Merchant Marine Books

100 jahre Horn-Linie

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Horn-Linie: 1982 Hamburg, softcover 28 pages. Chronik of this Shipowner, with illustrations

Fearnley and Eger 1869-1969

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World Ship Society: 1968, softcover 57 pages, with photos, details and history of each ship. In very good condition

Schiff und Hafen Special 50 years Ernst Jacob

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Schiff und Hafen: 2005 Hamburg, softcover 26 pages, with photo's. Special of this German Magazine about Ernst Jacob from Flensburg. In English language. In very good condition

Brochure Bernhard Schulte

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Bernhard Schulte: 2000 Hamburg, softcover 32 pages, full-color photos. Activities, historical fleetlist and actual fleetlist. In very good condition

A History of Greek-owned Shipping

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The making of a International Tramp Fleet, 1830 to the Present Day
Harlaftis, G: 1996 Routledge London, hardcover with dustjacket 439 pages, historical scientific. ISBN 9780415000185 In very good condition

Schiffe Deutscher Reeder

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Unter viele Flaggen
Detlefsen und Fiebriger: 1992 Segeberg, hardcover 120 pages. The German ships under Foreign flag. From the early Seventies. 230 photographs, with information about the ships. ISBN 3928473077 In very good condition

Reefer Ships

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The Ocean Princesses
Tolerton, N: 2008 WSP UK, hardcover with dustjacket 226 pages, with many photos of the ships. History of the Reefer Ships. In very good condition ISBN 9781877427251

Merchant Ship Panorama

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Ransome-Wallis, P: 1980 Ian Allan UK, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, with many photo's and a index. Photo's by Ransome-Wallis from the last 50 years with detailed information. ISBN 0711010579 In good condition

Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders

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Waine, C.V.: 1976 Wolverhampton, hardcover with dustjacket 152 pages., with many illustrations and plans of the ships ISBN 0905184041 In very good condition

Typ IV

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Die Legendaren Frachter der DSR
Peters, G.: 1998 Koehlers Verlag Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 263 pages, with many photo's. The Type IV Standardtype Merchant Freighter from 1954, made in the DDR, was a very well made ship. In this book a detailed profile and history of this type of ship. The 13 ships were owned by the DSR (Deutsche Seereederei Rostock) ISBN 9783782207218 In very good condition

Die Geschichte der Supertanker

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Serie Giganten der Weltmeere

Pein, J.W.: 1996 Koehler Hamburg, hardcover with dustjacket 136 pages with photos. Detailed history with large lists of built supertankers World Wide. ISBN 3782206703 scheepvaart. In good condition

Die Neue Deutsche Handelsflotte

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Frachter, Tanker und Container in 260 Fotos
Witthohn, R: 1975 Germany, hardcover with dustjacket 108 pages. Photobook of new German merchant ships with detailed text. ISBN 3797918704 In very good condition. German language

Die Neue Deutsche Handelsflotte im Bild

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Schwadtke, K.H.: 1966 Stalling Oldenburg, hardcover with dustjacket 104 pages. Photobook of new built ships for the German Merchant Marine with detailed text. In good condition. German language

Handelsschiffe im Kriegseinsatz

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Baasch, Herbert: 1975 Oldenburg, hardcover with dustjacket 166 pages. About the Merchant German Ships who worked for the German Navy in WW2, with many photos and history of the ships, with index. In good condition

Deutsche Kuhlschiffahrt 1902-1995

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Reedereien, Kuhlschiffe, Kuhlguter
Hochhaus, K.H.: 1996 Hauschild Bremen, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages, with photo's. History and lists of ships. ISBN 3931785114 In very good condition

Die deutschen Kuhlschiffe

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Kludas, A. and R. Witthohn: 1981 Koehler Verlag Herford, hardcover with dustjacket 124 pages, with photos and lists of all Reefers. ISBN 3782202481 In good condition

Merchant Fleets 27

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Thos. and JNO. Brocklebank
Haws, Duncan: 1995 UK, softcover 124 pages. Specifications of all ships and a detailed side proflile drawing of every ship 1/1200. In very good condition

Coastal Ships and Ferries 1999 edition

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Hornsby, D: 1999 UK, hardcover 224 pages. All the British and Northern Europe Coastal ships and Ferries. Categorized by shipowner, with many photos and all the details. ISBN 9780711026490 In very good condition

Merchant Fleets 45 Maersk Line

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Middlemiss, N.L.: 2005 Shield Publications, softcover 192 pages. Historical fleetlist with detailed side profile drawing on scale and with detailed information ISBN 1871128269 In very good condition

Merchant Fleets 23

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Canadian Pacific
Haws, D: 1992 UK, softcover 160 pages. All the ships in detail, their history and a detailed side-profile drawing on scale. ISBN 0946378207 In very good condition