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Hodges, J: 1999 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 69 pages. Fictitious tale based on the real story through the eyes of a stowaway boy on board. In good condition

Der Untergang der Titanic

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Bericht eines Uberlebenden
Hesse, H: 1998 Zurich, hardcover 96 pages, with photos. The reminensces of a survivor. ISBN 9783858421333 In good condition


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Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy
Behe, G: 1988 PSL UK, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with photos. 135 cases of foreknowledge of the Titanic disaster. ISBN 978185260084 In good condition

Titanic, Destination disaster

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The legends and the reality
Eaton, J.P. and C.A. Haas: 1987 PSL UK, softcover 160 pages, with photos. In good condition

A Lifetime on the Titanic

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The Biography of Edith Haisman, Britains oldest survivor of the Titanic Disaster
Pellow, J: 1995 Island Books UK, softcover 59 pages, with photos. ISBN 1898198101 signiture first page, in very good condition

Titanic Survivor

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The Memoirs of Violet Jessop Stewardess
Jessop, V: 1997 Sutton UK, softcover 238 pages. ISBN 9780750917582 Signiture first pages, in very good condition

Who Sailed on Titanic

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The definitive Passenger List
Beavis, D: 2002 Ian Allan UK, hardcover no dustjacket 302 pages, with many entrances. ISBN 9780711028807 In good condition

A Rainbow of Time and of Space

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Orphans of the Titanic
Tyler, S.F.: About 1985 Aztex USA, softcover 94 pages, with photos. The story of two little survivors ISBN 0894040626 small marks of use, otherwise good


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An illustrated history
Lynch, Don: 1998 New York, hardcover 227 pages, with photo's and illustration. ISBN 078686401x No dustjacket as on image!, otherwise in good condition


van € 16,50
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Groot, Edward P. de: 1996 De Alk, softcover 192 blz.. Van bouw tot ondergang, met veel foto's. In goede staat. ISBN 9789060130551 © Nautiek.nl

Down with the old Canoe

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A Cultural History of the The Titanic Disaster
Biel, S: 1996 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 300 pages, with illustrations and index ISBN 9780393039658 In very good condition

Op het spoor van de Titanic

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Ballard, R.D.: 1991 Amsterdam, gebonden met papieromslag 240 blz.. Zoektocht en vondst met vele mooie beelden isbn 9067072923 scheepvaart, scheepswrakken. In zeer goede staat.

Titanic, The Ship Magnificent. (2 Volumes complete)

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Beveridge, B: 2008 The History Press, hardcover with dustjacket, with photos, plans, illustrations etc.. Volume 1; Design and Construction 686 pages. Volume 2; Interior, Dersign and Fitting Out 505 pages. In good condition

Reise auf der Titanic

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Das Schicksal der Schweizer

Babler, G: 1998 Chronos Zurich, softcover 184 pages, with photos. History of the Swiss people aboard the Titanic. ISBN 390531262x In very good condition. German Language

Echoes in the Night

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Memories of a Titanic Survivor
Goldsmith, F.J.W.: 1991 Titanic Historical Society, first edition, softcover 130 pages, illustrated. In good condition. Very scarce.

Mythos Titanic

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Das Protokoll der Katasrophe-drei Stunden, die die Welt erschutterten
Schneider, W: 1986 Stern, softcover 191 pages, illustrated. Included the separate map in the back of the book ISBN 357005991x In good condition. German Language

The Wreck of the Titanic Foretold?

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Gardner, M: 1986 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 157 pages, with photos. The wreck of the Titan and other Foretold novels of the Titanic disaster. ISBN 0879753218 In very good condition

The Ship that Stood Still

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The Californian and her mysterious role in the Titanic disaster
Reade, L: 1993 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 384 pages, illustrated and with index ISBN 9780393035377 In very good condition

The Sinking of the Titanic

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An Ice-Pilot's Perspective
Marmaduke-Collins, L.: 2002 Breakwater Canada, softcover 196 pages, with illustrations ISBN 9781550811735 In good condition

Bibliotheca Titanicana

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Alle deutsprachichen Titanic Bucher des 20. Jahrhunderts in einem Buch
Babler, G: 2001 Germany, softcover 178 pages, illustrated. ISBN 3952171522 In very good condition