Maritieme Schilderkunstboeken

E.W. Cooke 1811-1880

A Man of his Time
Munday, J: 1996 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 391 pages. Life and work of this Victoriam Marine Painter. With many coloured plates of his work. ISBN 9781851492220 In very good condition

Adventures By Sea

From Art of Old Time
Lubbock, B: 1925 London, hardcover. Using art works dating back to the late 1400s Basil Lubbock follows the progression of shipping development up to the late 1800s, when the great clipper ships dominated. Naval occasions are included as are many other aspects of seafaring in the various sections covering voyages and circumnavigation, trade and trading companies, perils of the sea, whaling and early arctic exploration, buckaneers and pirates, privateers, smugglers and slavers and clipper ships. A poem from John Mansfield provides the preface and Basil Lubbock introduces his study with a 35 page historical summary. The bulk of the book is occupied by 115 plates, 24 of these pages are devoted to colour art reproductions, tipped in on high quality art paper and protected by tissue sheets carrying the related caption. (One of these pages carries two images). The other plates are in monotone on fine paper, with a few b/w illustrations in the text section, plus colour art e/papers. This copy is number 1074 from a limited edition of 1700. First edition of 1925, 40 pages introductory text plus prlims, followed by the 115 one-sided illustrations

Van den Storm in de stilte

De Zeeuwse schildersfamilie Schutz (1817-1933)
Platier- van Engeland, M: 1998 Middelburg, hardcover met papieromslag 111 blz., geillustreerd en afbeeldingen van de schilderwwerken. ISBN 9789074517072 In zeer goede staat

Wigerus Vitringa

De zeeschilder van Friesland 1657-1725
Elzinga, G. en G. de Beer, 2008 Fries Museum 2008, hardcover 71 blz., met veel afbeeldingen van Vitringa in Full-colour. ISBN 9789033007392 In zeer goede staat

Carnets de voyages des Peintres de la Marine

Bellec, F: 2002 France, hardcover with dustjacket 139 pages, with many coloured illustrations of the paintings. Specialised Marine-Officers and Painters onboard the ship who painted the situations abrought to inform the people in France ISBN 9782737330872 In very good condition

The Dictionary of Sea Painters of Europe and America

Archibald, E.H.H.: 2000 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 631 pages, illustrated ISBN 9781851492695 In very good condition

Die Hollandische Marinemalerei Des 17. Jahrhunderts

Bol, Laurens J.: 1973 Klinkhardt und Biermann, hardcover with dustjacket 347 pages, with many illustrations, with index. History of the Dutch Marine Painting in the 17th Century. In very good condition. German language

Scheepsportretten van C.A. de Vries

Vries C.A. de: Ca. 1990, soft-cover, oblong (liggend)formaat 72 blz., met een overzicht van 32 schilderijen, waarvan de helft full colour. Schilderijen van de zeilvaart/koopvaardij en marine. ISBN 9060139012 scheepvaart, maritieme schilderkunst. In goede staat

Zeichner der Admiralitat


Marine-Zeichnungen und Gemalde von Willem van de Velde dem Alteren und dem Jungeren

Kaufmann, G: 1981 Koehlers Herford, softcover 118 pages.. Maritime Art. In very good condition

The Making of a War Artist

David Cobb, The Falkland Paintings
Cobb, D: Conway UK 1986, hardcover with dustjacket 95 pages. Paintings of Cobb of Falkland warscenes, with text about the situation on the painting

Visions of the Sea

Hendrick C. Vroom and the origins of Dutch Marine Paintings
Russell, M: 1983 Leiden Brill, hardcover with dustjacket 216 pages, illustrated. Monograph. ISBN 9004069380 In very good condition

A Brush with Life

Wilkinson, N: 1969 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 151 pages. The life and work of Wilkinson, illustrated. In very good condition

The Art of the Van de Veldes

Painting and drawings by the great Dutch marine artists and their English followers
Diverse authors: Publication National Maritime Museum London 1982, softcover 143 Blz., About the Van de Veldes and their work. With many illustrations. In very good condition ISBN 0905555627

The Tall Ship in Art

Roy Cross-Derek Gardner-John Groves-Geoff Hunt-Mark Myers
Diverse authors: 1998 Blandford London, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages. With many full-colour paintings and text. ISBN 9780713726947 In very good condition


Wall, A: 1981 Tate Gallery, softcover 94 pages. Biography of this Sea Painter, with B/W illustrations. In very good condition

Gerrit Groenewegen Tekenaar van Rotterdam 1754-1826

Ratsma, P: 1977 Rotterdam, softcover 132 blz., tentoonstellingscatalogus met vele afbeeldingen van zijn werk en de achtergronden hiervan. In goede staat

Yachts on Canvas

Artists Images of Yachts from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day
Taylor, J: 1998 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. Beautiful book with full-colour images of Maritime paintings, with text. ISBN 0851777198 In very good condition

Der Marinemaler Jochen Sachse

Meyer-Friese, B: 1985 Koehlers Verlag Germany, hardcover, with dustjacket 113 pages, with many coloured images of the paintings of Sachse. Yachting, Merchant Marine, Sailing, Navy, Fishing etc. also a list of all paintings made by Sachse ISBN 3782203445 In good condition

Sail and Oar

A Hundred Pictures, A North Sea Sketch Book
Dade, E: Dent London 1933 UK, first edition, hardcover 199 pages. This book of a hundred of Ernest Dade's delightful pen and ink sketches of the North Sea fishing fleet in the later part of the nineteenth century is not only a significant artistic achievement, but also an invaluable historical record. In very good condition

Charles Napier Hemy R.A. 1841-1917

Author unknwon: 1984 Tyne and Wear Museum, softcover 64 pages, may illustrations of the Paintings, partly in color. Biography of the painter and his work. In very good condition. ©