International Maritime History

Blankenese Seefahrer, Schmuggler und Lotsen

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Wiese, E: 2015 Koehler Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 200 pages, with many photos. Maritime history of Blankenese, part of Hamburg. ISBN 9783782212304 In very good condition. German Language.

Histoire de la navigation et des portes Belges

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Delmelle, J: 1982 Brussel, hardcover with dustjacket 168 pages, illustrated. In very good condition. french language.

The Counter Armada 1596

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The Journal of the Mary Rose
Usherwood, S. and E.: 1983 London, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0370305566 In very good condition

How we found The Mary Rose

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McKee, A: 1982 London, hardcover with dustjacket 142 pages, with many photos. About the Mary Rose, her finding and salvage. ISBN 0285625241 In very good condition

American Naval Broadsides

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A Collection of Early Naval Prints (1745-1815)
Newbold Smith, Edgar: 1974 Philidelphia Maritime Museum, hardcover with dustjacket 225 pages, with many detailed coloured prints. (Broadside a nearly simultaneous firing of all the guns from one side of a warship). Every print has a detailed comment. ISBN 0517517612 In very good condition

The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th Century 1652-1674

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Boxer, C.R.: 1974 National Maritime Museum London, softcover 68 pages, with illustrations. In very good condition


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1588-1988 An international exhibition to commemorate the Spanish Armada. The Official Catalogue
Diverse Authors: 1988 UK, softcover 294 pages. With photos of the artefacts, with describtion and in historical context. ISBN 9780140103014 In good condition

The Mary Rose

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The excavation and Raising of Henry VIII's Flagship
Rule, M: 1982 UK, softcover 240 blz.. From her loss to the recovery operation. ISBN 0851773826 In very good condition

The Story of the Mary Rose

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Bradford, E: 1982 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 207 pages, illustrated. History of the Mary Rose and her recovery. ISBN 0241107687 In very good condition

State Barges

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Norton, P: 1972 Greenwich UK, softcover 32 pages, illustrated. About Englands Royal State Barges

The Viking Achievement

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Foote, P.G. and D.M. Wilson: 1974 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 472 pages, illustrated. about the Viking culture. In very good condition

English Merchant Shipping and Anglo-Dutch Rivalry in the Seventeenth Century

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Davis, R: 1975 National Maritime Museum Greenwich, softcover 36 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0118807617 In very good condition

Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings

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Evidence of Advanced Civilization in the Ice Age
Hapgood, C.H.: 1979 Dutton New York, revised edition, softcover 276 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0525476067 In very good condition.

Maps and Map-Makers

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Tooley, R.V.: 1990 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 140 pages, with many illustrations. ISBN 0880291613 In very good condition

Lords of the Lake

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The Naval War on Lake Ontario 1812-1814
Malcolmson, R: 1998 Toronto, softcover 409 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9781896941240 In very good condition

Investing in Maps

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Baynton-Williams, R: 1969 London, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, illustrated. Guide for investing in the right maps. In good condition

Ships & Guns

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The Sea Ordnance in Venice and Europe between the 15th and 17th Centuries
Beltrmae, C. and R.G. Ridella: 2011 Oxbow Books UK, softcover 132 pages, illustrated. This book brings experts together on shiparchaeology and historic artillery. ISBN 9781842179697 In very good condition

Mary Rose Your Noblest Shippe (2 volumes in Cassette)

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Anatomy of a Tudor Warship
Marsden, P: 2009 UK, hardcover. Volume I, 433 pages, illustrated, with all the details of the Mary Rose her contruction. Volume II, the Map volume with 15 folding-out maps of the Mary Rose in detail. This is part II of the serie about the Mary Rose and contains the Anatomy. ISBN 9780954402921 In very good condition

Weapons of Warre, The Armaments of the Mary Rose (2 Volumes in Cassette)

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Hildred, A: 2011 UK, hardcover, together 1006 pages, illustrated with many illustrations and plates. The Great Guns, Munition, Artillery, Hand-held Weapons, Personal Protection etc. Part 3 in the serie about he Mary Rose. ISBN 9780954402938 Cassette small tear, otherwise in very good condition

Those Emblems of Hell

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European Sailors and the Maritime Labour Market, 1570-1870
Royen, Paul C, van: 1997 St. John New Foundland, Research in Maritime History No. 13, softcover 362 blz. ISBN 0968128815 In very good condition