Internationale Scheepsbouwboeken

Weltfahrt eines Schiffbauers

Wrobbel, Gustav: 1951 Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 445 pages. remininsces of Gustav Wrobbel. Startes as ingenieur before World War I at the Blohm and Voss Yard in Hamburg and had a long career in different shipbuilding situations. In good condition

Thornycroft Auxiliary Yacht Installations 1915

Thornycroft: 1915 UK, softcover 26 pages, with tip-inn illustrations of Beken of Cowes. Illustrations of larger yachts with Thornycroft engines. The yachts are The Halcyon, Polaris, Cacouna, Sylvia, Rauma, Gamecock I, Harrier, Octavia, Cresta and Chiquita. Some are still sailing. Also a tip-inn illustration of the RD/6 Type Marine Engine. Catalogue in very good condition and very rare!

La Construction des Navires Marchands

Cours Professe a Lecole Dapplication Du Genie Maritime
Charpentier: 1945 Dunod Paris, hardcover 920 pages, illustrated. French technical book voor shipbuilding. In very good condition

Nouveautes Techniques Maritimes 1964

Journal de la Marine Marchande 1964
Moreux, R: 1964 Paris, softcover 255 pages, with photos and illustrations. The newest development in shipbuilding. French language. With marks of use.

A Century of Burmeister and Wain 1843-1943

Lehmann, J: 1948 Copenhagen, hardcover 249 pages, with photos. History of this Danish Shipbuilder. In good condition

Shipbuilders of the Hartlepools

Spaldin, B: 1986 Hartlepool UK, softcover 144 pages, illustrated. The Shipbuilders, their history and lists of built ships of every yard. ISBN 0950130648 In very good condition

JSEA, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Japan 2001

JSEA: 2001 Japan 252 pages. The built ships in the last years, with photo's and specifications of each ship. English Language. In very good condition

DDR Schiffbau '70

Shipbuilding Industry of the German Democratic Republic
Author unknown: 1970 Government/VVB Schiffbau Rostock, softcover 88 pages English Language. Overview of the Shipbuilding in the DDR, with many photographs and built ships. In good condition

Folding-out Plan of the new Scaramanga Shipyard 1957 Greece

No author: The Lay-out plan for a new Shipyard of Scaramanga instead of the in World War II destroyed shipyard. The plan was started by Stavros Niachros

Schiffbau zwischen Elbe und Oder

Srobel, D. and G. Dame: 1993 Koehlers Verlag Herford, hardcover with dustjacket 215 pages. The shipbuilders in East-Germany, with lists of built ships ISBN 3782205650 In very good condition

Fincantieri workbook for the ms Statendam 1993

Fincantieri: 1991 Italy. Workbook voor workers on the yard of Fincantieri with all the decks in detail. Each deck a folding out with the details and all sizes of each room. Rare!. In good condition

Zosen Year Book 1971-72

Okuyama, T: 1971 Tokyo, hardcover 500 pages, with shipbuilders and related manufacturers in Japan, with photos of ships etc. In good condition

On the Swing Shift

Building Liberty Ships in Savannah
Cope, T: 2009 Naval Institute Press, hardcover with dustjacket 235 pages, with photos and lists of built ships. ISBN 9781591141235 In very good condition

125 Jahre Rickmers

Rickmers, 1959 Bremerhaven, hardcover 126 pages, with many photos of built ships and list of built ships with detailed information. In very good condition

Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Japan 1972

JSEA: 1972 Japan, hardcover 299 pages. Photobook of built Japanese ships, also lists of ships and details of each ship. In very good condition


Vercel, R: Ateliers Et Chantier De La Loire 1952 Nantes, softcover 80 pages. History and activities of this Yard with illustrations in colour of Brenet. Complete!. In good condition.

Chantier Et Ateliers De Saint Nazaire (penhoet) 1900-1950

Penhoet: 1950 Saint Nazaire, hardcover 80 pages. Photobook in French language of built ships in progress, the yard, working labourers, ship deliveries etc.. In good condition

Nylands Verksted Oslo 1854-1954

Fasting, K: 1954 Oslo, hardcover 192 pages, with photo's and historical list of built ships. Norwegian language. Shipbuilding, scheepbouw. In good condition

Falkenbergs Varv AB 1946-1988

Historik Falkenbergs Varv
Falkenberg: 1997 Sweden, softcover 156 pages, with photo's. Swedish Language. Shipbuilding, scheepsbouw, wharfs. In very good condition

a/s Akers Mek. Verksted 1841-1951

Lodrup, H.P.: 1951 Oslo Norway, hardcover 211 pages, with photos. History of the yard and the ships they made. In good condition. Norwegian language.