International Maritime History

Watching the seaside

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Essays on maritime anthropology
Prins, A.H.J.: 1984 Groningen, softcover 248 pages, essays for the retirement of Prins. In very good condition

La Flute Engloutie

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Stenuit, R: 1977 France, hardcover with dustjacket 309 pages, with photos and illustrations. History, search and finding of the VOC ship Lastdrager and her treasure in the Northsee near the Shetlands ISBN 2259002285 In good condition. French language

Vikings en Bretagne

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Skol Vreizh No.5
Cassard, J.C.: 1986 France, softcover 82 pages, with photos and illustrations. History of the Vikings in Bretagne France ISSN 07558848 In very good condition. French Language

Barges and Capitalism

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Passenger Transportation in the Dutch Economy (1632-1839)
Vries, Jan de: 1981 HES Utrecht, softcover 368 pages. Academic Book about this subject. ISBN 9061944325 In good condition

The Safeguard of the Sea

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A Naval History of Britain, volume one 660-1649

Rodger, N.A.M.: 1997 UK, softcover 689 pages, with illustrations. ISBN 9780006388401 In fair condition

Ireland, Graveyard of the Spanish Armada

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Kilfeather, T.P.: 1979 Dublin, softcover pocket 142 pages. ISBN 0900068434 In good condition

Ships and Shipyards, Sailors and Fisherman

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Hasslof, O. e.a.: 1972 University of Copenhagen, hardcover with dustjacket. Diverse studies of the Maritime Workgroup with historians, with diverse subjects on technology of boatbuilding, fishery, commerce, fishing villages etc., with photos and illustrations. In very good condition

Bronze Age Ships in the Eastern Mediterranean

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Zimmermann, G.T.: 1970 New York, softcover 24 pages, many illustrations. In very good condition

Beneath the Seven Seas

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Adventures with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology
Bass, G.F.: 2005 London, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, many photos and illustrations. The recovery projects in this books. ISBN 9780500051368 In very good condition


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Essays for Ole Crumlin-Pedersen
Olsen, O. a.o.: 1995 Roskilde Vikingship Museum Denmark, hardcover 334 pages, A4 sized, illustrated with photos and illustrations. Essays on archeological subjects, vikingships. ISBN 8785180270 In very good condition

The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th Century 1652-1674

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Boxer, C.R.: 1974 National Maritime Museum London, softcover 68 pages, with illustrations. In very good condition

Antike Seefahrt

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Hockmann, O. and C.H. Beck: 1985 Munchen, softcover 195 pages, illutrated. History, shiptypes etc. ISBN 340630463x In very good condition.

The Lost Ships of Pisa

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The Discovery of the Undersea Pompei
Sedge, M.H.: 2002 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, with photos and maps. The remains of a forgotten harbor. The ships, the trade, the discovery, the artefacts, the tales. ISBN 9780743452656 In good condition

Historische Schiffe in Wien

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Schaefer, K: Wien 2002, hardcover 126 pages, with illustrations, details plans, photos. The wooden ships on the Donau from 1600 till 1900 ISBN 9783708300375 In very good condition

Connected by the Sea

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Blue, L a.o.: 2003 Roskilde Denmark, hardcover 315 pages, with photos, illustrations and maps. Ship archaeology subjects in detail. ISBN 9781842172285 In very good condition

Between Continents

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Istanbul 2009 Symposium Ship Archaeology

Gunsenin, N: Istanbul 2009, hardcover 342 pages, illustrated with photos, illustrations and maps. With many Ship Archaeology subjects in detail. Byzantium, Roman and Ottoman ISBN 9786054701025 In good condition

Man and the Sea

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From the Ice Age to the Norman Conquest
Banbury, P: 1975 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 269 pages, illustrated with photos, plans and maps. In good condition

Oared Fighting Ships

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From Classical Times to the coming of Steam
Anderson, R.C.: 1962 London, hardcover with dustjacket 99 pages with photo's, illustrations and plans. In very good condition

Facing the Ocean

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The Atlantic and its Peoples 8000 BC - Ad 1500
Cunliffe, B: 2001 Oxford University Press, softcover, illustrated 600 pages, with index. ISBN 9780199240197 In very good condition

Fighting Ships of the Far East (2)

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Japan and Korea AD 612-1639
Turnbull, S: 2003 Osprey UK, softcover 48 pages, detailed illustrated, Anatomy and use. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. ISBN 9781841764788 In very good condition. New Vanguard serie 63