Books about International Navy

Jane's fighting ships of World War 1

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Janes: 1990 London, hardcover with dustjacket 320 pages. A comprehensive Encyclopedia with more than 1000 illustrations of the Naval Ships World Wide who were involved, also the details of the ships. ISBN 9781851703784 In good condition

Men of War

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Great Naval Captains of World War II

Howarth, S: 1992 Martins Press New York, hardcover with dustjacket 602 pages, with potos. ISBN 9780312088446 In very good condition

North Atlantic Run

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The Royal Canadian navy and the battle for the Convoys
Milner, M: 1985 University of Toronto, hardcover with dustjacket 284 pages, with photos ISBN 0802025447 In very good condition

Corvettes of the Royal Canadian Navy 1939-1945

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Macpherson, K. and M. Milner: 1993 Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 174 pages, may photos and details of all the corvettes. Also 3 folding-out plans of a flowerclass corvette. ISBN 9780920277836 In very good condition

Allied Coastal Forces of World War II, volume II

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Vosper MTBs and U.S. ELCOs
Lambert, J. and A. Ross: 1993 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with many photos, details of the ships, plans, lists of ships, index. ISBN 0851776027 In very good condition

Allied Coastal Forces of World War II

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Volume 1, Fairmile Designs and US Submarine Chasers
Lambert, J. and A. Ros: 1990 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages. History with photos, plans and specifications ISBN 0851775195 In very good condition

Warships of World War II

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Lenton, H.T. and J.J. Colledge: 1973 Ian Allan UK, hardcover with dustjacket 653 pages. All the participated ships. Many photos and all the details of all the ships. In very good condition

Les canonnieres de Chine 1900-1945

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Estival, B: 2001 Marines Editions France, hardcover 180 pages, with photos. The Western Navy in China. About the fleet and their history. ISBN 9782909675749 In very good condition

Italian Warships of World War I

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Fraccaroli, A.: Ian Allan 1968, hardcover with dustjacket 204 pages. All the Naval Ships of Italy in this period in detail, with photos and lifecycle. In very good condition

All the Worlds Fighting Fleets

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Talbot-Booth: 1937 UK, hardcover 742 pages, with photo's, maps etc. In good condition

What Ship is That?

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Talbot-Booth, E.C.: Ca. 1943 London, about 600 pages. Ship recognition according the Talbot-Booth system to recognise from a distant. Over 2000 ships and their silhouettes. In very good condition

Jane's Fighting Ships Facsimile

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Ech € 25,00
Janes: Standard work of reference on the navies of the world. Old volumes again printed in 1969. We can deliver 1905-06, 1906-07, (During the order procedure you can write which volume you want to order)

Jutland 1916

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Death in the Grey Wastes
Steel, N. and P. Hart: 2004 Cassell UK, softcover 480 pages, with photos. The Battle history with reminensces of survivors. ISBN 9780304366484 In very good condition

Hostage on the Yangtze

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Britain, China, and the Amethyst Crisis of 1949
Murfett, M.H.: Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 313 pages, with illustrations. The conflict on the Yangtze River with the Hms Amethyst and the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. ISBN 9780870212895 In very good condition

A Layman's Guide To Naval Strategy

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Brodie, B: 1943 Oxford University, hardcover with dustjacket 203 pages. The Modern Sea-power, Naval Weapons, Tactics, the defence of shipping, the conduct of combined operations, battleship versus aeroplane etc. In good condition

Structural Design of Warships

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Hovgaard, W: 1915 Spon London, hardcover 384 pages, illustrated and folding-out tables. Small marks of use, otherwise good.

Aircraft Carriers, volume II, 1946-2006

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A History of carrier aviation and its influence on world events
Polmar, N: 2008 Washington, hardcover with dustjacket 548 pages, with photos. Aircraft Carriers and their actions in this period. ISBN 9781574886658 In very good condition

A Source Book of Aircraft Carriers and their Aircraft

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Watts, A: 1977 London, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages. The important Aircraftcarriers in history with their Aircraft. In very good condition

Austro-Hungarian Warships of WW1

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Greger, Rene, 1976 Ian Allan ltd. London, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages. All the ships with their specifications and a photograph. In very good condition

Marine- und Flusskriegseinheiten

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in den streitkraften der ersten Ostereichischen Republik
Steinbock, E: 1980 Austria, softcover 84 pages, with many photos and plans of ships. Also detailed information. In very good condition. Rare!