International Inland Shipping Books

Portraits of the Riverboats

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Davis, William C: 2001 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, about the ships, their interiors, the harbours, their history etc. ISBN 9781571454935 In very good condition

Small seagoing craft and vessels for inland navigation

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Roorda, A. and E.M. Neuerburg: 1957 Stam Haarlem, hardcover without dustjacket 560 pages, with photos, plans and detailed anatomy illustrations of the ships, like inland ships, tugs, dredging materials, coasters, ferrys, ice-breakers, fishing vessels etc. The ships and waterways in Europe including Russia. No dustjacket as on image, otherwise very good

Bateaux a Roues

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D, Europe et D,Amerique
Jobe, J. a.o.: +/- 1980 Lausanne, hardcover with dustjacket 212 pages. French language. History of inland paddlesteamers and cruiseships in Europe and America. With many photographs and detailed couloured illustrations, many folding outs. with index of ships ISBN 2880010128 In good condition

CGN Compagnie Generale de Navigation sur le lac Leman, une histoire

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Decoppet, M: 2008 Switserland, softcover 126 pages, with many photos. History of the company and her ships. ISBN 9782884531412 In very good condition

The illustrated history of Paddlesteamers

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Hilton, G.W. and Others: 1976 Switzerland, hardcover with dustjacket 186 pages. The paddlesteamers of the USA, England, Europe and Swiss Lakes. With beautiful photography and line-drawings. With a index of ships. IISBN 0850592224 In very good condition

Sternwheelers and Steam Tugs

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An illustrated history of the canadian pacific railways, British Columbia Lake and River Service
Turner, R.D.: 1985 Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 280 pages, with many photos. Detailed history of the ships. ISBN 0919203159 In very good condition

European River Sea Ships

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Cheetham, C. and M. Heinimann: 2001 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 554 pages. Complete referencebook, with photo's. ISBN 9780951631737 In very good condition

Paddle Box Decorations of American Sound Steamboats

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Crosby-Brown, A: 1932 Newport USA, softcover 24 pages, with photos and illustrations of decorations on paddleboxes of the ships. In very good condition

Steamships of Europe

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An illustrated guide to inland veteran passenger vessels
Deayton, Allistair: 1988 Conway Maritime Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages with photo's and index of ships. ISBN 0851774784 In very good condition

Societe des Chantiers et Ateliers du Rhin

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Elements servant de base pour le calcul des prix de reparation des bateaux rhenans
Chantiers et Atelier: 1960 France, softcover 21 pages. Prices for repair. French language. In very good condition

Raddampfer in Europa und Amerika

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Jobe, J. a.o.: 1976 Lausanne, hardcover with dustwrap 214 pages. History with many photographs and drawings of the ships. With index of photographed ships. ISBN 2880010144 Trefwoorden, scheepvaart, veerboten, binnenvaart, raderschepen. In good condition

Schweizer Schiffahrt

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Raber, A: 1992 Luzern, softcover 84 pages, with photo's. About the lakes and their ships, with shiplists and photo's of the ships. In good condition

Flottenparade Thuner- und Brienzersee

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No Author: 1980 Schweiz, softcover 88 pages. All the ships who served- and still serving these lakes with photo, history and specifications. German Language. In good condition

Dampfschiffe Schweiz/ Paddle-Steamers Switzerland

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Raber, A. and R. Horlacher: 1982 Luzern, softcover 60 pages, with photo's of the ships. History of the ships. In very good condition

Die Donauschiffahrt in Niederosterreich

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Pemsel, H.: 1984 St Polten, softcover 63 pages, with photo's. In good condition. German language

Bateaux du Leman

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Deux Siecles de Navigation
Christinat, J.: 1991 French, softcover 258 pages, with photo's. With a historical monography of all the ships ISBN 9782882950611 In very good condition. Inland Shipping

Histoire Imagee des Grands Bateaux du Lac Leman

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Meystre, E.: 1967 Lausanne, softcover 143 pages, with photo's. In very good condition. French Language.

Sternwheelers and Sidewheelers

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The Romance of Steamdriven Paddleboats in Canada
Charlebois, Dr. P.: 1978 Toronto, softcover 144 pages, with photographes and index. ISBN 0919600727

50 Jahre Schweizerische Reederei AG

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Eine Chronik
Bosshardt, Walter: 1969 Switserland, hardcover 116 pages, with photo's. History of this shipowner. In good condition