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Jane's Railway Year (diverse years)

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Each year € 14,50
Brown, M.: 1985 UK, hardcover 176 pages. Railway in the UK. In very good condition. We can deliver the 4th and 5th year of issue. During ordering please fill in the year you want. Trains, Treinen

Motive Power (first year of issue)

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Kennedy, R: 1989 Ian Allan, hardcover 80 pages, with photo's. British Rail 1987/88. Treinen, Trains. In very good condition

Railway World Year Book 1990

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Boocock, C: 1989 Ian Allan UK, hardcover 80 pages, with photo's. In very good condition

Todays Railways Review of the Year, Volume 2

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Kmight, S. and P. Fox: 1989 Platform 5 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages, with photo's. Trains, treinen. In very good condition

The Power of the Warships

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Vaughan, J: 2005 OPC, hardcover with dustjacket 112 pages, with photo's, lists and detailed information of the trains. history of these popular WR diesel hydraulic locos. 9780860935902 In very good condition. treinen

British Railway Goods Wagons in Colour

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For the Modeller and Historian
Hendry, R: 1999 Midland Publishing, softcover 96 pages, with many photo's and plans ISBN 9781857800944 In very good condition. Trains, treinen

LMS and LNER Garrats

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Historical Locomotive Monographs No.1
Essery, R.J. and G. Toms: 1991 Wild swan Publications, softcover 92 pages, with many photo's, lists and detailed information ISBN 0906867932 In very good condition. trains, treinen

West Coast 4-6-0s at work

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Atkins, C.P.: 1981 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages. Concentrating on the 4-6-0 designs of the London and Northwestern, Lancashire and Yorkshire, and Caladonian Railways. ISBN 0711011591 With many details and photo's

British Railways Locomotives and Coaching Stock (diverse years)

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The Complete Guide. € 10,00 each
Fox, Peter a.o.: hardcover ca. 380 pages. referencebook of all Locomotives and Coaching Stock in the UK. We can deliver the years 2001, 2002 and 2003. When ordering please note wich year you want to become.

ABC British Rail Diesel Multiple-Units 1979

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No Author: 1979 Ian Allan publications. Small referencebook 62 pages, with photo's ISBN 0711009392 In very good condition

Jane's Train's Recognition Guide

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Global Coverage
Johnston, H. and K. Harris: Harper Collins 2005, softcover 491 pages, with many photo's. ISBN 9780060818951 In mint condition

The Railway Enthusiasts Almanac

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Guide to over 100 of the best known locomotives
Kelly, Peter: 1993 Kent, hardcover 128 pages, with photo's. Reference book. ISBN 1858820081 In very good condition

British Railways Pocket Book No.1 Locomotives

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edition 1999
Webster, N: 1999 Platform 5, 96 pages. Small reference book, with many detailed information. ISBN 1902336038 In very good condition. treinen

British Railways Pocket Book No.3 DMUS and Light Rail Systems

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1999 edition
Webster, N. and p. Fox: 1999 Platform 5 UK, softcover 80 pages. Small reference book, with many detailed information ISBN 1902336054 In very good condition. Treinen

Irish Railways Traction and travel

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Jones, Peter: 1987 UK, softcover 96 pages, with photo's. Reference Book ISBN 0947773088 In very good condition. treinen

Locomotive Datafile

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Greaves, S. and R. Greengrass: 1988 Metro Enterprises, softcover 112 pages, with photo's. Datafiles of the UK Locs in duty. ISBN 094777310x In very good condition. Treinen

British Rail Diesel Multiple-Units 1978

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Ian Allan ABC
No Author: 1979 Ian Allan Ltd. softcover 62 pages, with photo's. Small Reference Book of the Locs in duty. ISBN 0711008531 In very good condition. Treinen

Traction Recognition

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Marsden, C.J.: 2007 Ian Allan UK, hardcover 256 pages, with many photos and details of the trains ISBN 9780711032774 In very good condition

Metro Memories

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A Pictorial History of Metro-Land, sketch of the Railway Network of Metro-Land
Edwards, D and R. Pigram: 1985 London, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages. Historical photobook of the Metropolitan Railway in the years before the Second World war. Photos and text. In good condition