Dutch Maritime Brochures

Map Willem Ruys

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Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd: 1947 Rotterdam. Only the map without the shortcut of the Willem Ruys. In very good condition

Brochure HAL, accomodation plan ss Ryndam and ss Maasdam

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Holland America Line: 1954 Rotterdam, softcover 14 page folding-out in 5 parts, with the deckplans and some photo's of interior and a large photo of the ss Ryndam. In good condition

Deckplan Twin Screw Steamer Zeelandia

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First and Intermediate Class Passenger Accomodation
Royal Holland Lloyd: Ca. 1910 Amsterdam, softcover folding-out, with the details of the rooms on the 4 decks. In very good condition

Scheepsplan Johan De Witt

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SMN: Ca. 1925, softcover folding-out, with all the decks of the ss Johan De Witt in detail. In very good condition

Brochure Motorschip Colombia KNSM 1930

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KNSM: 1930 Amsterdam, softcover 19 pages, with images of illustrator P. Stein of the interior of the ship. In very good condition. Dutch language

Brochure Onder de vlaggen der KPM-NTPM-HVM

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KPM: 1961, softcover 5 blz., met fotos van schepen, routekaart en informatie. Gezamelijke brochure van de Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij, Nederlandse Tank en Paketvaart Maatschappij en de Hollandse Vracht Maatschappij NV. In zeer goede staat

Huttenplan/Cabinplan KNSM, Baarn, Bennekom, Breda, Delft, Castor, Mentor, Nestor, Stentor

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KNSM: 1958 Amsterdam, softcover 6 blz., met fotos, dekkenplan en specificaties. In goede staat

Cabinplan ss Oranje Nassau K.W.I.M.

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Kooninklijke West-Indische Maildienst: 1912 Amsterdam, softcover folding-out, with the deckplan of the 3 decks. In very good condition

MAP Stoomvaart Maatschappij Zeeland with 12 large photos

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SMZ: Ca. 1950 with 12 large photos of the ms Koningin Emma and the ms Prinses Beatrix. On the photo the ships and and the others the interior of cabins and public rooms. In very good condition

Brochure Rotterdam-Zuid Amerika Lijn

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Nievelt en Goudriaan: ca. 1960 Rotterdam. Met fotos van schepen en interieur. Bedoeld voor reizigers in de passagiersaccomodaties, met uitvouwbare accomodatieplannen van de schepen ms Altair, ms Alioth, ms Albireo, ms Aldabi, ms Alnati en ms Alhena. In zeer goede staat

Brochure, een comfortabel schip ms Willem Ruys

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Koninklijke Rotterdamsche lloyd: 1963 Rotterdam, softcover folding-out 12 pages, with photos on-board the ship and touritic places. In very good condition. Size 10x23cm

Brochure passage by Freight Motor Vessels of the Kota Type

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Rotterdam Lloyd Royal Mail Line
Rotterdamsche Lloyd: 1929 Rotterdam, softcover 7 pages, with photos of a cabin and some public rooms in the ships. A bit weak on one folding, other wise good

Brochure Holland Steamship Company Amsterdam

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HSM: Ca. 1965 Amsterdam, softcover 5 pages, with two photos. De ship IJstroom and the Amsterdam harbour facilities of HSM In fair condition

Deckplan ss Tambora Rotterdamsche Lloyd

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Rotterdamsche Lloyd: Ca. 1910 Rotterdam, softcover folding-out with all the deck and rooms of the ship in detail. In very good condition

Brochure m.s. Indrapoera

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Royal Rotterdam Lloyd
Rotterdam Lloyd: Ca. 1930. Folding-out in 12 parts, full colour, with deckplan. Impression of the ship over 4 parts of the brochure, also with photo's. In superb condition

Fahrplan Passagiersdienst Holland-Afrika Linie 1953/1954

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VNS: 1953 Amsterdam, softcover folding-out 4 pages. in very good condition

Brochure Amsterdam Zee- en Rijnhaven

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Combined Shipping Companies: Ca. 1950 Amsterdam, softcover 20 pages. A combined brochure of the shipping Companies of SMN, HAL, VNS, KHL, Stoomvaartmij Oceaan, HWAL, KNSM. With photos of ships and routemaps. In good condition

Brochure Scheepswerf-Konijnenburg Manokwari Nederlands Nieuw Guinea

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Konijnenburg: 1953 Netherlands, softcover folding-out 10 pages, with photos of the yard and ships. Brochure of the New Guinea repair shipyard of Konijnenburg Manokwari, with the lay-out of the yard and a small announcement that the festivities were cancelled because of the 1953 flooddisaster. In very good condition

Brochure ss Maasdam ss Ryndam

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Holland-Amerika Lijn: 1954 Rotterdam, softcover folding-out 12 pages, with photos of the ships and their interiors. In good condition

Brochures Koninklijke Rotterdamsche lloyd

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Each € 6,50
Royal Rotterdam Lloyd: 1959 Rotterdam. Different brochures of Royal Rotterdam Lloyd destinations. We can deliver Wellington, Melbourne, Callao/Lima, Belawan, The Bermuda Islands, Djakarta, Panamakanaal, Colombo, Suezkanaal, Gibraltar, Singapore, Rotterdam, Port Everglades, Naples, Port Said, Napels, Southampton, Rotterdam. During ordering you can fill in which brochure you want to become