Books about International Navy

All the World's Fighting Ships 1922-1946

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Conways: 1980 Conways Maritime Books, hardcover 456 pages. All the worlds fighting ships. With photos, specifications and history. ISBN 0851771467 In very good condition

Warship International No.4 1973

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Hms Furious, Hms Orion, Uss Batfish, Uss Cyclops
Diverse authors: 1973 USA, softcover 86 pages, with photos and plans of the ships. In good condition

Steam, Steel and Shellfire

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The Steam Warship 1815-1905, Conways History of the Ship
Gardiners, R: 1992 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover 192 pages, with photos. Numbered edition 347 of 2000 copies. In very good condition ISBN 9780851776088

Almanacco Navale 1993

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Diverse authors: 1992 Genova Istituto Idrografico Della Marina, hardcover with dustjacket 1111 pages. The World Naval fleet in detail, with photos, specifications, armament and history. In very good condition

Sea Battles in Close-up World War 2, volume two

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Grove, E: Ian Allen 1993 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages, illustrated with photos and maps 224 pages. Battles of Narvik, Crete, Malta, Java Sea, Sirte Tirpitz, Neptune, Phollipine Sea, Leyte Gulf ISBN 9780711021181 In very good condition

The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World 2000-2001

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Their Ships, Aircraft, and Systems
Baker III, A.D.: 2000 Naval Institute Press, hardcover 1108 pages, with many photos. Categorized by Country ISBN 9781557501974 In very good condition

The Naval Institute Guide to Combat Fleets of the World 2002-2003

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Their Ships, Aircraft, and Systems
Wertheim, E: 2002 Naval Institute Press, hardcover 1128 pages, with many photos. Categorized by Country ISBN 9781557502421 In mint condition

The First Destroyers

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The turtleback TBD,s of the 1890,s
Lyon, D.: 1996 UK, hardcover with a dustjacket 128 pages. Their development, builders, TBD,s in service, foreign TBD,s. With photographs and plans. ISBN 9781861760050 In very good condition

Admirals and Marshalls

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Project 1134 and 1134a Kresta Classe 1964-2003
Author Unknown: 2007 Moscow, hardcover 142 pages, with many photos and design plans. Guided Missile Cruiser ISBN 9785902863168 In very good condition. Beware Russian language!!

Battleships in Transition

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The Creation of the Steam Battlefleet 1815-1860
Lambert, A: 1984 Conway UK, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, illustrated with plans, photos, maps and illustrations. ISBN 085177315x In very good condition

5 brochures South African Navy

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SA Navy: ca. 1995 South Africa, softcover. each brochure 5 pages, with photos. Containing Education, The Yard, responsibilities, peacetime role. In good condition

Blood and Bushido

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Japanese Atrocities (wreedheden) at Sea 1941-1945
Edwards, Bernhard: 1991 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 253 pages, with maps and a index. Vivid account of the barbaric actions of the Japanese navy in the wake of its attacks on Allied shipping during WWII. These depredations included the ramming of lifeboats, machine-gunning of survivors and bayoneting and beheading of captives. The author explains that the ancient Japanese warrior code of bushido---which forbade capture---stood in stark contrast to the humane code of conduct ususally honored by seafarers. ISBN 9781854211347 In very good condition

Gli Incrociatori Italiani

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Giorgerini, G and A. Nani: Roma 1964, hardcover wity dustjacket 696 pages, with many photos and some plans. History of the Italian Cruisers between 1861 and 1964. Every cruiser in detail. In very good condition. Italian language

Warship Special 2 Super Destroyers

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Preston, A: 1978 Conway UK, softcover 72 pages, with many photos and designplans. The big destroyers built in the US and Europe. ISBN 0851771319 with some small brown sports, otherwise good

Bismarck and Hood

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Great Naval Adversaries
Kemp, P.J.: 1991 Arms and Armour, softcover 64 pages, with many photos. ISBN 9781854090997 In very good condition

The Story of the Torpedo Bomber

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Smith, Peter C.: 1974 Almark London, softcover 80 pages, with many photos. Navy Aviation. ISBN 85521926 In very good condition

Warships Illustrated No 14

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Malta Convoys 1940-1943
Kemp, Paul J. : 1988 London, softcover 64 pages, with many photos and related text. ISBN 9780853689225 In very good condition

A History of Marine Aviation

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Killen, J: 1969 London, hardcover 246 pages, with photos. ISBN 584101244 In good condition

The Critical Convoy Battles of March 1943

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Rohwer, J: 1977 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with photos and charts. ISBN 0711007497 In very good condition

War at Sea

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A Naval History of World War II
Miller, N: 1996 Oxford University Press, softcover 592 pages, with photographs. ISBN 9780195110388 in very good condition