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Henry Blogg of Cromer

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The Greatest of the Lifeboat-men
Jolly, Cyril: 1972 London, paperback 224 blz., met enige foto's en veel verhalen over zijn reddingen

The Sound of Maroons

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The Story of Life-Saving Services on the kent and Sussex Coasts
Biggs, H: 1977 Terence daltons UK, hardcover with dustjacket 170 pages, with photo's and indexes ISBN 0900963328 In very good condition

Life-Boat, Design and development

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Fry, E.C.: 1975 London, hardcover with dustwrap 128 pages. 28 black and white photographs of representative classes of life-boats, 33 line drawings. A record of life-boat development in Britain spanning nearly 200 years; salient features of 33 different classes of life-boats are shown in 151 specially prepared scale drawings, together with sail plans of early boats, launching-carriage details, and a diagrammatic explanation of R.A.Oakley's method of self-righting. A scarce classic in the field of maritime history. ISBN 0715367935

Wrecks and Rescues off the Romney Marsh Coast

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Carpenter, E.: 1985 Kent UK, softcover 93 pages, with photo's. ISBN 095092671x In very good condition

Die Rettungsboote der DGzRS von 1865-2004

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Esmann, Wilhelm: 2004 Hauschild Bremen, hardcover in dustjacket 149 pages. All the Rescue ships, with photo's, specifications, history etc. ISBN 3897572338 In very good condition

Die Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbruchiger

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Band 26 Schriften des Deutschen Schiffartsmuseum
Ostersehlte, C: 1990 Deutsches Schiffahrtmuseum und Ernst Kabelverlag, hardcover 144 pages, with photo's. History of the DZGRS. ISBN 3822501182 In very good condition

S.O.S. Sauveteurs en mer

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Giard, M: 1997 Paris, softcover 304 pages with illustrations. History of French Rescue, with illustrations ISBN 9782723323601 In very good condition

Rettung aus Seenot

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Rostocker Hefte 9
Zollmann, Theodor: 1982 Rostock, softcover 24 pages, with photo's. History and Rescues. In good condition

The Hunstanton Lifeboats

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Stibbons, T: 1984 UK, softcover 28 pages, with photo's. History and rescues. In good condition

The Margate R.N.L.I. Station

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And its Lifeboats from 1860
Walters, A.P.: 1997 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 341 pages, with photo's and complete lists by lifeboat of their saving records. In very good condition ISBN 9780953162000

Heroes of the Goodwin Sands

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Treanor, T. Stanley: 1904, 11th edition, hardcover 250 pages, illustrated with plates. In very good condition

Storm on the Waters

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The Story of the Life-Boat Service in the War of 1939-1945
Vince, Charles: 1946 Hodder and Stoughton, hardcover with dustjacket 111 pages, with photo's, first edition

Canots de Sauvetage et Marins Sauveteurs

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Congres de Sauvetage de Londres
Societe Centrale De Sauvetage Des Naufrages: 1925 Paris, softcover 96 pages, with photo's and folding-out map of France with all the Lifeboat Staions. In very good condition. French language

Heroes of British Lifeboats

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Shairer and Jameson: 1938 Harrap London, hardcover with dustjacket 276 pages, 16 photo's. The idea of this book was to persuade lifeboatmen to tell their own stories of their most exciting rescues in recent years. The authors therefore travelled all round the British coast, meeting lifeboatmen and talking to them about their work. The result is a really dramatic volume, in which not only do the authors tell exactly how they secured their material but the lifeboatmen themselves speak to us. Book in good condition. Dustjacket small pieces missing.

Wreck Ashore

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The United States Life-Saving Service on the Great Lakes
Stonehouse, F.: 1994 Duluth, softcover 213 pages, with many photo's, history and rescues ISBN 0942235223 In good condition

Norfolk's Lifeboats

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A Portrait in photographs and picture postcards
Wiltshire, R: 1994 UK, softcover 112 pages. with photo's of Lifeboats and Rescues, with comment under the Photo's ISBN 1857700546 In very good condition

Seenot und Rettung

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Wiese, Eigel: 1999 Heel Schweiz, hardcover 95 pages, with photo's. History and rescue on German Coasts. German Language ISBN 3893657878 In good condition

Rescue at Sea

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Waters, John M.: 1989 Naval Institute Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 324 pages, with photo's. The adventures of Waters who served the SAR for years and participated in thousands of rescues ISBN 0870215426 In very good condition


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Preserving Life from Shipwreck of Cornwall
Bird, Sheila: 1991 Ex Libris Press UK, softcover 231 pages, with photo's. History and rescues. ISBN 0948578319 In good condition

From Rock and Tempest

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The Life of Captain George William Manby
Walthew, K: 1971 Bles London, hardcover with dustjacket 175 pages, with photo's. Born in 1765 and inventor for the life-gard and more. In very good condition