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A Brief History of Chinese Pilotage

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Wanmin, Xu: 1998 Bejing, hardcover with dustjacket 314 pages, with photos. English language. In very good condition. Loodswezen.


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History of Pilot Ships in 2 volumes
Cunliffe: 2001 France, harcover with dustjacket. Volume 1, Pilot Schooners of North America and Great Britain, 343 pages. Volume 2, Schooners and open Boats of the European Pilots and Watermen 347 pages. Both volumes hardcover with dustjacket and very rich illustrated. ISBN 2903708916 and 1861762194 In very good condition

No Tides to Stem

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A History of the Manchester Pilot Service in 2 volumes

Clulow, Derek A.: 1995 and 1998 UK, softcover 615 pages with photo's and Maps of the area. History of the Service, the Vessels and the Work. ISBN 0907768725 and 1901231062 Piloting, Loodswezen