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Brochure Travel Normandy Ferries

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Taking your car to the Continent
Normandy ferries: 1967 UK, softcover folding-out 7 pages illustrated. In very good condition

Brochure North Sea Ferries Hull-Rotterdam

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North Sea Ferries: Ca. 1967 Hull UK, softcover folding-out 7 pages, with photos and details. Feries the Norwave and Norwind. In very good condition

20 Years Tor Line

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Tor Line: 1985 Sweden, hardcover 72 pages, with photo's, History. In good condition. Ferries

Steamers of the Clyde, Memories of the Clyde

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MacClaglan, I: 1992 UK, softcover 26 pages. Old ferries in color made by the art painter Nicholson, with text of the history of the painted ferrie. In very good condition ISBN 0951614010

British Railways Shipping and Allied Fleets

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The Postwar Period
Clegg, W.P. and J.S. Styring: 1971 UK, softcover 303 pages, with photos, history and details of each ship ISBN 0715351400 In good condition

P & A Campbell Pleasure Steamers 1887-1945

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p-and-a-campbell-pleasure-steamers-from 1887-1945-20
The Archive Photograph Series
Collard, C: 1999 UK, softcover 128 pages. Photobook with text of this shipowner in the south of England and Bristol Channel ISBN 9780752417110 In very good condition

P & A Campbell Pleasure Steamers from 1946

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p-and-a-campbell-pleasure-steamers-from 1946-20
The Archive Photograph Series
Collard, C: 1999 UK, softcover 128 pages. Photobook with text of this shipowner in South England and Bristol Channel ISBN 9780752417226 In very good condition

Lymington, the sound of success

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Brown, A: 1988 UK, softcover 80 pages. Hystory of this ferrie from 1938 on the service to the Isle of Wight UK, with many photos and detailed plans of the ship. ISBN 0907742629 In very good condition

60 years a Lady 1930-1990

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Through War and Peace
Machin, T: 1990 UK, softcover 28 pages, with many photos. History of the pleasure boat Lady Regal, who also served the UK in Dunkirk WWII. In very good condition

The Gipsy O' Kirky

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s.s. Gipsy Queen
Bowman, A.L.: 1987 UK, softcover 32 pages, with many photos. History of this pleasure boat. ISBN 0904966194 In very good condition

Kurs England

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Mit der HAMBURG nach Harwich
Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 1993 Bad Segeberg 80 pages. The Ferries between Hamburg and Bremerhaven on Harwich from 1969. With photographs. ISBN 3928473125 In good condition

Ferries from Pembrokeshire

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Cowsill, M: 1985 Ferry Publications UK, softcover 55 pages, with photos and historicaln fleetslists. History of the ferrie-services and the ferries. ISBN 1871947146 In very good condition

Speed Bonny Boat

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The Story of Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd. under Scottish Transport Group 1969-1990
Whittle, J: 1990 UK, softcover 48 pages, with many photos. History of the ferrie-services on Scotlands west-coast and the ships. ISBN 0946265135 In very good condition

Sealink Memories

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Hendy, J. and J. Merrigan: 2011 Ferry Publications, softcover 128 pages, with many photos. Collected stories. ISBN 9781906608422 In very good condition

Red Funnel 150

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Isle of Wight Ferries
Adams, K: 2010 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 176 pages, with photos and the historical ships in detail. ISBN 9780951315552 In very good condition

Belles of the East Coast

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A History of the Belle Fleet and Paddle Steamer Era
Box. P: 1989 Lowestoft UK, softcover 150 pages, with many photos, with index and fleetlists. ISBN 18700944085 In very good condition

A Century of North Sea Passenger Steamers

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Greenway, Ambrose : 1986 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages. Catagorised by Shipowner, also the foreign companies. With photographs and a index of the Ships. ISBN 9780711013384 In very good condition

Channel Islands' Railway Steamers

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Scelleur, Kevin Le: 1985 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 160 pages. Passenger Steamer Services operated by the Railway Companies between the south coast of England and The Channel Islands and the north-west France. From 1820 till the present day, giving details of all vessels, with many photographs. ISBN 9780850597073 In very good condition


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Haresnape, Brian: 1992 London, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, history of the Comapny and her ships and detailed historical fleetlist with photos. ISBN 0711012091 In very good condition

Red Funnel and Before

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Adams, R.B.: 1986 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 128 pages, with many photo's. Historical overview of the the Southampton, Isle of Wight and South of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. All the ships with detailed history ISBN 9780946184217 In good condition