Internationale Scheepsbouwboeken


Vercel, R: Ateliers Et Chantier De La Loire 1952 Nantes, softcover 80 pages. History and activities of this Yard with illustrations in colour of Brenet. Complete!. In good condition.

Chantier Et Ateliers De Saint Nazaire (penhoet) 1900-1950

Penhoet: 1950 Saint Nazaire, hardcover 80 pages. Photobook in French language of built ships in progress, the yard, working labourers, ship deliveries etc.. In good condition

Nylands Verksted Oslo 1854-1954

Fasting, K: 1954 Oslo, hardcover 192 pages, with photo's and historical list of built ships. Norwegian language. Shipbuilding, scheepbouw. In good condition

Falkenbergs Varv AB 1946-1988

Historik Falkenbergs Varv
Falkenberg: 1997 Sweden, softcover 156 pages, with photo's. Swedish Language. Shipbuilding, scheepsbouw, wharfs. In very good condition

a/s Akers Mek. Verksted 1841-1951

Lodrup, H.P.: 1951 Oslo Norway, hardcover 211 pages, with photos. History of the yard and the ships they made. In good condition. Norwegian language.

Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Japan 1966

JSEA: 1966 Japan, hardcover 316 pages. Photobook of built Japanese ships and engines, also lists of ships and details of each ship. In very good condition

Gebaut bei HDW

150 jahre Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG
Bock, B: 1988 Koehler Verlag, Germany, hardcover with dustjacket 204 pages. History with large list of built ships. ISBN 3782204506 In very good condition

Chantiers de L'Atlantique

Chantiers de LÁtlantique: 1973 St Nazaire, hardcover 76 pages, full-colour. Portrait of this shipbuilding company and history. With many photographs of the wharf, build ships and activities. In French and English Language. In very good condition

Philip and Son Ltd., Shipbuilders and Engineers

Blackhurst, D: 2001 Ships in Focus UK, hardcover 160 pages. History and very large historical list of built ships, with photo's and detailed information of each ships ISBN 9781901703429 In very good condition

Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects 1940

Volume 82
Institution of Naval Architects: 1940 London, hardcover 163 blz., with photos. With diverse shipbuilding subjects. In very good condition

Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects 1945

Volume 87
Institution of Naval Architects: 1945 London, hardcover 236 blz., with photos. With diverse shipbuilding subjects. In very good condition

Blohm + Voss

Werftenverbund und Neuausrichtung 2002-2012
Aly, Herbert and Reinhard Kuhlmann: 2012 Koehler Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 172 pages, with photo's. The development of Blohm + Voss between 2002 and 2012. German Language. In good condition

Steel and Iron, Ships and Men

Shipbuilding in Belfast 1894-1912
McCaughan, M: 1989 Belfast, softcover 104 pages, with many special photos and lists of information. ISBN 0946872236 In very good condition

Catalogue De Fries E C. Milano

Macchinario, Utensili, Apparecchi, Di Solleva Mento
De Fries: Milano. Ca. 1906, hardcover 665 pages. Catalogue full of tools and machinery. This catalogue was specially made for the yard of Cantieri Navale di Muggiano. The name of the yard is on the front of the book. This yard became the later Fincantieri Yard. In the catalogue you will find thousands of detailed illustrations of tools, instruments and machinery wich could be ordered by the yard of Muggiano. De Fries was a Wholesale Company from Dusseldorf-Germany with a branche in Milan. Book in good condition. Front has some ages spots. Italian language

Brochure Charles D. Holmes and Co. LTD Hull

Charles D. Holmes and Co: 1958 softcover 60 pages with examples of built ships. Fishingvessels / trawlers, coastal craft, tugs, lightships, Naval Craft. In very good condition

50 Jahre Oelkers-Werft Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Goldener Mastknopf in Eichelform
No Author: 1960 Hamburg, softcover 27 pages. About the built ships and the company. The main type of built ships are Schleppers/tugs, with photo's

Song of the Clyde

A history of Clyde shipbuilding
Walker, F.M.: 1984 Cambridge, bound with dustwrap 233 pages, with many photographs, and a list of 392 shipbuilders. ISBN 0850596033 In zeer goede staat. Scheepsbouw

Shipyards Through Time/Astilleros Del Ayer Al Hoy 1877-1940

Mondejar, P.L. and F.F. Trujillo: 1991 Spain, softcover 190 pages. Photographic Art Book of Spanish Shipyards and their Workers. In Spanish and English Language ISBN 9788477821885 shipbuilding, scheepswerven, scheepsbouw, wharfs

Launching History

The Saga of Burrard Dry Dock
Mansbridge, F: 2002 British Columbia Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 226 pages, with photos, index and launchinglist of this Shipyard from Vancouver. ISBN 9781550172805 In very good condition

JSEA, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering in Japan

€ 19,50 each
JSEA: Japan, softcover 64 pages. The built ships, with photo's and specifications. In very good condition. We can deliver 2003, 2005, 2007 and 2009 During ordering you can mail to which year you want to become