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The Restoration of the Cutty Sark

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Carr, F.G.: Royal Institution of Naval Archtects 1967 UK, softcover 24 pages, illustrated. In good condition

The Schooner

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Its Design and Development from 1600 to the present
MacGregor, David R: Hardcover 192 pages, illustrated ISBN 1840675284. In very good condition

The Cutty Sark her Designer and Builder Hercules Linton 1836-1900

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Brettle, R.E.: 1969 Cambridge UK, softcover 45 pages, with illustrations. Biography. In good condition

Asiatisk Kompagnis Fregat Disco

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Klem, K: 1954 Arbog Denmark, softcover 43 pages, illustrated. In good condition. Danish language

Het Schip Vaart Uit

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Onze zeilvaart in de 19e eeuw
Petrejus, E.W.: 1975 Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 159 Blz., een mooi en goed gedocumenteerd boek. ISBN 9022819264 Grote zeilvaart, windjammers. In zeer goede staat

Nederlandse Zeilschepen

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In de Negentiende eeuw
Petrejus, E.W.: 1974 Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 174 blz.. Beschrijving van de bouw en de tuigage van het Nederlandse zeilschip in het begin van de 19e eeuw. Met veel detailafbeeldingen. Ook geschikt voor de modelbouwer. ISBN 9022819094 zeilvaart. In zeer goede staat

American Sail

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A Pictorial History
Laing, Alexander: 1961 London, hardcover 346 pages. With index of vessels and names. In very good condition

The History of American Sailing Ships

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Chapelle, Howard I: 1935 second edition, hardcover 400 pages, with plans and illustrations. History of use and design. In good condition

Merchant Sailing Ships 1775-1815

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Sovereignty of Sail 1775-1815
MacGregor, David: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 218 pages, types of ships, typical of that period. Design and construction. ISBN 0851773230 In very good condition.

Nederlandse Clippers

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Vos, Ron de: Van Wijnen Franeker 2003, hardcover met papieromslag 270 blz.. Standaardwerk over de Nederlandse Clippers, rijk geillustreerd ISBN 9051942672 In zeer goede staat

The Log of the Cutty Sark

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Lubbock, Basil: 1954 Brown, Son and Ferguson Glasgow, third edition, hardcover with dustjacket 422 pages, with illustrations and plans. this is Lubbocks detailed history of one of the most famous tea and wool clippers in history, the CUTTY SARK, now preserved at Greenwich. She was considered by 19th century seamen to be the finest and fastest clipper ever built in Britain, and the author examines her log-books and brings together first-hand accounts from those who sailed in the ship during her heyday. In her later years she was sold to foreign owners and during the early 1920s interest in the ship was re-kindled when she was spotted under the Portuguese flag in Falmouth - the years failing to diminish her beautiful lines. This book is illustrated with many interesting old photographs and other plates, in addition to scale plans of her sails and hull. In a chapter entitled A Hell-Ship Voyage, there is more drama than any fictional story of the sea could produce, a fact not lost on Conrad who took the true events of the tragedy narrated here and wove them into one of his sea-stories. In very good condition

Europa Ahoy

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Metzelaar, A.C. : 1977 Bussum, hardcover 184 blz., met fotos. Reisbeschrijvingen aan boord van het Nederlandse Metalen zeilschip Europa net na 1900, mooi geillustreerd. ISBN 9022819698 In goede staat

Nederlandse Schoeners en Brikken

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Vos, Ron de: 2009 Van Wijnen Franker, hardcover met papieromslag 320 blz., rijk geillustreerd. Zeer gedetailleerd werk over dit onderwerp. ISBN 9789051943689 In zeer goede staat


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History of Pilot Ships in 2 volumes
Cunliffe: 2001 France, harcover with dustjacket. Volume 1, Pilot Schooners of North America and Great Britain, 343 pages. Volume 2, Schooners and open Boats of the European Pilots and Watermen 347 pages. Both volumes hardcover with dustjacket and very rich illustrated. ISBN 2903708916 and 1861762194 In very good condition

Terschelling Buitengaats

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Dekker, T.W. /C. Roggen: Haren ca. 1975, softcover 136 blz. Geillustreerd. Boek over Terschellinger scheepvaart in de 19e eeuw. Het boek geeft een beeld van de scheepvaart in de 19e eeuw en beschrijft per Terschellinger kapitein, de avonturen van de diverse schepen. Register van scheepsnamen en personen. Boek met opvallend veel informatie en ondersteunende afbeeldingen. scheepvaart, zeilvaart. In zeer goede staat

The Line of Battle

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The Sailing Warship 1650-1840
Gardiner, R: 1992 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjcket 208 pages. The type of ships, their construction, the guns, their handling and tactics. With many detailed illustrations. ISBN 9780851775616 In very good condition

Cogs, Caravels and Galleons

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The Sailing Ship 1000-1650
Gardiner, R: 1994 Conway Maritime Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 188 pages. The development of these type of ships, with plans and illustrations. ISBN 9780851 775609 In very good condition

Sail's Last Century

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The Merchant Sailing Ship 1830-1930
Gardiner, R: 1993 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with photos, index, plans etc.. In very good condition ISBN 9780851776194

The Heyday of Sail

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The Merchant Sailing Ship 1650-1830
Gardiner, R: 1995 Conway, hardcover with dustjacket 175 pages, illustrated with photos, plans and illustrations. With index. Conways history of the Ship. ISBN 0851776442 In very good condition

De Driemastschoener Oosterschelde

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Loomeijer, Frits R.: 1995 De Alk, 159 Blz., Niet alleen de de uitgebreide geschiedenis van dit schip maar ook een uitgebreid beeld van 75 jaar Noordeuropese kustvaart waarin de Oosterschelde actief was. ISBN 9060130243 In zeer goede staat