Internationale Scheepsbouwboeken

Merchant Ships; Newbuildings 1976

Hornsby, D.T.: 1977 Marineart UK, hardcover with dustjacket 250 pages. All the Merchant Ships World Wide, with photos details and plans. In very good condition

Special Magazine The Motorship for The Re-engining of the QE2

The Motorship: 1987 UK, softcover 26 pages, with photos. The QE2 with a new engine + extra a folding-out poster of the QE2, longitudinal image of the ship inside and the engine in detail. In very good condition

Cook, Welton & Gemmell Shipbuilders of Hull and Beverley 1883-1963

Thompson, M: 1999 Hutton UK, softcover 257 pages. All the built ships with their details and with many photos. ISBN 9781902709024 In very good condition

Fincantieri, La fabbrica del sogno/ The dream factory

Dai liners alle navi da crociera/ From Liners to Cruise Ships
Steinbach Palazzini, F: 2002 Italy, hardcover in special slipcase 161 pages. Profile of the Shipyard Fincantieri, with beautiful photography. In Italian and English Language

Schiffbau Heute

Wie eine schiff entsteht
Andryszak, P: 2013 Koehler Hamburg, softcover 104 pages, with many photos. All the aspects of Shipbuilding in detail. ISBN 9783782210775 In very good condition. German language

Iron, as a Material for Shipbuilding

Grantham, J: 1842 Polytechnic Society of Liverpool, hardcover 96 pages text and 7 plates. Very early book about this subject about the construction of ships with a iron hull. In the back 7 plates with illustrations of construction methods and a folding-out of the iron sail ship JOHN GARROW In very good condition and complete. Very rare!

Von Howaldt zu HDW

165 Jahre Entwicklung von einer Kieler Eisengieszerei zum weltweit operierenden Schiffbau-und Technologiekonzern
Ostersehlte, C: Koehler 2004 Hamburg, Hardcover with dustjacket 592 pages. Monumental book with the history of the Shipyard, with many photos and a list of built ships in history. ISBN 3782209168 In good condition

Chantiers Navals de la Ciatot

Chantiers Navals de la Ciatot: 1969 Ciotat France, hardcover with dustjacket 36 pages, with photos and tip-inn photos of the Shipyard and built ships. Also a list of built ships with details. In good condition. French language

Innovation and Technology

Meyer Werft / Neptun Werft / Meyer Turku
Meyer: 2017 Papenburg, softcover 103 pages, with photos and information of built ships in all catagories like, pasengerships, tankers, ferries etc. With lists of built ships on the three yards. In very good condition

Richard Dunston Ltd.

Thorne and Hessle Yorkshire Shipbuilders
Taylor, M: 2009 Pen and Sword UK, softcover 158 pages. Photobooks of the built ships, with text. mainly tugs and inland water ships. ISBN 9781845630942 In very good condition

Launching History

The Saga of Burrard Dry Dock
Mansbridge, F: 2002 British Columbia Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 226 pages, with photos. History and launchinglist of this Shipyard from Vancouver. ISBN 9781550172805 In very good condition

Lost Shipyards of the Tyne

French, R. and K. Smith: 2004 Tyne Bridge Publishing, softcover 96 pages, with photos. The story of workers of now vanished yards as the Walker, Naval Yard, Hawthorn Leslie, Readheads, Clelands, T.W. Smith and many others. ISBN 9781857951226 In very good condition

Batisseurs de Navires

Durand, J.F.: 2005 Rennes, hardcover 94 pages, with many photos. Historic photobook of shipbuilding in France, with text near the photos. ISBN 9782915379273 In very good condition

125 Jahre Cassens-Werft

Uber 300 jahre Schiffbau in Emden
Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2000 Bad Segeberg, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, with many photo's and list of all built ships. ISBN 3897570262 In very good condition

Ships of Steel

A British Colombia Shipbuilders Story
McLaren, T.A. and V. Jensen: 2000 Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 288 pages, with photo's and lists of built ships. of this Allied Shipbuilder Ltd. ISBN 1550172425 In very good condition

Glory Days Swan Hunter

Williams, D.L. and R.P. de Kerbrech: 2008 Ian Allan UK, hardcover 96 pages. Ships built by Shipbuilder Swan Hunter in action. Each ship detailed history. ISBN 9780711032668 In very good condition

Ironfighters Outfitters and Bowler Hatters

O'Hara, Geo C.: 1997 Scotland, hardcover 356 pages. Contribution to the postwar Clyde Shipbuilders. 34 Shipbuilders. Over 600 photographs, with lists. ISBN 0953082105 shipbuilding. In very good condition

Ships for a Nation

John Brown and Company Clydebank 1847-1971
Johnston, Ian: 2000 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 359 pages. With fleetlist and many photos. ISBN 0953773604 Shipbuilding. In very good condition

Diario De Bordo

A Historia da Industria Naval Brasileira
Almeida, R: Brasil 2010, hardcover 202 pages, with photos. History of shipbuilding in Brasil. With English Summary of 43 pages ISBN 9788561624002 In very good condition. Portugese Language

Weltfahrt eines Schiffbauers

Wrobbel, Gustav: 1951 Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 445 pages. remininsces of Gustav Wrobbel. Startes as ingenieur before World War I at the Blohm and Voss Yard in Hamburg and had a long career in different shipbuilding situations. In good condition