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Unter Fremder Flagge

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Schicksale deutscher Frachter
Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2003 Germany, hardcover 112 pages, with photo's and index of ships. ISBN 3928473719 Merchant Marine koopvaardij scheepvaart. History of 200 German merchant carriers after they were sold abrought. In very good condition

Ugly Ducklings

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Japans WWII Liberty Type Standard Ships
Heal, S.C.: 2003 Ontario Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 180 pages, History, photos, details. ISBN 9781551250571 In very good condition

Brochure Baltic Shipping Company USSR Dry Cargo Fleet

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Baltic Shipping Company: 1972 USSR, softcover 46 pages, with photos and plans of all the Dry Cargo Ships of this Russian Shipowner. In Russian and English language. In good condition

The Constatine Group

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Appleyard. H.S.: 1983 World Ship Society, softcover 56 pages. The history of the ships, with their specifications and a photograph ISBN 090561724x In good condition. Merchant Marine

J. Lauritzen 1884-1984

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Thorsoe, Soren: 1984 Kendal UK World Ship Society, softcover 239 pages. History of the Company and fleetlist with photo of each ships, also history of the ship and specifications ISBN 0905617320 English Language. In good condition

Steam Coasters and Short Sea Traders

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Waine, C.V.: 1976 Wolverhampton, hardcover with dustjacket 152 pages., with many illustrations and plans of the ships ISBN 0905184041 Dustjacket small marks of use otherwise very good

Maritime South Africa

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A Pictorial History
Ingpen, B and Pabst, R.: 1985 Cape Town, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages. Maritime photobook 20th century of South Africa with text near the photos. Merchant Ships, Passengerships, Naval ships, Whalingships etc. ISBN 0869772171 In very good condition

The Clyde Puffer

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McDonald, D: 1980 London, hardcover 48 pages. Photobook with detailed information about this typical small coaster from the Clyde River UK. ISBN 0715374435 In very good condition

South African Merchant Ships

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An Illustrated recent history of coasters, colliers, containerships, tugs and other vessels
Balkema, A.A.: Capetown/Rotterdam 1979, hardcover with dustjacket 149 pages. With the history and data of many ships, with photographs and a fleetlist ISBN 00869611151 In very good condition

A Lifetime With Ships

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Coppack, T: 1973 Stephensons UK, hardcover with dustjacket 218 pages, with photos. Story of his life, owner of Coppack Bros, coasting shipowners, with his ships in WWI and WWII. In very good condition

Semper Fidelis

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Hancock, H.E.: 1949 London by the General Steam Navigation Co.Ltd., with photographs and with a historical fleetlist. The Saga of The Navvies 1924-1948, being an Account of the Services of the Ships and Men of the General Steam Navigation Company, Limited, in Peace and war troughhout the period 1924-1948. In good condition

Schiffe Deutscher Reeder

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Unter viele Flaggen
Detlefsen und Fiebriger: 1992 Segeberg, hardcover 120 pages. The German ships under Foreign flag. From the early Seventies. 230 photographs, with information about the ships. ISBN 3928473077 In very good condition

The Unknown Navy

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Canadas World War II Merchant Navy
Halford, R.G.: 1995 Vanwell Canada, softcover 272 pages, with photos and index. History of the Canada Merchant Navy in World War II. ISBN 9781551250403 In very good condition

George Gibson and Company

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Somner, G: World Ship Society 1988 UK, softcover 80 pages. About the fleet, with, photo's, history and specifictions ISBN 0905617460 In very good condition

The Thistle Boats

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The Albyn Line Story
Burrell, D.C.E.: 1987 World Ship Society, softcover 72 pages. History and large fleetlist, with photographs. In very good condition ISBN 0905617436

Ove Skou Copenhagen

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Thorsoe, S. and M. Crowdy: 1982 World Ship Society, softcover 44 pages. The fleet from the start, with photo, history and specifications ISBN 0905617185 In very good condition. Merchant Navy, koopvaardij, scheepvaart

Blue Star

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Atkinson, Tony/ ODonoghue, Kevin: 1985 WSS, softcover 116 pages. All the ships with, photo, specifications and history ISBN 0905617371 In very good condition

William Sloan and Co ltd, Glasgow 1825-1968

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Langmuir, E. a.o.: 1987 World Ship Society, softcover 28 pages. History and fleetlist with photo of the ships. ISBN 0905617428 In very good condition

H. Hogarth & Sons Limited Baron Line

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World Ship Society: 1976 softcover 56 pages. Short history and a large fleetlist with history, specifications and a photograph of the ships. In good condition

Idyll of the kings

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The history of the King Line 1889-1979
Mallett, A.S.: 1980 Wold Ship Society, softcover 64 pages. Historical fleetlist of all ships, with photo, specifications and history of each ship. ISBN 090561710x In very good condition.