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De gouden tijd van de oceaanstomers

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Wall, R: 1997 Elsevier, hardcover met papieromslag 255 blz., over de schepen en over het reizen, met vele foto's en een index van voorkomende schepen ISBN 9010021297 In goede staat

The American Line 1871-1902

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Flayhart III, W.H.: 2000 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 404 pages. The history of the first successful American Steamline to Europe after the Civil War. About the ships and the company. With illustrations and photographs of the ships. ISBN 0393047105 In very good condition

The Story of P and O

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Howarth, David and Stephen: 1986 London, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages. History of the Company and her ships, with photos and illustrations, ship index. In very good condition

Interieurs van zeegaande steden

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Zuidhoek, Arne: 2004 Zaltbommel, hardcover 144 blz., Interieurs van grote passagiersschepen, vroeger en hedendaags, met vele afbeeldingen. ISBN 9789059940208 In zeer goede staat

Deckplan m.s. Alexander Pushkin

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Baltic Shipping Company: ca. 1975 USSR, softcover 14 pages, with the decks in detail and photos of the rooms and public rooms on the ship. In good condition

Deckplan m.s. Mikhail Lermontov

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Baltic Shipping Company: ca. 1980 USSR, softcover 14 pages, with the decks in detail and photos of the rooms and public rooms on the ship. In good condition

Deckplan RHMS Britanis

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Chandris Lines: ca. 1975 Greece, softcover folding-out with all the decks in detail. Long career fom 1931 till 2000. In good condition

Brochure Stella Solaris Sun Line 1973

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Sun Line: 1973 Italy, softcover 4 pages, with photos and impressions after the refit. In good condition

De Flytande Palatsen / The White Viking Fleet

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Svenska Amerika Linien
Mattson, Algot: 1983 Vanersborg Sweden, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, with photo's. Swedish and English Language. History and chronological fleetlist ISBN 9185414174 In very good condition


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Een koninklijke Schip
Grund, Wim: Amsterdam 2001, hardcover met papieromslag 592 blz.. Geschiedenis, verhalen, fotos, illustraties, plattegronden etc. ISBN 9789068810967 In zeer goede staat

De Snelste Oceaanreuzen

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Strijd om de blauwe wimpel
Hughes, Tom: 1974 Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 150 blz.. Geschiedenis van de snelste Atlantische overvaart van passagiersschepen, met fotos. In zeer goede staat

The Cunard Liner Queen Mary

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From the serie, anatomy of the ship
Watton, R: 1989 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages. Anatomy, design, construction and short history of the ship with many detailed illustrations and photos ISBN 0851776159 In very good condition

Junius Smith, Pioneer Promotor of Transatlantic Steam Navigation

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Leroy Pond, E.: 1941 The Marine Historical Association, softcover 121 pages, illustrated. Junius Smith was believed to be the founder of the Transatlantic line between Europe and the US. In very good condition

Atlantic Liners of the Cunard Line

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From 1884 to the Present day
McCart, Neil: 1990 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages with photo's. The ships chronological with index and their history. ISBN1852600659 In very good condition****

D.S.S. Rotterdam

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Schip en Werf: 1959 Rotterdam. Overzicht van alle aspecten van het nieuwe schip, met foto's. 97 blz + 109 blz. met advertenties. Met diverse uitvouwbladen. In goede staat

Union-Castle Line

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A Fleet History
Newall, Peter: 1999 London, hardcover with dustjacket 256 blz.. All about the fleet from earlier days till now. With photo's specifications and history. ISBN 0953429148 In very good condition

Cunard White Star Liners of the 1930s

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Kerbrech, R.P. de en D.L. Williams: 1988 Conway London, hardcover with dustjacket 127 pages, with many photo's and a index of ships. ISBN 0851774733 Top dustjacket spine small lack of paper, otherwise very good

Famous British Liners 4 ss Aquitania

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McCart, N: 1994 UK, softcover 64 pages, with photo's. History in photo's ISBN 9780951953853 In very good condition

The Iron Ship

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Ewan Corlett: 1980 London, softcover 253 pages. The history and significance of Brunel's S.S. Great Britain. The first complete iron made steam-driven screw propellor ship. At that time (1843) a sensational ship because she had twice the tonnage of a previous ship. She was found in a desolate state at The Falklands en was restored in Bristol. This is the history before restauration. With many illustrations. In very good condition

Wartime Disasters at Sea

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Every passenger ship loss in World Wars I and II
Williams, D: 1997 UK, hardcover no dustjacket 248 pages, with many photos and detailed information. With index. ISBN 1852605650 In very good condition