Books about USA Navy

Forgotten Fleet

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The Mothball Navy
Madsen, D: 1999 Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 236 pages, with photos and index with ships. The fleet behind between 1945 and the present ISBN 9781557505439 In very good condition

U.S. Destroyers

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An illustrated Design History
Friedman, N: 1985 Naval Institute, hardcover with dustjacket 489 pages, with photos and ship plans ISBN 087021733x In good condition

Profile Warship 3

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USS Hornet CV8 Aircraft Carrier
Cracknell, W.H.: 1971 UK, softcover 24 pages. Detailed monography of this warship, with photo's and plans. In good condition

US Navy Warships and Auxiliaries

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Bush, S: 2006 UK, softcover 168 pages. The current US-Navy fleet, with many photos and details. ISBN 9781904459255 In very good condition

The Ships of Canadas Naval Forces 1910-1981

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A complete pictorial history of Canadian Warships
Macpherson, K. and J. Burges: 1981 Collins Toronto, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, with many photos. all the ships in details, with lists, appendices etc. ISBN 0002168561 In good condition

Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships (8 volumes Complete)

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Navy Department: Diverse years USA, hardcover, leatherlook bound. A major work, every known ship in alphabetical order with history of each and appendices of special categories such as Confederate Ships, special ships, submarine chasers, tank landing ships, ships of the line, aviation, auxiliaries etc.etc. Most comprehensive, all 21x27c. Vol.1. 1959. Rep with corrections 1970 351pp; Vol.2. 1963. 589pp; Vol.3. 1968 876pp; Vol.4. 1969 744pp; Vol.5. 1970. 640pp. Vol.6. 1976 740pp; Vol.7. 1981. 735pp; Vol.8. 1981. 576pp. In excellent condition.

The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet

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Fourteenth Edition
Polmar, Norman: 1989 Arms and Armour Press, hardcover with dustjacket 559 pages. The complete fleet, with photographs, specifications and historical information. ISBN 9780870216497 In very good condition

The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet (Eleventh Edition)

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Polmar, N: 1978 Naval Institute Press, hardcover with dustjacket 350 pages, with photos. All the vessels in detail. In very good condition

Mighty Mo

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The U.S.S. Missouri, a biography of the last Battleship

Newell, G. and A. E. Smith: 1969 First edition Seasttle USA, hardcover with dustjacket 190 pages, with many photos. In very good condition

US Warships since 1945

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Silverstone, P.H.: 1987 Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 239 pages. All the ships in lists, with specifications and many photos, also index entree. ISBN 9780870217692 In very good condition

Warship International (Diverse Years Complete, every year a volume)

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€ 27,50 each
Fischer, Edward C.: Diverse years, Quarterly Magazine bound in hardcover leatherlook binding. Each year a volume. We can deliver the years 1966, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1974. Mail with for the year(s) you want to become. Each volume in very good condition

The Confederate Navy

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The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65
Still, W.N.: 1997 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 262 pages, with photos, plans and illustrations. ISBN 9780851776866 In very good condition

Lincolns Navy

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The Ships, Men and Organization, 1861-65
Canney, D.L.: 1998 Conway Maritime Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 232 pages, with photos, illustrations and plans ISBN 9780851776699 In very good condition

Song and Service Book for Ship and Field

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Bennett, J.L.: 1942 Washington, hardcover 192 pages. Lyrics and notes of 161 songs. In good condition

U.S. Navy at war 1941-1945

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Official reports by Fleet Admiral J. Kings, U.S.N..
King, E.J.: Washington 1946 Navy Department, hardcover 305 pages, with folding-out map. In good condition

U.S. Warships of World War II

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Silverstone, P.H.: 1977 Ian Allan London, hardcover without dustjacket 444 pages. All the US warships, with photo, details and mutations. In very good condition. Aware. No dustjacket as on image, otherwise very good.

Warships Illustrated No 2

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Volume 1
Polmar, N: 1985 London. Softcover 72 blz.. Beeldboek vol met foto's, met onderschrift. In goede staat

War With Japan (complete)

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4 books containing 6 volumes and 4 Folders with maps
Ministry of Defence: 1995 HSMO, hardcover with dustjacket Ca. 1500 pages. In very good condition

American Gunboats and Minesweepers

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From the serie WW2 fact Files
Lenton, H.A.: 1974 UK, softcover 64 blz.. All the Gunboats and Minesweepers used in WW2. ISBN 0356080641 in good condition

Warships Number 22, US Destroyers in Action Part 4

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Adcock, A: 2004 USA, softcover 50 pages, with many photos, plans and detailed drawings. ISBN 0897474775 In very good condition