French Naval Publications

French Warships of World War II

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Labayle-Couhat, J: 1971 Ian Allan UK, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages. All the French Naval Ships in detail. with specifications, photos and lifecycle. In good condition


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30000 Tonnes sur les mers
Ernoult, A: 1987 Paris, hardcover 96 pages. Photobook with text onboard the aircraftcarrier Clemenceau. with the daily action. In very good condition ISBN 2731205644

Le Croiseur sous-marin Surcouf (1926-1942)

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Huan, C: 1996 France, hardcover with dustjacket 103 pages, with photos and folding-out plans. History and design of this French Submarine ISBN 2909675246 In very good condition

Les Fregates Suffren et Duqesne

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Moulin, J: 1998 Marines Editions France, hardcover 120 pages, with photos, illustrations and maps. History and design of this Fregates of the French Navy ISBN 9782909675435 In very good condition

Les navires francais d'aujourd'hui en images

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Herrou, C: Marines Editions France 2006, softcover 96 pages. Photobook of the ships, with detailed information. ISBN 9782915379426 In very good condition. French language

Petroliers Ravitailleurs

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Moulin, J. and P. Maurand: 2002 Marines Editions Nantes, hardcover with dustjacket 248 pages, with photos. The tankships of the French Navy in History. French Language. ISBN 9782909675794 In very good condition****

Les Croiseurs de 7600 tonnes

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Moulin, J: 2002 Marines Editions Nantes, hardcover 256 pages, with many photos and details. ISBN 9782906675909 In very good condition****. French Language

French Battleships 1922-1956

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Jordan, J. and R. Dumas: 2009 Seaforth UK, hardcover with dustjacket 232 pages, with many photo's and detailed illustrations. With index ISBN 9781848320345 In very good condition

Les Flottes de Combat 1938

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Vincent-Brechignac: 1938 Societe d' Editions Geographiques Maritimes et Coloniales Paris, hardcover 735 pages. All the Naval Vessels World Wide with their specifications. Many with photo. In very good condition, complete!. French language

Les Contre Torpilleurs de 2700 Tonnes Du Type Vauquelin

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Lassaque, J: Marines edition 2000 France, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, with photos and plans. History and anatomy. ISBN 9782909675572 In very good condition

La Marine Nationale

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Cressard, C: 1984 Ouest France, softcover 32 pages, with photos. Promotional booklet French Navy

Les Croiseurs Jeanne d'Arc e Pluton

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Guiglini, J. and A. Moreau: 1999 Nantes France, hardcover with dustjacket 168 pages, with photo's and 12 detailed folding-out plans ISBN 9782909675473 French Language. In very good condition

Les Torpilleurs de 1500 Tonnes Du Type L'Adroit

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Saibene, M: 2002 Marines Editions France, hardcover 176 pages, with many photo's and plans. History. ISBN 2909675882 In very good condition

Les Croiseurs Lourds Francais Duquesne et Tourville

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Garier, G. et P. du Cheyron: 2003 Lela Presse France, hardcover 192 pages, rich illustrated and 12 detailed folding-out plans of the ships ISBN 9782914017169 In very good condition

Le Croiseur Emile Bertin 1933-1959

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Lassaque, Jean: 2004 Editions Marines Rennes France, softcover 95 pages, with photo's and plans. History and anatomy of this French Cruiser ISBN 291537905x

Marine la Francaise dans la Guerre d'Indochine

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Estival, B: Marines Editions France, softcover 320 pages, with photo's, plans and illustrations. History of the War of France in Indochine. ISBN 9782915379693 French Language. In very good condition

Chronique du Charles de Gaulle

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L'apogee d'un siecle d'Aeronautique navale
Legrand, J.: 2002 Editions Chronique, hardcover 256 pages, with photo's. History of the French Aircraft-Carrier Charles de Gaulle ISBN 9782205053234 In very good condition

Les Torpilleurs Legers Francais 1937-1945

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Saibene, M.: 2004 Maritimes Editions, hardcover 117 pages, with photo's ISBN 9782915379136 In very good condition

Destroyers d'Escorte en France 1944-1972

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Moulin, J.: 2004 France, softcover 152 pages, with photo's. The Ships with their History. ISBN 9782915379099 In very good condition. French Language

Renaissance Navale

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Les Nouveaux Navires de Surface Francais
Perchoc, M.: 2007 France, hardcover 96 pages, with photo's. The modern French Navy ISBN 9782915379907 In very good condition