Lighthouses Books

North Sea Lights

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Hahn-Pedersen, M: 2003 Denmark, hardcover 103 pages, with many photos. History of many North Sea Lightouses in different countrys. ISBN 8790982126 In very good condition. English language

Leading Lights

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Lighthouses of New Zealand
Sheehan, G. and A. Gibbons: 1991 Christchurch, softcover 124 pages. Photographic and historical perspective on thirty lighthouses which have had resident keepers ISBN 9780908790227 In very good condition

Bermuda Light

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The Story of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse
Dolding, M: ca 1995 Bermuda, softcover 48 pages, illustrated. In good condition

Die Leuchtfeuer von Cuxhaven und Neuwerk

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Muller, H.O.: 1984 Koehler Verlag Germany, hardcover 108 pages. History with photos. ISBN 3782203354 In very good condition

Norske Fyr

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Nasjonal verneplan for Fyrstasjoner
Author Unknown: 1997 Norway, softcover 147 pages. The Lighthouses of Norway. Every Lighthouse a photo, maps with locations, specifications and history. Norwegian language ISBN 8275740185 In very good condition. Norwegian lighthouses

Eastern Great Lakes Lighhouses

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Ontario, Erie and Huron
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 1996 USA, softcover 88 pages. The lighthouses of these lakes with photo and history. ISBN 9781564408990 In very good condition

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses

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Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay
Roberts, B. en Ray Jones: 2006 USA, softcover 94 blz., full-colour photos. The Lighouses from these coasts, their history ISBN 0762730420 In very good condition

New England Lighthouses

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Bay of Fundy to Long Island Sound
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 2005 USA, softcover 102 pages. The lighthouses along these coast, with photo and history. ISBN 9781564409447 In very good condition

Twilight on the Lighthouses

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Gibbs, J: 1996 USA, hardcover with dustjacket. History with photos. Lighthouses Cape Flattery, Point Loma, Washongton Coast, Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Oregon, California. ISBN 088740930x In very good condition

Scottish Lighthouses

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Krauskopf, Sharma: 2001 Belfast, softcover 93 pages.. Overview of Scottish Lighthouses with their history, with many photos. ISBN 9780862818036 In very good condition. vuurtorens, lighhouses


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Kulturhistorik Undersokning O-Lan
Author unknown: 1992 Uddevalla, softcover 129 pages, with photos and illustrations. History and landscape situations of the lighthouses above Gotheborg Sweden

Harbour Lights Burlington Bay

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Weeks-Miffllin, Mary e.a.: 1989 Ontario, softcover 84 pages. History of the Lighthouses on Lake Ontario Burlington Bay, wit many photos ISBN 9780919783751 In very good condition

Southern Lighthouses

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Chesapeake Bay to the Gulf of Mexico
Roberts, B. and R. Jones: 1995 USA, softcover 113 pages, with many photos. The Lighthouses and their history. ISBN 9781564406446 In very good condition

Kap Arkona und seine Leuchtturme

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Auerbach, H. a.o.: 1998 Hamburg, hardcover 72 pages, with photos. History and design ISBN 3884122495 In very good condition. German language

Feuerschiffe der Welt

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Zemke, F.K.: 1995 Koehlersverlag Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages. Lightships all over the world and her development, also history. With many photos and index of ships. ISBN 3782206339 In very good condition

Lighthouses of the Pacific

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Gibbs, J: 1986 Schiffer Publicing USA, hardcover with dustjacket 255 pages, with many photos. The history of many lighthouses ISBN 088740054x In very good condition

Bonfires and Beacons

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Great Lakes Lighthouses
Wright, L. and P.: Boston Mills Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 95 pages. History and photos. ISBN 9781550461855 In very good condition

Tous Les Phares De France

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De la Mer Du Nord a La Mediterranee
Gast, G: 1999 France, softcover 127 pages, with many photos of the lighthouses in France along the North Sea coast and the Mediterrenean coast, ISBN 9782737322945 In very good condition. French language


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Wiese, Eigel: 2000 Heel Konigswinter, hardcover 94 pages. History of the German Lightships, with many photographs. ISBN 9783893658480 In good condition. German language

Nederlandse Vuurtorens en havenlichten

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 in oude fotos en prentbriefkaarten
Rienks, H: 2002 Capelle ad IJssel, hardcover 112 blz., met vele mooie fotos en verklarende tekst ISBN 9789073647398 In zeer goede staat