Books about British Navy

British Warships Since 1945, part 4 Minesweepers

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Worth, J: Ca. 1984 UK, softcover 144 pages. All the Minesweepers in detail, with photos ISBN 9780907771135 In very good condition

British Warships since 1945, part 5 Frigates

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Critchley, M: 1984 UK, softcover 144 pages. All the Frigates by Class, with photos and details. ISBN 97807771135 In very good condition

Cats and Cathedrals

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A History of the Type 41 and Type 61 Frigate
Boniface, P: 2006 UK, softcover 208 pages, with photos. ISBN 9781904381358 In very good condition

Last of the Wooden Walls + Companion Volume

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An illustrated history of the Ton Class Minesweepers and Minehunters
Hoole, R: 2012 Ton Class Association, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, with many photos. Also a Companion Volume with operational records of Ton Class Minesweepers and Minehunters, softcover 134 pages ISBN 9780857041272 and 9780957058804 Both In very good condition

Battle Class destroyers

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Boniface, P: 2007 Maritime Books, hardcover with dustjacket 258 pages, with many photos. History of this Class ISBN 9781904459286 In very good condition

Daring Class Destroyers

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McCart, N: 2008 Maritime Books UK, hardcover with dustjacket, with many photos. History of this Class. ISBN 9781904459330 In very good condition

Type 81

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A History of the Tribal Class Frigate
Boniface, P: 2012 UK, softcover 195 pages, with photo's. The design and history of all seven ships of this Royal Navy Type ISBN 9781904381518 In very good condition

The Royal Navy and the Falklands War

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Brown, D: 1987 Cooper London, hardcover with dustjacket 384 pages, with photos. ISBN 9780850520590 In very good condition

Falklands Task Force Portfolio (2 volumes)

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Critchley, M: UK 1982. Photobooks of the war with guided text. In very good condition

Leander Class Frigates

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Allaway, J: 1995 HMSO UK, softcover 72 pages. Photobook with text. ISBN 9780117724587 In very good condition

Royal Fleet Auxiliary

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Its ancestry and affiliations 1600-1968
Sigwart, E.E.: 1969 London, hardcover with dustjacket 221 pages. The Supplyships of the Royal Navy in history with their specifications and history. With photos and illustrations. In good condition

Ark Royal

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The Name Lives on
Hobbs, D. and D. Smith: 1986 UK, softcover 96 pages. Historical photobook with text. ISBN 9780907771289 In very good conditon

Warships Illustrated No 4

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British Destroyers in World War Two
Burt, R.A.: 1985 London, softcover 64 blz., vol met foto's en achtergronden daarvan. In goede staat

Warships Illustrated No. 12

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British Cruisers in World War One
Burt, R.A.: 1987 UK, softcover 64 blz., met vele foto's en achtergronden. In goede staat

Warships Illustrated No 7

van € 12,50
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British Destroyers in World War One
Burt, R.A.: 1986 Arms and Armour Press, softcover 64 pages. Full off photographic material with backgrounds. In good condition

The British Destroyer

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Manning, T.D.: 1961 London, bound without dustwrap 148 pages. Complete record of all Classes of Destroyer that served The Royal Navy. With backgrounds and many photographs. In very good condition

Royal Navy Ships Badges

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Smits, P.C.: 1974 Balfour UK, hardcover with dustjacket 96 pages, with photos in colour. In good condition

The Eclipse of the Big Gun

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The Warship 1906-1945
Gardiner, R: Conway Maritime Press London, hardcover with dustjacket 223 pages, illustrated. The development of the dreadnought and the threats by topedo-boats, submarines and planes. ISBN 0851776078 In very good condition. From the serie, Conway's history of the ship.

Short Sea, Long War

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Cross-Channel Ships' Naval and Military Service in World War II
Winser, John de S.: 1997 World Ship Society. softcover 160 pages. The history of the ferries between Europe and England in WW2, many were used for the war or destroyed by the enemy. Each ship their history, with photos. ISBN 090561786x In very good condition

The Towns

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A history of the fifty destroyers transferred from the United States to Great Britain in 1940
Hague, A: 1988 World Ship Society, softcover 92 pages, with many photos ISBN 0905617487 In very good condition