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Jones, Tristan: 1993 Baarn, softcover 258 blz... Tristan Jones naar de Noordpool. ISBN 9789064102158 In zeer goede staat

Just Cruising

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Europe to Australia, a family travels the world
Copeland, L: 1994 Romany, softcover 306 pages, with photos and a map. ISBN 0969769008 In good condition

Paddle to the Amazon

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Starkell, D: 1989 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 316 pages. The true story of a father and sons incredible 12.181-mile canoe trip from Winnipeg to the mouth of the Amazon River. ISBN 0914629913 In good condition

Cruising under Sail

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Hiscock, Eric C.: 1958 thirth edition, bound with dustwrap 480 pages, with photographs and an plan of the ship. Book in good condition.

By Way of the Golden Isles

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Rushworth-Lund, A: 1963 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 205 pages, with photos. With a sailboat and his family through the inland waterways of France. In good condition

The Voyage of the Tai-Mo-Shan

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The Mariners Library 36
Sherwood, M: 1957 Rupert Hart-Davis London, hardcover with photo's 202 pages, no dustjacket. Around the world in a small yacht. Japan, Alaska, USA, Mexico, Panama, Carribean, Atlantic Crossing. In good condition

Deep Water and Shoal

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The Mariners Library no. 4
Robinson, W.A.: 1951 Rupert Hart-Davis London 3th impression, hardcover withhout dustjacket 318 pages, with photo's. The log of a sailor who spent three years sailing a small boat around the world. In good condition

The Cruise of the Amaryllis

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Mariners Library No. 10
Muhlhauser, G.H.P.: 1951 Rupert Hart-Davis London, hardcover with dustjacket 317 pages, with photos. In very good condition

Med Fidra Pa Varldsomsegling

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Thorburn, U: 1946 Stockholm, hardcover 226 pages, with the map of the route. Round the world with the FIDRA. In very good condition. Swedish Language


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The American Challenge
Weld, P.S.: 1981 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 245 pages, with photos. An account of his winning race in the OSTAR Challenge. ISBN 0316929298 Dustjacket some marks of use, otherwise good

The Crossing

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Conquering the Atlantic in the Worlds Toughest Rowing race
Cracknell, J. and B. Fogle: 2006 London, hardcover with dustjacket 277 pages, with photos. ISBN 9781843545118 In very good condition

The Crossing (Audiobook on 3 cd's)

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Conquering the Atlantic in the Worlds Toughest Rowing Race
Cracknell, J. and B. Fogle: 2006 UK. Cd-holder with 3 cds with the voices of the authors. In good condition

Alone Across the Atlantic

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Chichester, F: 1961 George Allan, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages, with photos and plan of the route. In very good condition

Maritime Reflections

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Muir, J: 1991 Hobart Tasmania, softcover 136 pages, with photos and plans. Reminensces of his sailing. Also famous boatbuilder. ISBN 064601630x. In very good condition.

Against the flow

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the inspiring story of a teacher turned record-making yachtswoman

Caffari, D: 2007 London, hardcover with dustjacket 182 pages, with photos. Around the world against the prevailing winds and currents. ISBN 9780713684414 In very good condition

Treasure Islands

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sailing the south seas in the wake of Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson
Stephenson, P: 2005 London, hardcover with dustjacket 399 pages, with photos. ISBN 9780755312856 In very good condition

The Alaska Cruise Companion

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A Complete Book and Illustrated Map Set, a Mile by Mile Guide to Alaska
Upton, J: 2005 Coastal Publishing USA, softcover 336 pages, rich illustrated. ISBN 0964568292 In very good condition


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The Biography of a Yacht
Gould, Cecily: 1972 London, hardcover with dustjacket 171 pages, with photos and plans. Sail history of this 1899 cutter-yacht ISBN 856140074 In very good condition

Eternal Wave

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Hughes, J.S.: 1951 Temple Press London, hardcover with dustjacket 142 pages, illustrated. First Edition Tom Norman Dinwddy (1865-1945) was a boating architect who retired to Stoke Gabriel on the River Dart at the age of 49 in 1914, served in the first World War, built and sailed in the ketch Blue Jay in the 1920s. He took to motor boating in 1930 on board his Eternal Wave a converted RNLI pulling and sailing lifeboat. He cruised extensively in the North Sea, Scandanavia and the Baltic. He made his last cruise from Sweden to Dover in 1939. Illustrated by David Cobb. In very good condition

The Voyage Alone in the Yawl ''Rob Roy''

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Macgregor, J: 1987 UK, softcover 214 pages, first published in 1867, with illustrations. The Voyage to Paris and back to London. ISBN 0246131764 in good condition