International Maritime History

Nelson's War

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Padfield, P: 1976 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 196 pages. The Naval Battles between 1793 and 1805 aginst the French and strategy and tactics of the Battles. ISBN 0246108126 In very good condition

Clive's Lost Treasure

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Allen, G. and D: 1978 Garton London, hardcover with dustjacket 103 pages, with photos. History of the East Indiaman Dodington. The Dodington was wrecked and the salvage 200 years later of the gold and other artifacts ISBN 0906030072 In very good condition

The Devil Himself

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The Mutiny of 1800
Pope, D: 1987 Alison Press London, hardcover with dustjacket 185 pages. The Mutiny on the Danae. ISBN 9780436377518 In very good condition

The Glorious First of June

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Warner, O: 1961 Batsford London, hardcover with dustjacket 184 pages, with illustrations. The Naval battle with the revolutionary French, with Lord Howe and Admiral Villaret-Joyeuse. In very good condition

The Royal George

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Johnson, R.F.: 1971 Knight London, hardcover with dustjacket 201 pages, illustrated. History of this Flagship. In very good condition

Les Compagnie des Indes

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Haudrere, P. and G. Le Bouedec: 2003 Rennes, softcover 143 pages, illustrated. The Companies of France, Holland, England and the Asia Trade. In very good condition ISBN 9782737328855

St Vincent and Camperdown

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Lloyd, C: 1963 London, hardcover with dustjacket 184 pages, illustrated. About two important Naval Battles won by the English in 1797. The Battle against the French near St. Vincent and the Victory on the Dutch near Camperdown, the Netherlands. In very good conditon

The Audacious Admiral Cochrane

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The True Life of a Naval Legend
Vale, B: 2004 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9780851779867 In very good condition

Gunpowder and Galleys

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Changing Technology and Mediterranean Warfare at Sea in the 16th Century
Guilmartin, J.F.: 2003 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 352 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9780851779515 In very good condition

Warships of the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-74

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Konstam, A: 2011 Osprey, softcover 48 pages, illustrated and with list of all ships. ISBN 9781849084109 In very good condition

Trafalgar and the Spanish Navy

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Harbron, J.D.: Conway Maritime Press 1988, gebonden met papieromslag 178 blz.. About the Spanish fleet and Trafalgar. With illustrations, In good condition

The Great Admirals

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Hough, R: 1977 London, hardcover met papieromslag 271 blz., geillustreerd. Vele admiralen worden beschreven vanaf 1550, die een belangrijke rol hebben gespeeld. Maerten Tromp komt ook aan bod. Omslag mist op de voorkant onderaan een stukje papier. ISBN 0297773089 Trefwoorden, scheepvaart, marine, maritieme geschiedenis. In goede staat

Maritime Archaeology

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Muckelroy, K: 1978 Cambridge University Press, softcover 270 pages, illustrated. In very good condition

Atlas of Naval Warfare

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An atlas and chronology of conflict at sea from earliest times to the present day
Pemsel, H: 1977 Arms and Armour Press, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with many maps ISBN0853683514 In good condition

The Ship

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Retracing Cook's Endeavour Voyage
Baker, S: 2002 BBC, hardcover met papieromslag 223 blz., met dagboekfragmenten en achtergronden, rijk geillustreerd. In zeer goede staat

Navies of the Napoleonic Era

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Pivka, Otto von: 1980 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 272 pages, illustrated and with maps. Detailed book. ISBN 0175377671 In very good condition

Espana en la Mar

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Una historia mileneria
Hierro: 1998 Barcelona, hardcover with dustjacket 263 pages. Spanish Naval History, illustrated in colour. Spanish Language. ISBN 8477824940 In very good condition

Dutch Enterprise and the VOC 1602-1799

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Stevens, H: 1998 Amsterdam, softcover 95 pages, illustrated. History of the VOC. ISBN 9789057300196 In very good condition. ****

De Danskes Vej

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Rids Af Dansk Sohistorie
Klem, K: 1941 Host Copenhagen, softcover 248 pages, with illustrations and photos. Maritime History of Danmark, the maritime history and history of ships. Danish Language, in very good condition

Those Emblems of Hell

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European Sailors and the Maritime Labour Market, 1570-1870
Royen, Paul C, van: 1997 St. John New Foundland, Research in Maritime History No. 13, softcover 362 blz. ISBN 0968128815 In very good condition