Yacht Construction/Design Books

Iain Oughtred, a life in wooden Boats

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Compton, N: 2008 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 159 pages. Life and designs of Oughtred. Designer of many small wooden craft like Dinghys, Skiffs, Canoes, Cutters, Yoals, Yachts etc., with photos and plans. ISBN 9780937822999 In very good condition

Boatbuilding Down East

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How Lobsterboats Are Built
Lowell, R: 2002 Wooden Boat Publications, hardcover with dustjacket 195 pages. Guide with photos, construction drawings and plans. ISBN 9780937822739 In very good condition

Ferrocement Boten

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De geschiedenis, de keuze, de theorie, de voordelen, het afbouwen
Poelma, K: 1978 Hollandia, softcover 73 blz., geillustreerd. ISBN 9060450515 In goede staat

Clinker Boatbuilding

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Leather, J: 1973 UK, paperback 216 pages, with drawings and photos. The design, construction and guide to built traditional wooden boats with wooden nails ISBN 0713636432 In very good condition


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Zweite auflage
Tiller, A: 1937 Leipzig Germany, hardcover 356 pages, illustrated with 484 illustrations and 39 folding-out designplans. Cover some small marks of use otherwise good condition

Principles of Yacht Design

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Larssen, L. and R.E. Eliasson: 1994 International Marine USA, hardcover with dustjacket 302 pages, academic book with many technical drawings ISBN 9780070364929 In very good condition

Ferro-Cement Boat Construction

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Whitener, J.R.: 1971 Cambridge, hardcover without dustjacket 128 pages.. Design and construction, with photos and detailed drawings. In very good condition

Ted Hood Through Hand and Eye

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An Autobiography
Hood, Ted: 2006 Mystic Seaport, hardcover with dustjacket 200 pages, with many photos. Luxueus book. ISBN 9780939511143 In vey good condition

Sensible Cruising Designs

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Herreshoff, L.F.: 1973 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 393 pages, the design and construction of 10 Herreshoff sailingboats and a cano. ISBN 0877420351 In very good condition

Fifty Wooden Boats

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A Catalog of Building Plans
Woodenboat: 1993 USA, softcover 112 pages. Plans of John Alden, Crowninshield, Uffa Fox, Fenwick, Williams, Winthrop Warner, Thomas Gillmer, Charles Wittholz, Joel White and More. ISBN 0937822078 In very good condtion

E.G. van de Stadt (Nederlandse editie)

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Pionier en Jachtontwerper
Akkerman, W. e.a.: 2001 van Wijnen Franeker, hardcover met papieromslag 175 blz.. met fotos en ontwerpplannen. Over van der Stadt en zijn ontwerpen. Ook complete lijst van gebouwde jachten. Incl. bijbehorende cd-rom. ISBN 9789051942187 In zeer goede staat


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Ontwerpen met je eigen PC, Romp en Voortstuwing
Geradts, Ir.J.: 1988 Houten, softcover 128 blz., met vele voorbeelden. Principes van het jachtontwerpen. ISBN 9026920520 In goede staat

The New Cold-Molded Boatbuilding

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From Lofting to Launching
Parker, R.B.: 1992 USA, softcover 320 pages, wth photos, plans and illustrations. ISBN 9780877423584 In good condition

How to build wooden boats

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With 16 small-boat designs
Monk, E: 1994, reprint of the 1934 edition, softcover 90 pages, with plans of 16 boat designs and guided text. ISBN 9780486273136 In good condition

The Jim Richardson Boat Book

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From interviews with James B. Richardson, Master Shipwright of the Chesapeake
Keith, R.C.: 1985 Baltimore USA, softcover 108 pages, illustrated with detailed drawings of construction of wooden boats. ISBN 0960977228 In very good condition

Frame, Stem and Keel Repair

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Spectre, P.H.: 1996 Maine USA, softcover 133 pages, with detailed photos and illustrations of the repair work. ISBN 9780937822425 In very good condition

Understanding Wood

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A craftmans guide to wood technology
Hoadly, R.B.: 1995 Taunton Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with photos and illustrations. All aspectsof working with wood. ISBN 9780918804051 In very good condition

The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction, 4th edition

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Wood and West System materials
Gougeon: 1985 USA, hardcover 297 pages, detail photos and illustrations. ISBN 0878121668 In very good condition

Surveying Small Craft

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Nicholson, I: 1994 Adlard Coles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 216 pages, detailed illustrated. All materials. ISBN 9780713639490 In very good condition

Dixon Kemps manual of Yacht and Boat Sailing, eight edition

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Leather, J: 1988 Ashford Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 611 pages. Reprint of the 1895 edition of Dixon Kemps famous book about yacht designing, with many plans and details of construction ISBN 0907069568 In very good condition