International Maritime Brochures

Brochure Union-Castle Line R.M.S. Transvaal Castle

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Union Castle Line: ca. 1963 UK, softcover folding-out 10 pages, with photo of the ship, longitudinal image and images/photos of the interior of the rooms and communal areas. In very good condition

Kajuten-Plan Kronprinzessin Cecilie 1914

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Norddeutscher Lloyd: 1914 Bremen, softcover folding-out of the six decks with their rooms in detail. In very good condition

Brochure Compagnie Maritime Belge s.a.

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Souvenir de le exposition De Bruxelles 1958
CMB: 1958 Brussel, softcover folding-out 12 pages with a large longitidunal cut trough of ss Baudoinville with her rooms, also the fleetlist of the company and a routechart. Full-colour. In very good condition

Luxueus Brochure R.M.S. Mauretania

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Cunard-White Star LineL: 1939 UK, softcover with linen cord for decoration, 26 pages high quality printing. With photos and illustrations of the ship, her interior and art onboard. Small tear top of brochure otherwise very good condition

Brochure Kolnische und Dusseldorfer Gesellschaft

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Rhein Dampfschiffahrt Fahrplan vom 14. Mai 1896
No Author: 1896 Koln, softcover folding-out 7 pages. Front- and Backcover of the brochure with colorfull image. Other pages the schedule of the plan between Mannheim and Rotterdam and the prices. Also a small plan of the Rhine. In very good condition. rare!. German language (Click on image for extra image,

Brochure Union-Castle Line

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Views of the First Class Accomodation in Mail and Intermediate Vessels
Union-Castle Line: 1954 UK, softcover 15 pages, with photos- and interior pgotos of many Castle ships. In good condition

Brochure Royal Mail Lines to South America

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London Service, Highland Vessels
Royal Mail Lines: Ca. 1935 UK, softcover 16 pages folding-out with photos of the interiors of the ships and illustrations. In very good condition

Brochure R.M.S. Andes Royal Mail Lines

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Royal Mail Lines: 1957 London, softcover 18 pages, with detailed illustrations of the ship and her interior. In good condition

Brochure Royal Mail Lines Track Chart

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Royal Mail Lines: 1953 London, softcover 4 pages, with photos of the R.M.S. Andes and Alcantara, also the map with the routes of the Royal Mail Lines. In very good condition

Passenger List and Program Maiden Voyage M.S. Oslofjord Amsterdam-Oslo

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NAL: 1949 Norway, softcover 14 pages, with the program of the voyage and all passengers by name. 11 November from Amsterdam to Oslo. Norwegian and English Language. In very good condition

Using the Ropes Holland America Line

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Useful information for Transatlantic Passengers
HAL: 1962 Rotterdam, softcover 25 pages, illustrated with illustrations and photos. Small booklet. In very good condition

Brochure SS Columbus the later SS Homeric of the White Star Line

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Norddeutscher Lloyd: Ca. 1918 Germany. Very luxueus brochure with special rice-paper to protect the images, softcover 34 pages, with 13 beautiful images. The SS Columbus was launched in 1913 at the Schichau Yard in Danzig. Because of WW1, the ship was not finished. In 1918 they start to finish the ship and made this brochure. Before completing the ship, the Germans had to pay for the War damage and the ship was transfered to the White Star Line and named ss Homeric. The sistership of the ss. Columbus was originally ment to be named as ss Hindenburg and was named afterwards also ss. Columbus. In this brochure is a layer with the text that the ship in the brochure is the ss Columbus who became the SS Homeric, but it is used for the SS Hindenburg who became the new ss Columbus. This because the ships were sisterships. English Language. In very good condition.

Brochure Cunard ss Ivernia

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Cunard: Folding-out Brochure 1955, softcover 6 pages, with large detailed impression of the ship and large detailed impression of a part of the Interior. The ss Invernia, became later the ss Franconia

Brochure French Line s.s. Liberte

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Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: 1956 France, softcover 32 pages with many photos of the ship and her interior. In very good condition

Brochure TS Hanseatic

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Hamburg Atlantik Linie: 1959 softcover 28 pages, with full-colour photos of the ship and her interior, also deckplans. Minor marks of use, otherwise good

The Orient Line The Landsman's Lexicon

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Orient Line: 1952 UK, softcover 32 pages. Special booklet for Orient Line Passengers with explanations of Shipping Terms. In very good condition

Brochure P and O, Round Voyage to Australia

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P and O: 1956, softcover 4 pages, with photo's of the ms Iberia and interior

Brochure Royal Mail Lines, Round the Year Cruises 1963 ms Andes

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Royal Mail Lines: 1963 UK, softcover 14 pages, with photo ship and photo interior, also photo's and map of route and information.

Brochure Royal Mail Lines

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Royal Mail Lines: RMS Andes, in negenen uitvouwbaar, met kleuren afbeeldingen van het schip en het interieur

Brochure Cunard Conquest of the North Atlantic

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Cunard: 1950 UK, softcover 28 pages with the history of the Cunard Line in Photo's. In very good condition