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Rederi AB Gotland

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Sveriges aldsta Passagerarrederi
Rederi AB Gotland: 1998 Visby Sweden, softcover 17 pages, with photos. History of the ferry company, with historical photos and a English Summary. Swedish Language. In very good condition

Steamers of the Fjords

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Bergen Shipping Since 1839
Bent, Mike: 1989 Conway London, hardcover with dustjacket 224 pages and many photos History of the shipping on the Fjords of Norway. With detailed fleetlist, with photographs ISBN 0851775187 In very good condition

Bergenske Fjordabater

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No Author: 1974 Bergens Tidende Norway, softcover 71 pages. The ships and historical ships with their history. Each ship a photo ISBN 8271310070 In very good condition. Norwegian Language

Danske Jernbanefaerger

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Jensen, N: 1978 Copenhagen, softcover 96 pages. The current Danish Ferries with their details, on which route and a photo. ISBN 8711038756 In very good condition. Danish language

Stena Line The Fleet

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Cowsill, M. and J. Hendy: 1997 Ferry Publications UK, softcover 40 pages. The complete fleet of 1997, with photos, history and specifications. ISBN 9781871947441 In very good condition

Viking Line 25

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Viking Line: 1984 Finland, softcover 47 pages, with photo's and fleetlist. English Language. In very good condition

Fra Forenske Damp

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til Torghatten ASA, 125 ar over sjo og land
Soraa, G: 2011 Norway, hardcover 279 pages, with many photos. History of this Ferrieservice between Fosen and Torghatten with her ships. With short historical fleetlist. ISBN 9788299096515 In very good condition

DFDS 1991-2006

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Ship development Continues
Thorsoe, S: Anniversary book 140 years DFDS, hardcover 548 pages. History and all the ships, with many photographs. ISBN 8798003038 trefwoorden veerboten, scheepvaart. In very good condition

Danske Jernbane Dampfaerger

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Olesen: 1987 Copenhagen, softcover 122 pages, with photos. History of the services and the individualk ferries. ISBN 878875828 In very good condition. Danish language


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Danish and English Language
Naumann, F: 2002 Nautilus Denmark, hardcover 303 pages, with many photos. About the company, and the ships. History and Present day. ISBN 8790924088 In very good condition

Ostersoruterne (2 volumes in Cassette)

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og vejen gennem Danmark
Olesen, M.N.: 2003 Forlaget Nautilus Danmark. Volume 1, hardcover 384 pages, with many photos and Volume 2, hardcover 424 pages, with photos, designplans and index. History of the Danish ferries in the Baltic Sea. Danish Language ISBN 8790924126 and 8790924142 In very good condition

Samarbeid om samferdsel

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More og Romsdal Fylkesbatar 1920-1970
Ulstein, R: 1970 Norway, hardcover 226 pages, with photos and historical fleetlist. History of the service and her ships. In good condition. Norwegian language

Fylkesbaatane i sogn og fjordane gjennom 100 ar, 1858-1958

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Stensaker, A: Bergen Norway, hardcover 216 pages + photos, with historical fleetlist. Hustory of the service and ships. In very good condition

Den Lige Linie

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Historien om Juelsminde-Kalundberg Overfarten
Christensen, J.V.: 2001 Forlaget Nautilus, hardcover 184 Pages, with many photos. The historical fleet and the history of the service. ISBN 8790924061 In very good condition. Danish language

Kurs Helgoland

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Eine geschichte des Seebades, des Seebaderdienstes und der Seebaderschiffe seit 1829
Kuke, Herbert: 1974 Gerhard Stalling Verlag Oldenburg, bound 173 pages, with photographs

Coastal Express

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The Ferry to the Top of the World
Bent, Mike: 1987 Conway Maritime Press UK, hardcover with dustjacket 223 pages, with many photo's. The History of the Hurtigruten started in 1838. This book special about all the historical ships on this traject ISBN 0851774466 In very good condition

Skrufangaren Per Brahe

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Wetterholm, C.G.: 1989 Goteborg Sweden, hardcover 187 pages, with photos. History of this ferry-route and her ships. With photos. ISBN 9187360047 In very good condition. Swedish Language

Hjulangare och andra fartyg pa Hjalmaren

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Res den vackra kanalvagen Orebro-Stockholm-Orebro
Fredell, H: 1982 Kumla Sweden, softcover 38 pages, with photos. History of this route and her ships

Fylkesbaatane i sogn fjordane 1958-1983

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Tveit, N: 1983 Bergen Norway, hardcover 195 pages, with photos and historical fleetlist. In very good condition.

Finnmark Fylkesrederi og Ruteselskap Hammerfest

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Flateliste 1916-1996
Hanssen, F.R.: 1996 Norway. Historical fleetlist and history of all ships, with photo. In very good condition