Merchant Marine Books

Standard Ship Designs

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Dry Cargo, Container and Ro-Ro Vesels
Scott, R: 1984 London, softcover 131 pages. Standard ship designs World Wide with plans, specifications and all the ships by name. Built after 1968. ISBN 0905045548 In good condition


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Luftbilder, Schiffe in schwerer See
IJsseling, H: 2010 The Netherlands, hardcover 96 pagea, with guided text each photo. ISBN 9789079716067 In very good condition. German language

Rotterdam Europoort 2, a pictorial review of the gateway to Europe

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Tankers, Bulk, Carriers, Heavy-lift ships and offshore construction vessels
Mast, G: 2008 Lanasta, hardcover 180 pages. Photobook with English text ISBN 9789086160464 In very good condition

The Shipping World and Herald of Commerce

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Diverse authors: May 1906- August 1903. Weekly magazine combined in 1 volume, hardcover 190 pages, with photos. Weekley maritime worldnews. In good condition. Volume 518 till 534

Brochure CIS

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CIS: ca. 1978 UK, softcover 8 pages, with photos and details of the ships od CIS. In very good condition

Brochure SCI Line

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The shipping corporation of India Ltd.
SCI: 1979 Bombay, softcover folding-out 8 pages, with some photos, actual fleetlist and map of the world with lines. In very good condition

Brochure NAH-OST Gemeinschaft

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HAH-OST: 1969 Hamburg, softcover folding-out 7 pages, with photos of ships. Argo Nah-Ost Linie, Deutsche Orient Line, Transmarin. Small brochure in very good condition

75 jaar Anthony Veder / 75 year Anthony Veder

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Overleven door verandering en innovatie / Survive by change and destination
Snel, K: 2012 Anthony Veder Group N.V., hardcover 384 blz., met fotos. Over Anthony Veder, de vele aspecten van het bedrijf en achterin de vlootlijst, met fotos. In zeer goede staat. Dutch and English language

Coastal Ships and Ferries 2010 edition

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Hornsby, D: 2010 UK, hardcover 224 pages. All the British and Northern Europe Coastal ships and Ferries. Categorized by shipowner, with many photos and all the details. ISBN 9780711034242 In very good condition

Ships in focus Record, diverse numbers

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€ 9,50 each
Ships in Focus Publications: softcover 63 pages Leverbaar; Nr. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 41, 51, 53, 54 During ordering you can fill in the number(s) you want to become

Modern River Sea Traders

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Cheetham, C. and M. Heinimann: 1992 UK, softcover 129 pages, met foto's. Overview off al built European ships, catagorized by country and wharf ISBN 0951631713 In very good condition

European River Sea Ships

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Cheetham, C. and M. Heinimann: 2001 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 554 pages. Complete referencebook, with photo's. ISBN 9780951631737 In very good condition


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A Wealth of Shipping
Taylor, James: 1976 London, hardcover with dustjacket 320 pages; The biography of this Brilliant leader and his son, who became the leaders of a conglomerat of shipping companies. With index and Appendix of ships and lines ISBN 090506402x In good condition

British Ocean Tankers 1962

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Fleming, H.M. le: 1962 Ian Allan ABC UK, softcover 64 pages, with photos. Shipowners of Great Brittain and their Tankers. Small publications with a lot of information. In very good condition

Polish Shipping Under Communism

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Roe, M: 2001 Ashgate Plymouth UK, hardcover 556 pages. Studies in Contemporary Shipping and Logistics ISBN 9780754612193 In very good condition

Brochure GEBAB Schiffe

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GEBAB: 2004 Germany, softcover 16 pages, with fotos and a actual fleetlist. In very good condition

Brochure GEBAB, Schiffsbeteiligungen

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GEBAB: 2004 Germany, softcover 26 pages, with photos. Activities and actual fleetlist. In very good condition

Brochure Conti Reederei

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Conti Reederei: 2001 Munchen, softcover 80 pages. All the ships of this shipowner in detail, with photos. In good condition

Brochure Liebherr Ships Cranes, Loading gantries and Offshore Cranes

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Liebherr: ca. 1980, softcover folding out 14 pages, with on every page a ship with cranes, or offshore Cranes. In very good condition

Dynastie of the Sea

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The shipowners and Financeers who expanded the era of free trade
LaRocco, Mary Anne: 2012 USA, hardcover 271 pages, with photos and index ISBN 9780983716365 In very good condition