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The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships

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Longridge, C. Nepean: 1972 London. hardcover with dustjacket 283 pages. Book Full of folding-out maps with detailed illustrations of every detail of the HMS Victory and a guide for building the ship. ISBN 1854861220 In very good condition and complete!

West Coast Windjammers in Story and Pictures

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Gibbs Jim : 1968 Seattle, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages. The sailing in 19th century with many photos and information off the ship off the American West-Coasts, with lists of sailingships in detail. ISBN 0517170604 in very good condition


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Herinneringen van Kaap Hoorn-vaarders
Suyk Jr. K.: , 1978 Bussum, hardcover 204 Blz.. Prachtige verzamelde verhalen, met illustraties. van zeelui die de zeer onvoorspelbare Kaap-Hoorn in Zuid-Amerika hebben gerond met hun zeilschepen ISBN 9022819884 In goede staat

The Blind Horn's Hate

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Cape Horn and the Uttermost south
Hough, Richard: 1971 London, hardcover with dustjacket 336 pages, illustrated. The history of rounding and the exploring the landscape and the history of this hostile land. ISBN 0091043700 In good condition

The Cape Horn Breed

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My Experiences as an Apprentice in Sail in the Full-rigged Ship BRITISH ISLES
Jones, W.H.S.: 1956 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 328 pages, with photographs and illustrations. Life, in those last years of the great sailing ships, was nasty, poor, brutish and short for seamen. in a vain attempt to compete with the steam ships sailing crews were reduced to minimum, pay was scandalously low, conditions and food were both dangerous and vile. This is no romantic or sentimental picture, but a story of endurance, skill and great courage. In good condition

The Way of a Ship

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Being some account of the ultimate development of the oceangoing square-rigged sailing vessel, and the manner of het handling, het voyage-making, het personnel, her economics, her performance, and her end
Villiers, Alan: 1954 London, hardcover, no dustjacket 287 pages, with photos and illustrations. In very good condition

A Cross in the Topsail

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An account of the shipping interests of R and W Paul Ltd., Ipswich.
Finch, R: 1979 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 120 pages, with photos. The history of the barges of R. and W. Paul. Pauls and Whites Shipping. History of the Company and her ships from 1840 till 1970. ISBN0851151132 In very good condition

De Klipperschepen

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Uit de Time-Life serie
Whipple, A.B.C.: 1981 Amsterdam, hardcover 176 blz.. Mooi geillustreerd boek over de klippervaart en haar schepen.

De Windjammers

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Uit de Time-Life serie
Allen O.E.: 1980 Amsterdam, hardcover 176 blz.. Over de windjammers, de routes en het leven aan boord. Met vele foto's en illustraties. ISBN 9061824060 In goede staat

De Fregatten

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Deel uit de Time-Life serie
Gruppe, H.E.: 1980 Amsterdam, hardcover 176 blz., geillustreerd. Geschiedenis van het fregat. In goede staat

Gevecht om Kaap Hoorn

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Glorie en ondergang van het Kaap Hoorn schip
Villiers Alan: 1972 Bussum, 288 Blz. De Schepen, de reders, de gezagvoerders, de bemanning, de verhalen en de geschiedenis, ondersteund met fotos. ISBN 9022819078. In goede staat

Prins Willem

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Een zeventiende eeuwse Oostindievaarder
Ketting, Herman: 1979 Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 184 blz.. Zeer gedetailleerd boek over de constructie en anatomie van de Prins Willem, met vele gedetailleerde tekeningen van details van het schip. ISBN 9022819868 scheepsmodelbouw, galjoen, fluitschip. In zeer goede staat

Adventures at Sea in the Great Age of Sail

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Five firsthand Narritives

Snow, E: 1986 Dover editions USA, softcover 353 pages, with illustrations. ISBN 9780486251776 In good condition

Round the Horn before the Mast

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Lubbock, A. Basil: 1986 Glasgow hardcover 375 pages with photo's. Around the world a board a four-master. In very good condition


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The Book of the Horn
Desmond, S: 1932 Plymouth, hardcover 414 pages, with 99 photos. Life aboard a windjammer. In this case the Barque Haugomont about the 1920s. In good condition

Vergane Glorie

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Fowles, John: 1975 Bussum, hardcover +/- 75 blz.. Fotoboek van vergane zeilschepen op de kust van de Scilly eilanden (UK). Dramatische beelden vastgelegd ISBN 9022819310 In goede staat


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Fowles, J.and Gibsons of Scilly: Hardcover with dustjacket 60 pages. Photobook with dramatic photos of stranded ships on the coast of Scilly. The famous photographer of Gibson made the photos in the sailing period 1880-1910. In very good condition

Sail Change

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Tall Ships in New Zealand Waters
Morris, R: 1981 Auckland, hardcover with dustjacket 48 pages. The watercolours of Morris with old windjammers. Also a desription of the shown windjammers by name of the ship. In very good condition

Fast Sailing Ships

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Their Design and Construction 1775-1875
Macgregor, David R.: 1988 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 319 pages, with many illustrations and detailed information ISBN 0877990344 In very good condition!

Viermastbark Kruzenshtern ex Padua

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Eine deutschen-russische Dokumentation zur Technik- und Sozialgeschichte des Frachtseglers und Schulschiffs

Botccher, T. and C. Hieber: 2016 Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum Band 77, hardcover with dustjacket 325 pages, with photos. ISBN 9783869270777 German Language New!