Maritieme Schilderkunstboeken

Ken Marschall's Art ofTitanic

Archbold, R: 1998 Hyperion USA, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages. About Ken Marschall and his art of the Titanic. ISBN 9780786864553 In very good condition

The Marine Paintings of Carl G. Evers

Evers, C.G.: 1975 New York, softcover 90 pages with 45 Full-Colour paintings. In very good condition

Harry Hudson Rodmell

Marine Artist, 1896-1984
Credland, A.G.: 1984 Kingston Upon Hull UK, softcover 32 pages, with Black and White reproductions. Biograpy of this maritime painter. In very good condition

The Maritime Paintings of Montague Dawson

Ranson, R: 1993 David and Charles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 96 pages, oversized format with full-colour reproductions. ISBN 9780715300459 In very good condition

John Chancellor's Classic Maritime Paintings

Chancellor, R. and A. Hawkins: 1989 David and Charles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 80 pages, oversized book, full-colour reproductions of the Paintings. ISBN 9780715391921 In very good condition

Edward Seago

Ranson, R: 1989 David and Charles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 96 pages, oversized book with full-colour reproductions of his work ISBN 9780715390016 In very good condition

The Art of Nautical Illustration

A visual tribute to the achievements of the classic marine illustrators
Leek, E: 1991 London, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages Full-Colour. with many quality illustrations and text. ISBN 1555217370 In very good condition

Vlaamse Maritieme Achterglasschilderijen

Nationaal Scheepvaart Museum Antwerpen 1982, softcover 173 blz., voornamelijk 19de eeuwse schilderijen, met achtergronden van het schip en de situatie. Afbeeldingen deels in kleur. Onderverdeeld per kunstschilder. In goede staat

An Artist's Journey Down The Thames

Doyle, J: 1988 London, hardcover with dustjacket 118 pages. The Watercolours of John Doyle with texts. ISBN 9781851452675 In very good condition

Marines des Peintres Belges nes entre 1750-1875

Berko, P. and V.: 1984 Knokke-Heist. All the Belgium Sea-Painters in this period, Categorized by name and with their work in full-colour ISBN 9782870080214 In very good condition. French language

Sail Change

Tall Ships in New Zealand Waters
Morris, R: 1981 Auckland, hardcover with dustjacket 48 pages. The watercolours of Morris with old windjammers. Also a desription of the shown windjammers by name of the ship. In very good condition

Spurling, Sail and Steam

Moore, Warren: 1980 PSL Cambridge, hardcover with dustjacket 175 pages. 50 Full Colour paintings of J. Spurling with a biography of the ships. In good condition. Large book

Ports of the World

Prints from the National Maritime Museum Greenwich 1700-1870
McCreery, C: 1999 Philip Wilson London, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, full-colour. ISBN 0856675059 In very good condition

Peter Monamy

1681-1749 and his circle
Cockett, F.B.: 200 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 119 pages, full-colour, index. ISBN 9781851493395 In very good condition

Dominic Serres r.a. 1719-1793

War Artist to the Navy
Russett, A: 2001 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 223 pages, illustrated, full-colour, index. ISBN 9781851493609 In very good condition

George Chambers 1803-1840

His life and work
Russett, A: 1996 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 216 pages, illustrated full-colour and B/W. ISBN 9781851492336 In very good condition

Sea Painters of Britain Volume I

Van de Velde to Turner
Roe, G: 1947 Lewis UK, hardcover 80 pages + 80 pages with illustrations. Limited edition 373 of 500 copies. In very good condition

John Ward of Hull Marine Painter 1798-1849

Author Unknown: 1981 Hull, softcover 111 pages. History and work, with many B/W illustrations. In very good condition

Nicholas Pocock 1740-1821

Cordingly, D: 1986 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 120 pages. Life and work, with many illustrations, partly in colour. ISBN 085177377x In very good condition

Woelend Water

Leven en werk van de Zeeschilder Nicolaas Baur 1767-1820
Berge-Dijkstra, A. vd en H.P. ter Avest: 1993 Harlingen, softcover 100 blz.. met vele schilderijen. deels kleur en zwart/wit. ISBN 908010342x In zeer goede staat