Books about International Navy

Guide to far Eastern Navies

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China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan
Blechman Barry M.: 1978 London, 586 Blz. Eerste 300 blz. geeft een geschreven beeld van de marine per land. Daarna een compleet overzicht met foto's. Handzaam boek. In linnen gebonden. In goede staat

Cruisers of the Royal and Commonwealth Navies

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Morris, Douglas: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages.. All Cruisers from 1869, with photo, specifications and history ISBN 9780907771357 In very good condition

Allied escort carriers of World War Two in action

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Poolman, Kenneth: 1988 London, hardcover with dustjacket 272 pages. The role of the Allied Escort Carriers in WWII, with photos and plans. ISBN 9780713712216 In very good condition

The War at Sea (complete in 4 volumes)

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Roskill, S.W.: 2004 Naval and Militairy Press UK, softcover, with photos and plans. Volume 1; The Defensive 664 pages, Volume 2; The Period of Balance 523 pages, Volume 3-a; The Offensive 1st June 1943-31st May 1944 413 pages, Volume 3-b; The Offensive 1st June 1944-14th August 1945 502 pages. Set in very good condition

The Russian Fleet 1914-1917

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Greger, R: 1972 London, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages. A detailed portrait of the fleet with 200 photo's and a compleet fleetlist. Small marks of use, otherwise good

The Imperial Russian Navy

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Watts, Anthony.J: 1990 Arms and Armour, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages. A overview of the ships, with history development and history/specifications of the individual ships. ISBN 9780853689126 In very good condition

Osterreich auf allen Meeren

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Geschichte der KuK Kriegsmarine von 1382 bis 1918
Basch-Ritter, R: Styria Graz Austria, hardcover 231 pages, with photos and illustrations. In very good condition ISBN 3222117969

Warships of the Soviet Navy

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Moore, J.E.: 1981 Janes UK, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages. The complete fleet in fotos and with all the details. ISBN 0531037312 In very good condition****

The Soviet Navy Today

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Moore, John E.: London 1975, hardcover with dustjacket, 255 pages. All the ships with all their specifications, photograph and a history. In very good condition****

Warships of the USSR and Russia 1945-1995

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Pavlov, A.S.: 1997 Chatham London, hardcover with dustjacket 321 pages. All the ships with photo, specifications and plans. ISBN 1861760396 In very good condition****

Jane's Fighting Ships 2010-2011

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Saunders, S: 2011 UK, hardcover 1018 pages. All the fighting ships worldwide, with photos and all the details. ISBN 9780710629203 In very good condition****

Conversions for War

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WSS Monograph no 6
Osborne, R.: 1983 WSS, softcover 84 pages, with photos and detailed information. Armed Merchant Cruisers/ Ocean Boarding Vessels/ Q-Ships/ Seagoing Auxilliary AA Ships/ Glen Class Landing Ships/ Italian Merchant Armed Cruisers. In very good condition

A Navy for Three Oceans

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Celebrating 75 years of the South African Navy
Breyer, K: 1997 South Africa, hardcover 91 pages. Photobook history South African Navy, with details. In very good condition ISBN 0620208570


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glimt fra orlogsfladen i nyere tid, marine paintings 1938-1992
Freyen Kieler, S.M.: 1992 Denmark, softcover 51 pages. with 25 aquarels of the author of Danis Naval Ships and Marine life, with Danish and English text. In very good condition

The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World 1998-1999

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Their Ships, Aircraft, and Systems
Wertheim, E: 2005 Naval Institute Press, hardcover 1104 pages, with many photo's. Catagorised by Country ISBN 9781591149347 In good condition

South Africa's Fighting Ships

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Past and Present
Toit, A. du: 1992 South Africa, hardcover with dustjacket 359 pages., Historical overview of all South African Naval Ships, with photos and history ISBN 9781874800507 In very good condition

Warships Number 13, Vosper MTBs in action

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Connelly, G: 2000 USA, softcover 50 pages, with many photos, plans and detailed drawings. In very good condition

Marine-Arsenal Special Band 8

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Tauchgang um das K.u.K. Schlachtschiff Szent Ivan
Freivogel, Z: 1998 Podzun Pallas Verlag, softcover 50 pages, with many photos, plans and detailed drawings. ISBN 3790906425 In very good condition

U-Boats vs Destroyer Escorts

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The Battle of the Atlantic
Williamson, G: 2007 Osprey Publishing UK, softcover 80 pages, with many photos. ISBN 9781846031335 In very good condition

Irish Naval Service

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Adams, Th.A.: 1982 World Ship Society UK, softcover 72 pages, about the ships and the service, with photos and detailed information of the ships. In very good condition