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MacBrayne Steamers

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Deayton, Alistair: 2001 UK, softcover 160 pages. The ships of this company who sailed on the westcoast and the islands of Scotland from 1851 till now

Northwards By Sea

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Donaldson, G: 1978 Shetland, hardcover with dustjacket 162 pages, with photos and plans of ships. History of the services and ships to The North of Scotland, Orkney and the Shetlands. With fleetlist. ISBN 0904505367 In very good condition

Isle of Wight Ferries

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Hendy, J: 2002 UK, softcover 55 pages, with photos. About the Isle of Wight Ferries from history till now. ISBN 9781871947656 In very good condition

The Saints go marching on

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British Rails Last cross-Channel ferries
Cowsill, M and J. Hendy: 2005 UK, softover 96 pages, with many photos. ISBN 9781871947748 In very good condition

Ferries around Britain

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Hendy, John F.: 1985 UK, gebonden 112 blz.. Een overzicht van alle veerdiensten, met een overzicht van alle schepen die de veerdiensten varen met van elk schip een foto en de gegevens. In zeer goede staat

Ferries of Scotland volume 2

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Hendy, J: Ca. 2000 UK, softcover 64 pages. Photobook with the Scotland Ferries. With detailed information. In very good condition

Short Sea, Long War

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Cross-Channel Ships' Naval and Military Service in World War II
Winser, John de S.: 1997 World Ship Society. softcover 160 pages. The history of the ferries between Europe and England in WW2, many were used for the war or destroyed by the enemy. Each ship their history, with photos. ISBN 090561786x In very good condition

Is this any way to run a shipping line?

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The crisis in Manx Shiping Affairs
Goodwyn, A.M.: 1985 UK, softcover 112 pages, with photos. The fall of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company and her rescue by Sealink. In very good condition

Car Ferries of the British Isles 1994

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Widdows, N: 1994 Ferry Publications UK, softcover 120 pages. All the ferries in detail, with information. In very good condition

Cross Channel Ferries from Kent

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Streater, R.A.: 1978 UK, softcover 32 pages. The ferries in detail with photo. In very good condition

Ships of the isle of Man Steam Packet Company

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Henry, Fred: 1973 Glasgow, 66 pages, small well detailed book. In good condition

Craigendoran Steamers

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Brown, A: 1979 UK, softcover 112 pages. History, with photos and historical fleetlist. In very good condition

North West Steamships

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Paget-Tomlinson, E: 1980 Isle of Man, softcover 87 pages, history of the services and ferries in the Irish Sea. In good condition

Coastal Passenger Steamers and inland navigations in the south of Ireland

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No. 6 Transport handbook Belfast Transport Museum
McNeill, D.B.: 1965 Belfast, softcover 44 pages, with photos and detailed information. In very good condition

Newhaven-Dieppe 1825-1980

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Mahoney, B.M.E. O': 1981 UK, softcover 114 pages. About the ships who served the line. With photos and detailed information. In very good condition

The Clyde Passenger Steamers

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Davies, Kenneth: 1980 UK, bound 280 pages. From every vessel detailed information and history, with photographs. In very good condition

Fishguard-Rosslare, The Album

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Merrigan, J: 2010 UK, softcover 72 pages, with many photos trough the periods. ISBN 9781906608248 In very good condition

A Sea Road to Rothesay

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McCrorie, I: 2005 UK, softcover 64 pages, with photos. In good condition

Kurs England

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Mit der Hamburg nach Harwich
Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 1993 Bad Segeberg 80 pages. The Ferries between Hamburg and Bremerhaven on Harwich from 1969. With photographs. ISBN 3928473125 In good condition

100 Years of Parkeston Quay Harwich and its ships

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Cone, P.J.: Ca. 1990, hardcover with dustjacket 93 pages, with photos and history of the ships. In very good condition