Train Books USA

The History of North American Rail

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Chant, C: 2005 USA, softcover 443 pages, with many photos. ISBN 9780785819783 In very good condition

Northwestern Pacific Railroad

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Redwood Empire Route from Humboldt to San Francisco
Codoni, F. and P.C. Trimble: 2006 Arcadia USA, softcover 143 pages. Historical Photobook, with text. ISBN 9780738531212 In very good condition

The Offical 2002 Edition Locomotive Rosters and News

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Amtrak, BNSF, CN, CP, CSX, KCS, NS, UP included
Ker, J.W.: 2002 Canada/USA, softcover, ca. 110 pages. Reference book with some photo's. In mint condition ISBN 0919295347

American Shortline Railway Guide 5th edition

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A directory of Today's Diverse Small and Medium Size Railroads
Lewis, E.A.: 1996 USA, softcover 368 pages, with photo's and detailed information. ISBN 0890242909 In very good condition. American railway

Guide to North American Steam Locomotives

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History and development of steam power since 1900
Drury, G.H.: 2004 Kalmbach USA, softcover 442 pages, with photo's and detailed information ISBN 0890242062 In very good condition. American Railway

Field Guide to Modern Diesel Locomotives

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McDonell, G: 2002 Kalmbach USA, softcover 208 pages, with photo's and detailed information, also index on the trains. ISBN 0890246076 In very good condition. American Railway

Seaboard Coast Line Railroad

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Nuckles, D.B.: 1995 TLC Publishing Lynchburg Virginia, hardcover 108 pages. History of this Coal Transport Line with all her historical Type of Trains. Photobook with text and lists of Trains with their specifications. ISBN 1883089131 In very good condition


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Hudson to Horseshoe
Volkmer, W.D.: 1994 Morning Sun Books USA, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages. Photobook with text of the Trains of the Pensylvania rail Road between Hudon and Horseshoe. List with detailed information of the historical trains ISBN 1878887335 In good condition

Brochure Canadian Pacific Train Service 1912

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Canadian Pacific: 1912 Canada, softcover folding-out 16 pages, with the traject on the map of Canada and the layout of some Coaches. The other side the outside and the interior of the different Coaches and Steamtrain Loc. Brochure in very good condition and very rare.