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Retter ohne Ruhm

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Das Abenteuer der Seenothilfe
Prager, H.G.: 1978 Koehler, hardcover with dustjacket 272 pages. Lifeboat operation stories. With photographs. ISBN 3782201256 In very good condition

West Coast Adventures

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Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada's West Coast
Mason, A: 2003 Canada, softcover 107 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9781551539904 In very good condition

Seenotrettung an Nord- und Ostsee

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Lachs, J. and T. Zollmann: 1998 DSV Verlag hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 199 pages, with photos. History and Rescue today in the countrys near the Nord- and Ostsee. ISBN 3884122428 In very good condition

Saved from the Sea

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The story of the life-saving services on the East Anglian coast
Malster, R: 1974 Suffolk UK, hardcover with dustjacket 296 pages, with photos. In very good condition. ISBN 0900963328

A History of the Torbay Lifeboats

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With Pride and Dedication
Salsbury, A: 2002 UK, hardcover with dustwrap 160 pages, with photo's. ISBN 1841141666 Reddingwezen

Wir kommen

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Das Buch der DGzRS
Anders, B e.a. 1996, Herford, gebonden met papieromslag 224 blz., geschiedenis en een overzicht van de boten. Met veel foto's. In zeer goede staat


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Rettung uber See, 115 Tage bis zum Frieden
Gerdau, K: 1984 Koehler Verlag germany, hardcover with dustjacket 136 pages, with photos

Schiffbruch und Strandung

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Vom selbstlosen Einsatz deutscher Ruder rettungsboote
Neuber, H. Jurgens, H.P.: 1979 Koehler Herford, hardcover with dustjacket 155 pages.. about the German Ruderrettungsboote, with beautiful illustrations of Hans Peter Jurgens. ISBN 3782202147 In very good condition

Never Turn Back

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The RNLI since the Second World War
Kipling, R. and S.: 2006 Sutton Publishing, hardcover with dustjacket 214 pages. ISBN 9780750943079 In very good conition

Lifeboat!, Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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Wake-Walker, E. a.o.: 1989 Ian Allan UK, softcover 56 pages, with photos. In good condition ISBN 9780711018358

SOS Schicksale Deutscher Schiffe (diverse binding early numbers)

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€ 35,00 Each
Diverse authors: Special Binding from the publisher Arthur Moewig Verlag Munchen with 14 or 15 complete numbers. In each number a special case of a ship, with photos. In very good condition. You can choose! Binding 1-15, Binding 16-30, 31-45. During ordering please fill in the binding(s) you want to become!. German Language

SOS Schicksale Deutscher Schiffe (diverse bindings)

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Each Binding € 29,50
Diverse authors: Special Binding from the publisher Arthur Moewig Verlag Munchen with 14 complete numbers. In each number a special case of a ship, with photos. In very good condition. You can choose! Binding 46-60, Binding 61-75, Binding 76-89, Binding 91-105, Binding 106-120, Binding 121-134 , Binding 136-150, Binding 151-165, Binding 166-180, Binding 181-195. During ordering please fill in the the binding(s) you want to receive. German Language

Lifeboats and their Conversion

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Tyrrell Lewis, C.E.: 1958 Witherby London, hardcover with dustjacket 135 pages, with photo's and detailed drawings. The conversions of old lifeboats to a motorized sailer or motorcruiser. In very good condition

Le Sauvetage

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Au temps des avirons et de la voile
Pillet, J: Le Chasse Maree 1986, hardcover with dustwrap 233 pages. With many photos, and rescue storys. ISBN 2903708002 Reddingwezen

Lifeboat Directory

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A Complete Guide to British Lifeboats
Leach, N. and T. Denton: 2013 UK, hardcover 160 pages. All the UK Lifeboats of the UK who still exists or are still in duty. With photo, specifications and other details. ISBN 9781901703306 In very good condition

Henry Blogg of Cromer

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The Greatest of the Lifeboat-men
Jolly, Cyril: 1972 London, paperback 224 blz., met enige foto's en veel verhalen over zijn reddingen

The Sound of Maroons

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The Story of Life-Saving Services on the kent and Sussex Coasts
Biggs, H: 1977 Terence daltons UK, hardcover with dustjacket 170 pages, with photo's and indexes ISBN 0900963328 In very good condition

Life-Boat, Design and development

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Fry, E.C.: 1975 London, hardcover with dustwrap 128 pages. 28 black and white photographs of representative classes of life-boats, 33 line drawings. A record of life-boat development in Britain spanning nearly 200 years; salient features of 33 different classes of life-boats are shown in 151 specially prepared scale drawings, together with sail plans of early boats, launching-carriage details, and a diagrammatic explanation of R.A.Oakley's method of self-righting. A scarce classic in the field of maritime history. ISBN 0715367935

Wrecks and Rescues off the Romney Marsh Coast

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Carpenter, E.: 1985 Kent UK, softcover 93 pages, with photo's. ISBN 095092671x In very good condition

Die Rettungsboote der DGzRS von 1865-2004

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Esmann, Wilhelm: 2004 Hauschild Bremen, hardcover in dustjacket 149 pages. All the Rescue ships, with photo's, specifications, history etc. ISBN 3897572338 In very good condition