcover with dustjacket 208 pages. History of all the ships, with many photos and detailed information. German Language ISBN 3764309091 In good condition

Schiffahrt auf dem Zurichsee

1835 bis heute
Gwereder, J. a.o.: 1976 Basel, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. History of all the ships, with many photos ISBN 3764308354 In very good condition

La Navigazione Sui Laghi Italiani, lago Di Como

Ogliari, F: 1986 Cavalotti Milano, hardcover with dustjacket 265 pages, with many photos. History of the Ferries on the Lago Di Como, with historical fleetlist. In very good condition. Italian language

Des bateaux et des hommes

Les saisons du lac Leman
Pastor, Paul: 1994 Cabedita, hardcover 124 pages, with photos. Photobook with historical fleetlist

125 Jahre Dampfschiffahrt auf dem Vierwaldstattersee 1837-1962

Perrig, A: 1962 Luzern, hardcover 93 pages, with photos. Economical and statiscal. In good condition

Die Geschichte der Schiffahrt auf dem Vierwaldstattersee

Gwerder, J. a.o.: 1987 Luzern, hardcover 351 pages, with photos, plans and history of all the ships. ISBN 3907596021 In very good condition

50 Jahre Autofahre Beckenried-Gersau

Amstad, H: Luzern 1980, softcover 80 pages, with photos. History of the ships and Ferrie Company. In very good condition