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Schiffahrt im Bild, Standardfrachter des Zweiten Weltkriegs

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Detlefsen, G.U.: 2001 Hauschild Bremen 2001, hardcover 119 pages. The Standardships used after 1945. Photobook with details and history ISBN 3897570831 In very good condition

Schiffahrt im Bild, Tanker III

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Detlefsen, G.U. and R. Kleijn: 2008 Bremen, hardcover 120 pages, with many photo's of German and international Tankers with detailed information. In very good condition.

J. Lauritzen 1884-1984

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Thorsoe, Soren: 1984 Kendal UK World Ship Society, softcover 239 pages. History of the Company and fleetlist with photo of each ships, also history of the ship and specifications ISBN 0905617320 English Language. In good condition

Evan Thomas Radcliffe

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A Cardiff Shipowning Company
Geraint Jenkins, J.: 1982 Cardiff, softcover 92 blz.. about the ships who served the company, the comapny and her crew, with photos ISBN 0720002478 In very good condition

The Constatine Group

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Appleyard. H.S.: 1983 World Ship Society, softcover 56 pages. The history of the ships, with their specifications and a photograph ISBN 090561724x In good condition. Merchant Marine

Stephens, Sutton Ltd.

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Monograph no 8
Lingwood, J: en gray, L.: World Ship Society 1983, softcover 68 blz., met foto's, specificaties en levensloop van de schepen. In zeer goede staat

West Coast Shipping

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History in Camera
Stammers, M.K.: 1976 UK, softcover 88 pages. Photobook with related text. With sailboats, steamers, fishingboats near Uk Harbours. In very good condition. ****

The 100 Year History of Mitsui and Co. Ltd. 1876-1976

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Mitsui: 1976 Japan, hardcover with dustjacket 365 pages, with photos. In good condition. ****

Rederiaktiebolaget Svenska Lloyd 1869-1944

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Rinman, T: 1944 Goteborg, hardcover, partly leatherbound 223 pages, with many photos of the ships. In good condition. ****

American Merchant Seaman's Manual 1946

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For Seaman by Seaman
Cornell, F.M. and A.C. Hoffman: 1946 Cornell Maritime Press New York, hardcover 834 pages. All aspects of semanship for the Seaman, with photos, folding-outs and illustrations. In very good condition.

Ships of the Esso Fleet in World War II

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Standard Oil Company: 1946 New Jersey, hardcover 534 pages. The records of 135 ships of the Standard Oil Company and The Panama Transport Company during World War II. With photo's and history during WWII of all 135 Tankers. Good condition.

A Century of Sea Trading 1824-1924

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The General Steam Navigation Company Ltd.
Cope Cornford, L.: 1924 London, hardcover 182 pages. With photo's, fleetlist and index, also illustrations of J. Spurling. In very good condition

Coastal Shipping (diverse numbers)

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Magazine each 2 months. € 2,50 each
McGall, Bernard: softcover 35 pages, with photo's and the history of many Coasters worldwide. We can deliver Volume 6, number 2. Volume 9, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Volume 10, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Volume 11, numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Volume 17, numbers 1, 2, 3. During ordering you can fill in the magazine you want. In very good condition

Steamships 1835-1875 in Contemporary Records

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CD and Book
Thomas, P.N.: 2003 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 44 pages, with Steamships. The database with details of 7989 Steamships are on the CD-rom. ISBN 9780905184203 In very good condition

Schiffahrt im Bild, Tanker II

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Detlefsen, G.U. and R. Kleijn: 2003 Bremen, hardcover 120 pages, with many photo's of German Tankers with detailed information. In very good condition

Schiffahrt im Bild Tanker (1)

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Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2000 Bremen, hardcover 120 pages, with many beautiful photo's of tankers from 1950 till 2000 international, with text of history and specifications. ISBN 3897570750 In very good condition

Schiffahrt im Bild, Schulte- Schiffe

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Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2009 Germany, hardcover 120 pages. Photobook of Schulte- Schiffe with detailed information ISBN 9783897574410 In very good condition

Birds of the Sea

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150 Years of of the General Steam Navigation Company
Robins, N: 2007 UK, hardcover 134 pages, with photo's and historical fleetlist. ISBN 9781902953328 In very good condition

Rederiaktiebolaget Svenska Lloyd 1869-1919

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Med Inforlivade och Anslutna Bolag
Svenska Lloyd: 1919, hardcover 201 pages. Swedish Language. History with many photo's of the ships. With fleetlist. In good condition

Larrinaga Line 1863-1974

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les, David: World Ship Society 2005 UK, softcover 108 pages. The ships, with photo's, specifications and history. ISBN 0954331052 In very good condition