Maritime Technical Books

Brunel's Ships

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Griffiths, D. a.o.: 1999 Conways London, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. History of the ships of Brunel, with many illustrations ISBN 9781861761026 In very good condition

Brochure MAN B&W Two Stroke MC Engines

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MAN BenW: 1994 Denmark, softcover 18 pages, with photos and illustrations. In very good condition

Ocean Electronic Navigational Aids

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Loran, Radiobeacon and Radarbeacon Systems and Loran
United Staes Coastguard: 1949 Washington, softcover 73 pages, illustrated Loran equipment, Radio Direction Finder and Radar Sip. In good condition


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Leerboek voor Kapiteins en Stuurlieden
Vries, J. de: 1951 Amsterdam, hardcover met papieromslag 165 blz., met fotos. In zeer goede staat

Handbook of Oceanographic Winch, Wire and Cable Technology

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Driscoll, A.H.: 1982 Office of Naval Research USA, hardcover, ca. 450 pages. Academic book. In very good condition

Mathematical Treatment of Optima Ocean Ship Routeing

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Wit, C. de: 1968 Rotterdam, Academic Thesis, softcover 91 pages, illustrated. In good condition

Gyrokompassen, koersschrijvers, automatische stuurinrichtingen

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Smith, J.E.W. e.a.: 1980 Educaboek, softcover 304 blz., geillustreerd. ISBN 9011287002 In zeer goede staat

Hydrography for the surveyor and engineer

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hydrography for the surveyor and engineer-20
Ingham, A.E.: 1974 London, softcover 139 pages, illustrated. Academic book. ISBN 0258971657 In good condition

De Scheepsmachines deel II (platen)

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Mulders, G.J.: 1020 Kweekschool voor de Zeevaart Amsterdam, hardcover 116 blz., met technische tekeningen van de onderdelen en 31 blz., met fotos van de scheepsmotoren. In goede staat

Nicholl's Seamanship and Nautical Knowledge

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Nicholls: 1968 Glasgow, hardcover, illustrated. Seamanship for Second Mates, Mates and Masters. In good condition

Manual DAF motoren DA 475, DD 575, DS 575, DF 615 en DT 615

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DAF: 1971 Eindhoven, softcover 36 blz, geillustreerd, Motoren met diverse toespassingen, zoals voor vaartuigen, werktuigen en stationaire toepassingen en voertuigen van niet DAF fabrikaat. Met gebruikssporen, compleet. Nederlandse taal

De Geschiedenis van de N.V. Machine- en Motorenfabriek v/h Thomassen en Co. De Steeg

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Verbrandingsmotoren, compressoren, putpompen, ja-knikkers en gasturbines
Vegter, J: Profiel, hardcover 176 blz., geillustreerd met vele fotos en illustraties. Over het bedrijf en over de motoren. ISBN 9789052945903 Deel 3 uit de serie van Nederlandse fabrikanten van land- en scheepsmotoren. In goede staat

Honderd jaar Machine Industrie op Oostenburg Amsterdam 1827-1927

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Gedenkboek van Werkspoor
Boer, M.G. de: 1927 Amsterdam, gebonden 156 blz.. De geschiedenis van het bedrijf, met fotos van schepen, motoren, gebouwen en bestuur. In zeer goede staat

Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures (2 volumes)

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Wu, Y.S.. a.o.: 2001 Prads Elsevier, Eight International Symposium Sjanghai, hardcover 1350 pages, illustrated. Academic publication. Design Synthesis for Ships and Floating Systems, Production, Hydromechanics, Structures and Materials ISBN 9780080439501 In very good condition


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Zehn Jahre Forschung fur die Praxis
Wanner, M.C.: 2010 Rostock, hardcover 239 pages, illustrated. Academic book shipstructures. ISBN 9783934116955 In very good condition

The Institution of Naval Architects 1860-1960

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An Historical Survey of the Institutions Transactions and Activitys over 100 years
Barnaby, K.C.: 1960 London, hardcover 645 pages, illustrated. History of development in shipbuilding. In very good condition

Perkins Handbook for the Four 270 diesel engines

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Perkins: 1960 UK, softcover 70 pages, with detailed illustrations of the engine. In very good condition

Numerical Modelling of Ice Behaviour

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Pulkkinen, E: 1988 University of Oulu Finland, softcover 122 pages. Scientific book of the behaviour of ice. Keywords ice force, moving ice field, constitutive equation of ice, creep damage, cracking, finite element. ISBN 9514225864 In very good condition

Titanium for Offshore and Marine Applications

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a designers and users handbook
TIG, Titanium Information Group: 1999 UK, softcover 29 pages. The application of Titanium in the Offshore. In very good condition

Festigkeit der Schiffe

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Pietzker, F: 1914 Mittler Berlin, softcover 224 pages, with illustrations and mathematics. In very good condition