International Maritime History

Khubilai Khans Lost Fleet

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Historys Greatest Naval Disasters
Delgado, J: 2009 UK, softcover 225 pages, illustrated. The lost of the fleet trying to defeat the Japanese in 1274 ISBN 9781847920782 In very good condition

Seize the Fire

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Heri=oism, Duty and the Battle of Trafalgar
Nicholson, A: 2005 Harper UK, hardcover without dustjacket 341 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0060753617 In very good condition

The Voyage of the Matthew

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John Cabot and the Discovery of North America
Firstbrook, P: 1997 Koed Books, hardcover without dustjacket 192 pages, illustrated ISBN 9780912333229 No dustjacket as on image. In very good condition

The Ship

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Retracing Cooks Endeavour Voyage
Baker, S: 2002 BBC, hardcover met papieromslag 223 blz., met dagboekfragmenten en achtergronden, rijk geillustreerd. In zeer goede staat

The British Admirals of the Fleet 1734-1995

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a Biographical Dictionary
Heathcote, T.A.: 2002 Pen and Sword Books UK, hardcover with dustjacket 338 pages, illustrated.ISBN 9780850528350 In very good condition

Shipping and the American War 1775-83

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A Study of British Transport Organisation
Syrett, D: 1970 University of London, hardcover with dustjacket 274 pages. In good condition


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The Naval Commanders who made Britain great
Lambert, A: 2008 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 492 pages, illustrated. British admirals in history. ISBN 9780571231560 In very good condition

The Rise and Fall of British Naval Mastery

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Kennedy, Paul M.:1976 UK, hardcover, no dustjacket 405 pages. A detailed examination of the rise and fall of Britains naval might. In good condition

Shleld of Empire

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The Royal Navy and Scotland
Lavery, B: 2007 Edinburgh, hardcover with dustjacket 510 pages, illustrated. History ISBN 9781841585130 In very good condition

The West Country and the Sea

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Parker, D: 1980 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 246 pages, illustrated. History of maritime life in earlier days along the west-coast of the UK, from Southampton till Bristol ISBN 0582411815 In very good condition


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Schifffleut, Schiffreiter, Bruderschaften
Diverse authors: 2004 Germany, hardcover 206 blz., geillustreerd. History. In very good condition

Die Historische Donauschiffahrt

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Holzschiffe und Flosse
Meussinger, O: 1990 Wien Austria, softcover 215 pages, illustrated. In very good condition

Sjunkna Skepp

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Ahlstrom, C: 1979 Stockholm, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9127009386 In good condition

The Navy of Britain, a historical portrait

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Lewis, M: 1948 UK, hardcover 560 pages, illustrated. In good condition

The Rise of the English Shipping Industry

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In the 17th and 18th Centuries

Davis, R: 1972 Charles and Abbott Londin, hardcover with dustjacket 427 pages, with illustrations. ISBN 0715354620 In good condition

Boats, Ships and Shipyards

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Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Venice 2000
Beltrame, C. (ed): 2003 UK, hardcover 362 pages, illustrated. Anatomy of historical and ancient vessels and maritime historical subjects. ISBN 1842170937 In very good condition

Hafen Schiffe Wasserwege

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Zur Schiffahrt des Mittelalters
Elmshauser, K: 2002 Bremerhaven, hardcover with dustjacket 165 pages, illustrated. Medieval period. Northern Europe. Schriften des Deutschen Schiffahrtmuseum band 58. ISBN 3934613373 In very good condition

Ships and Shipping in the North Sea and Atlantic 1400-1800

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Unger, R.W.: 1997 Ashgate UK, hardcover ca. 400 pages, illustrations. In good condition

Schiffe der Jager und Bauern

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Schnall, U: 1981 Deutsches Schiffahrt Museum, softcover map with 12 plates of ancient images of small ships used by hunters and farmers from appr. 400 for Christ till Christ in Scandinavia. In very good condition. German language

Das Museum Fur Antike Schiffahrt I

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ein Forschungsbereich des romisch-germanischen Zentralmuseums
Pferdehirt, B: 1995 Mainz, hardcover 72 pages, illustrated. Rekonstruktion und Beschreibung der Mainzer Schiffe und Die Romische Flotten vom 1. bis 3. Jahrhunderts. ISBN 3884670336 In very good condition