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Steamers of the Forth volume 2

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Firth Services and Excursions
Brodie, I: 2004 UK, softcover 48 pages. Photobook with text. Edinburgh Forth. ISBN 9781840333084 In very good condition

Steamers of the Forth Volume 1

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Ferry Crossings and River Sailings
Brodie, I: 2004 UK, softcover 48 pages. Photobook with text. Edinburgh Forth. ISBN 9781840333077 In very good condition

Clyde Built

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a photographic legacy
McGowan, D: 2004 UK, softcover 128 pages. Photobook with text of historical ferries on the river Clyde built by shipyards along the Clyde ISBN 9780752422281 In very good condition

Steamers of British Railways

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Clegg and Styring: 1962 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 140 pages. History and fleetlist of all vessels, with photo, history and specification. In good condition

Solent passages and their steamers 1820-1981

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Davies, Ken: Isle of Wight 1981, hardcover with dustjacket 169 pages. All the ferries of the Isle of Wight from 1820 till 1981. may photos and all the details. ISBN 0950177989 In very good conditon

Railway & Other Steamers

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Duckworth and Langmuir: 1948 Glasgow, hardcover with dustjacket 340 pages.. From now and the pasts. catagorized by company and ship, with the specifications of all ships and with photographs. In good condition

MacBrayne Steamers

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Deayton, Alistair: 2001 UK, softcover 160 pages. The ships of this company who sailed on the westcoast and the islands of Scotland from 1851 till now

Sally Ferries

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Author unknown: 1990 UK, softcover 48 pages. History of the fleet, with photos. In very good condition


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Cowsill, M and J. Hendy: 1993 UK, softcover 44 pages, with many photos, with the Olau Hollanda and Olau Britannia for the service between Sheerness and Vlissingen ISBN 1871947057 In very good condition

Caledonian MacBrayne, the fleet

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Cowsill, M. a.o.: Ca. 2000, softcover 40 pages, with the fleet of today, with many photos ISBN 1871947219 In very good condition

Sally Line

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The complete story
Breeze, G. a.o.: 2001 Ferry Publications UK, softcover 47 pages, with photo's. History of the Company and her ships of this ferrie-line between Dover and Ostend ISBN 1871947642 In very good condition

Stena 1939-1989

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Harvey, W.J.: 1989 Goteborg, hardcover with dustjacket 151 pages. History of the Company and the Ships. With large fleetlist of all the ships with photograph. ISBN 9185786411 trefwoorden scheepvaart, veerboten

The Holyhead Steamers of the L.N.W.R.

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Pearsall, A.W.H. and H.H. Davies: 1988 LNWR, softcover 33 pages with photo's. History of the Line and her ships, with historical fleetlist ISBN 0951549006 In very good condition

Harwich Ferries

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Parkeston Quay under Railway Ownership
Brown, S: 2014 Ferry Publications, softcover 218 pages. History of the services and the ferries. ISBN 9781906608866 In very good condition

Brochure TFS Northern Ireland Continent

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TFS: 1967 UK, softcover folding-out 5 pages, with photos f the ships of this ferrie service. In very good condition

From Comet to Cal Mac

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Two Centuries of Hebridean and Clyde Shipping
Meek, D.E. and B. Peter: 2011 Ferry Publications, hardcover with dustjacket 152 pages, with many photos and index of ships. ISBN 9781906608361 In very good condition

Brochure Eagle Steamers

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Day excursions to Calais and Boulogne
Eagle Steamers: 1959 UK, softcover 3 pages, with one photo of the mv Royal Daffodil. In good condition

Brochure Eagle Steamers Day Cruises to Southend, Margate and the French Coast

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Eagle Steamers: 1959 UK, softcover 5 pages with 2 photos of the mv Royal Sovereign and mv Royal Daffodil. In good condition

100 Years of Parkeston Quay and its Ships

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Cone, P.J.: Ca. 1998 Harwich, hardcover with dustjacket 93 pages, with photos. History of Parkeston Quay in Harwich In very good condition

Brochure Travel Normandy Ferries

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Taking your car to the Continent
Normandy ferries: 1967 UK, softcover folding-out 7 pages illustrated. In very good condition