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Ocean Racing, Fast Cruising, Modern Yacht Handling and Equipment
Illingworth, J.H.: 1963 5th edition, hardcover with dustjacket 330 pages, with photos, illustrations and desingnplans of yachts. in good condition

Knots, Splices and Fancy Work

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Spencer, C.L.: 1949 Glasgow, hardcover 206 pages, with many detailed illustrations and guiding texts. In very good condition

The Moody Legacy

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An Illustrated History 1827-2005
Moody, D: 2008 Warsah Publishing UK, hardcover with dustjacket 174 pages. History of Moody and many yachts of Moody in history with details and photos. ISBN 9780948646850 In very good condition

Sailor Talk

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Noodzakelijke termen en uitdrukkingen in 6 talen. Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans, Spaans, Italiaans
Hollander, Neil e.a.: 1980 Haarlem, softcover 128 blz.. Van elke term en uitdrukking is ook een afbeelding. Zeilvoering, motor, navigatie etc. In goede staat

Through the French Canals

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Bristow, P: 1982 Nautical UK, softcover 197 pages, with photos and maps. Details of the routes. ISBN 9780851774589 In very good condition

Witch in the Wind

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The True Story of the Legendary Bluenose
Villiers, M. de: 2007 Thomas Allan Toronto, hardcover with dustjacket 312 pages, with photos. While the story of the Bluenose ¿ her legendary speed and the famous races she won over the years ¿ has often been told, Witch in the Wind explores the history of the Bluenose from a fresh new perspective. In Witch in the Wind, Marq de Villiers examines the history of this famous vessel against the social and economic backdrop of the east coast Atlantic shipping and fishing industries that spawned her.-Unlike any previous examination of the Bluenose, de Villiers contextualizes the birth and death of this celebrated ship with rise of industrialization and the decline of the Age of Sail, and the impact of these changes on generations of families whose way of life depended on the sea. Witch in the Wind is an evocative journey into previously untold backstory of the Bluenose, exploring the place that built her, the men who sailed her and the industry that gave rise to her.-De Villiers takes readers deep into the heart of Canadian maritime history, giving new life to the long-standing legend of the magnificent Bluenose. In good condition

Everymans Yachting

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Griffiths, M: 1952 Hutchinsons London, hardcover with dustjacket 255 pages. Practise in Yachting with illustrations. In very good condition

Marine Equipment by Simpson Lawrence

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SL: 1968 Glasgow, softcover 222 pages. Fully illustrated catalogue of yacht equipment and parts. Luxueus catalogue with thousands of objects. In very good condition

The Glory of Sail

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Beken, Frank and Keith: 1959 Ariel Press London, hardcover with dustjacket 182 pages. Photobook of the brothers Beken of yachting. With text next to each photo. In mint condition

The Golden Pastime

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a new history of yachting
Rousmaniere, J; 1986 New York, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, illustrated. ISBN 0393033171 In very good condition

The Story of Yachting

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Paintings by Tim Thompson
Rayner, R. and T. Thompson: 1988 David and Charles UK, hardcover with dustjacket 95 pages, with large painting illustrations of Thompson. Yachting in diverse periods. ISBN 9780715391884 In very good condition

Curious Yachting Inventions

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Schult, J: 1974 London, hardcover with dustjacket 139 pages, with 220 illustrations of special designs and features on yachts. In good condition

Your First Atlantic Crossing

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A planning guide for passagemakers

Weatheritt, L: Adlard Coles 2008, softcover 186 pages, illustrated. ISBN 9780713689495 In very good condition

Yachts on Canvas

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Artists Images of Yachts from the Seventeenth Century to the Present Day
Taylor, J: 1998 Conway Maritime Press, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. Beautiful book with full-colour images of Maritime paintings, with text. ISBN 0851777198 In very good condition

Beken of Cowes (in 2 volumes)

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Gliksman: 1966 and 1968 London, hardcover with dustjacket 183 and 188 pages. Volume 1, 1897-1914. Volume 2, 1919-1939. Photography Beken of Cowes and text concerning the photos. Both volumes in good condition

The Early Challenges of the America's Cup

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1851 1937
John, A: 1986 Columbus Books, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages, rich illustrated. ISBN 9780862872922 In very good condition

Yachtmans Eight Language Dictionary

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Webb, B: 1977 Adlard Coles London, hardcover 160 pages. English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese. In good condition

Salt-Water Palaces

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Drummond, Maldwin: 1979 UK, bound with dustwrap 140 pages. De jachten van de gefortuneerden en adel tussen 1840 en 1914. Met veel foto's en register van schepen 0670616362 Trefwoorden yachting, luxe jachten. In goede staat

Colin Archer and the Seaworthy Double-Ender

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Leather, J: 1995 UK, softcover 174 pages. About this design in all her variaties, with anatomy drawings ISBN 0540071838 In very good condition

Racing, Cruising and Design

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Fox, Uffa: 1951 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 340 pages, with over 400 plans, photographs and diagrams. In good condition