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Viking Goteborg

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Davidsson, J: 1981 Sweden, hardcover 80 pages, with photos and plans of this Swedish Four-masted barque. History of this Sailship. ISBN 9197026506 In good condition. Swedish language

The China Bird

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The History of Captain Killick, and the firm he founded, Killick Martin Company
MacGregor, David R.: 1986 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages, with many photographs. History of the company and her sailing vessels ISBN 0851773818 In very good condition

Sails of the Maritimes

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Parker, J.P.: 1976 Canada, softcover 225 pages, with photos. The story of the three- and four-masted cargo schonners of Atlantic Canada 1859-1929 ISBN 007082424x In very good condition


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Drummond, M: 1976 Bussum, gebonden met papieromslag 160 blz.. Platenboek, met begeleidende teksten. Groot formaat boek

Russian Warships in the Age of Sail 1696-1860

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Design, Construction, Careers and Fates
Tredrea, J. and E. Sozaev: 2010 Seaforth UK, hardcover 447 pages, with photos, plans, illustrations, indexes. ISBN 9781848320581 In very good condition

West Coast Windjammers in Story and Pictures

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Gibbs Jim : 1968 Seattle, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages. The sailing in 19th century with many photos and information off the ship off the American West-Coasts, with lists of sailingships in detail. ISBN 0517170604 in very good condition

Pacific Square-Riggers

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Pictorial History of the Great Windships of Yesteryear
Gibbs, Jim: 1969 Schiffer Publishing USA, hardcover with dustjacket 223 pages. Many photographs, backgrounds, fleetlists and a index. In very good condition

Oldenburger Schiffahrtschronik

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Beitrage zur maritimen Geschichte von Brake und Elsfleth 1870-1930
Meyer, J: 1996 Isensee Oldenburg, softcover 239 pages, with photos and illustrations of sailships. ISBN 3895983144 In very good condition. German language

Nederlandse Clippers

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Vos, Ron de: Van Wijnen Franeker 2003, hardcover met papieromslag 270 blz.. Standaardwerk over de Nederlandse Clippers, rijk geillustreerd ISBN 9051942672 In zeer goede staat

Schepen van de gouden eeuw

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Daalder, R. en E. Spits: 2005 Amsterdam softcover 126 blz.. Overzicht van de schepen, die gebruikt werden in de gouden eeuw. kenmerken, gebruik, geschiedenis en met een illustratie van het type schip. Full- Colour. ISBN 9057303736 In zeer goede staat.

Sail in the South

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The Great days of Sail around Australia and New Zealand
Parsons, R: 1975 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 209 pages, with many photos and index of ships. ISBN 0709153740 In very good condition

Die Kogge

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Sternstunde der deutschen Schiffsarchaologie
Hoffmann, G. und U. Schmall: 2003 Convent Germany, hardcover with dustjacket 286 pages, illustrated. History, use, construction ISBN 3934613500 In very good condition. German language

Smakken . Kuffen . Galioten

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Drei vergessene Schiffstypen des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts
Menzel, Horst: 1997 Bremerhaven, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages., with many illustrations and plans. ISBN 3822504130 In very good condition. German Language

Cape Breton, Ships and Men

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Parker, J.P.: 1967 Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 197 pages, illustrated. The sailing vessels of Atlantic Canada from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. In very good condition

Vele Italiane

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Della Costa Occidentale

Bellabarba, S. and E. Guerreri: 2006 Hoepli Milano, hardcover with dustjacket 276 pages, with many designplans and illustrations of historical and traditional sailing vessels from the Italian west-coast ISBN 9788820330811 In very good condition. Italian Language

Shipbuilding in the Maritimes

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Allaby, E: 1973 Canada, softcover 24 pages, with illustrations. Shipbuilding in the 19th century in the Maritimes (New Brunswick and Nova Scotia). In good condition

Zeilschepen en hun tuigage

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Voornamelijk het diepwaterzeilschip sedert het jaar 1800
Manhoudt Hidde. Jr.: 1946, hardcover met papieromslag. Beschrijvingen en afbeeldingen in detail van de schepen, met index en woordenlijst. ISBN 9022818381. In goede staat

The Visual Encyclopedia of Nautical Terms under Sail

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Diverse authors: 1978 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 360 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0517533170 In good condition

Explanations And Sailing Directions

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Maurys Sailing Directions, third edition
Maury: 2009 university of Michigan USA, reprint of the 1851 enlarged edition. Explanations and sailing Directions to accompany the Wind and Current Charts

The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor

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or a key to the leading of rigging and to practical Seamanship
Lever, D: 1998 Dover publications, softcover 246 pages, illustrated with many details of rigging and seamanship. Reprint of the 1808 edition. ISBN 9780486402208 In very good condition