Yachting Books

The Royal Ocean racing Club, Prize Winners 1925-1954

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Royal Ocean Racing Club: 1954 London, hardcover 84 pages, with all the prize winners in different races each year. In very good condition

The Rudder 1910 complete in 2 volumes

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Day, Thomas Fleming: 1910 UK, hardcover, 2 volumes together 854 pages, with photos, designplans, drawings etc. about yachting and yachts. In good condition

Carlo the legend, Riva the myth, 2 volumes in cassette

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Gibellini, Piero M: 1998 Classic Boat Magazine, hardcover with dustjacket. Volume I, and Volume II together 544 pages, Included with the loose construction plans in the back of the books. Books illustrated with many photos and illustrations. History of the company and history of the yachts. Set in very good condition.

Blue Nose

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A Ship Loved, Lost and Reborn
Backman, B. and P.: 1979 Canada, softcover 112 pages, witrh many photos. History of this famous ship ISBN 0771010001 Small marks of use, otherwise good

Great Yachts and their Designers

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Eastland, J: 1987 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 256 pages, with photos and index. Large book. ISBN 9780229118205 In very good condition

The Twelve Meter Challenges for the America's Cup

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Hoyt, N.D: 1977 USA Dutton, hardcover with dustjacket 252 pages, with 36 full color watercolors of Admiral Joseph W. Golinkin. In very good condition

Faszination Baidarka

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Geschichte, Entwicklung und Wiedergeburt des Aleuten-Kajaks
Dyson, G: 1989 Hannover, hardcover with dustjacket 228 pages, with many photos. ISBN 3924415110 In very good condition. German language

Das Motorboot und seine behandlung

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Bauer, M.H.: 1907 Berlin, second edition, hardcover 226 pages, illustrated. Types of motoryachts, the engines. maintenance and seamanship. In good condition. German language.

World Cruising Routes

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1000 routes from the South to the Arctic
Cornell, J: 2002 USA, hardcover with dustjacket 624 pages. ISBN 9780071408691 In very good condition

The Essential Knot Book

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Jarman, C: 1986 Camden USA, softcover 85 pages, with detailed illustrations of 27 essential yachtmans knots. ISBN 9780877422211 In very good condition

The Sailmaker's Apprentice

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A Guide for the Self-Reliant Sailor
Marino, Emiliano: 2001 International Marine, softcover 494 pages, with 700 detailed illustrations. How to work with Sails ISBN 0071376429. In good condition.

Handbook of Seaman's Ropework

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Svensson, S: 1981 Adlard Coles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 192 pages, with many detailed illustrations. In good condition

Knots, Splices and Fancy Work

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Spencer, C.L.: 1949 Glasgow, hardcover 206 pages, with many detailed illustrations and guiding texts. In very good condition

The Moody Legacy

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An Illustrated History 1827-2005
Moody, D: 2008 Warsah Publishing UK, hardcover with dustjacket 174 pages. History of Moody and many yachts of Moody in history with details and photos. ISBN 9780948646850 In very good condition

Sailor Talk

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Noodzakelijke termen en uitdrukkingen in 6 talen. Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans, Italiaans
Hollander, Neil e.a.: 1980 Haarlem, softcover 128 blz.. Van elke term en uitdrukking is ook een afbeelding. Zeilvoering, motor, navigatie etc. In goede staat

Through the French Canals

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Bristow, P: 1982 Nautical UK, softcover 197 pages, with photos and maps. Details of the routes. ISBN 9780851774589 In very good condition

Everymans Yachting

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Griffiths, M: 1952 Hutchinsons London, hardcover with dustjacket 255 pages. Practise in Yachting with illustrations. In very good condition

Marine Equipment by Simpson Lawrence

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SL: 1968 Glasgow, softcover 222 pages. Fully illustrated catalogue of yacht equipment and parts. Luxueus catalogue with thousands of objects. In very good condition

The Golden Pastime

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a new history of yachting
Rousmaniere, J; 1986 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0393033171 In very good condition

The Story of Yachting

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Paintings by Tim Thompson
Rayner, R. and T. Thompson: 1988 David and Charles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 95 pages, with large painting illustrations of Thompson. Yachting in diverse periods. ISBN 9780715391884 In very good condition