Books about Submarines/U-Boote

Above us the Waves

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The Story of Midget Submarines and Human Torpedoes
Warren, C.E.T. and J. Benson: 1953 Harrap London, hardcover 256 pages, with photos. History and human-torpedo operations in WW2. In good condition

U21 rettet die Dardanellen

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Hersing, O: Amalthea Leipzig 1932, hardcover 154 pages, with photos. The U21 sunk 40 ships. In good condition. German language (not gothic)

Axis Submarine Successes 1939-1945

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Rohwer, J: 1983 PSL UK, hardcover 386 pages. Sourcebook of the Allied Navys, with lists of attacks. In good condition

Le Croiseur sous-marin Surcouf (1926-1942)

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Huan, C: 1996 France, hardcover with dustjacket 103 pages, with photos and folding-out plans. History and design of this French Submarine ISBN 2909675246 In very good condition

Seaside Magazine Seehund (Russisch)

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Russian Magazine Seaside: 2007 Russia, softcover 47 pages, with many photos and plans. The last wonderweapon of the third reich, part 1, the history, design and construction of the German Mini submarine Seehund. In good condition

De kat met negen levens

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Claes, Wijnand: 1980 Amsterdam, gebonden 298 blz.. aan boord van de Hr.Ms. O 21 in WO2. Ervaringsverslag van de schrijver. in goede staat

Onder de bloedvlag van Hr.Ms. O21 1940-1945

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Dulm, J.F. van: +/- 1946 Amsterdam, hardcover zonder de papieromslag 272 blz., met fotos. Verslag van de belevenissen van deze Nederlandse duikboot in WO2. Goede staat.

Warships Illustrated No 13

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U-Boats of World War Two Volume 1
Stern, Robert C.: 1988 London, softcover 64 blz., vol met foto's en achtergronden. In goede staat

Drie-Cylinders duiken dieper

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De onderzeeboten van de Dolfijn-Klasse van de Koninklijke Marine 1942-1992
Gerretse, K.H.L. en J.J.A. Wijn: Amsterdam 1992, softcover 96 blz., met foto's. ISBN 9068810235 Scheepvaart, Koninklijke Marine, onderzeedienst. In zeer goede staat

Nederlandse onderzeedienst 75 jaar

van € 19,50
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Jalhay, P.: 1982 Bussum, hardcover met papieromslag 151 Blz.. Mooi boek met diverse onderwerpen over de onderzeeers en de onderzeedienst uit het verleden en heden, met fotos en diverse bijlages ISBN 9022818640 In goede staat

Warship Pictorial 28, Gato Type Fleet Submarines

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Wiper, S: 2006 USA, softcover 72 blz., photobook with many photos and detailed information. Also plans of the submarines, the weapons, etc. ISBN 978097568775 In very good condition

Warship Pictorial 27, Kriegsmarine Type VII U-Boats

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Wiper, S: 2004 USA, softcover 72 blz., photobook with many photos and detailed information. Also plans of the submarines, the weapons, etc. ISBN 9780974568768 In very good condition

Warships No.1, U-Boats in action

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Stern, R.C.: 1977 USA, softcover 50 pages, with many photos, plans and detailed drawings. ISBN 9780897470544 In very good condition

Warships Data Special Fleet Submarines of World War Two

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Walkowiak, T.F.: 1991 USA, softcover 48 pages, with many photos, plans and detailed drawings. ISBN 0933126727 In very good condition

Op het spoor van verdwenen onderzeeboten

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Van de Hunley tot de Koersk
Dunmore, S: 2002 Amsterdam, hardcover 176 blz.. Combinatie van verhalen en foto's van rampen met onderzeeboten. ISBN 9067075558 Trefwoorden, scheepsrampen, scheepvaart.

Submarines of the world

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Over 280 of the world's greatest submarines

Jane's Pocket Book 8, Submarine Development

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Moore, J.E.: 1976 Jane's UK, softcover 240 pages, with photos. Alle the submarine sof the larger countrys. In good condition

Few Survived

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A History of Submarine Disasters
Gray, E: 1986 Cooper UK, hardcover, no dustjacket 260 pages, with photos and index. In very good condition

Three before breakfast

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a true dramatic account of how a German U-boat sank three British cruisers in one desperate hour
Coles, A: 1979 Mason UK, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages, with photos and index. The torpedoing of the Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy for the coast of Scheveningen, The Netherlands by a German U-boat. In very good condition

Ready for Sea

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Oram, H.P.K.: 1975 UK, hardcover, no dustjacket 250 pages, with photos. Career of the author. From Four-Mast Barque till Sumarine commander in WW1. In good condition