Diverse Technical Books

Ponts Portatifs Economiques, systeme G. Eiffel

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Ponts portatifs économiques système G.Eiffel. Societé de Constructions de Levallois Perret, Constructeurs. Eiffel designed these bridges around 1881 and first adapted them in 1885 (Orleans) and thereafter throughout the world. The more famous Bailey system bridge dates back to 1943. Book catalog contains design drawings with a size of 36 x 27 cm across 2 p. Of traffic bridges and passes in a variety of widths and lengths. Also a drawing with 2 types of foundation pillars in the water. There is a table listing for the various types of standard elements. The draft book was published in mid-1890-1895 by the construction company Societé de Constructions de Levallois Perret of G. Eiffel. This issue is not yet known in academic libraries of universities or other libraries worldwide. In good condition

Gebandigte Kraft

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Die Geschichte der Erfindung Des Otto-Motors

Goldbeck, G.: 1967 Heinz Moos Verlag Munchen, hardcover  269 pages, with photo's. In very good condition

Stoombemaling in Nederland 1770-1870

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Pols, K. van der en J.A. Verbruggen: Delftse Universitaire Pers 1996, softcover 178 blz., geillustreerd. In Nederlands en Engelse taal. ISBN 9789040713538 In zeer goede staat

Geschiedenis van de techniek in Nederland in 6 delen

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Lintsen, H.W.: 1993 Walburgpers Zutphen, hardcover met papieromslag, met elkaar ongeveer 2000 blz, met foto's, illustraties en index. Hele set in zeer goede staat

Oil burning for land installations

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Wallsend Slipway and Engineering Co. Ltd.: Wallsend on Tyne ca. 1930, softcover 55 pages with full of photographs of buildings and oil installations in the building. Luxueus brochure in perfect condition.


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Grundlagen, anwendungen, eigenschaften
Oranje, P.J.: Philips Technische Bibliothek 1943, hardcover 294 blz., illustrated. trefwoorden,  techniek,  verlichting,  gasontstekings lampen

Mestre et Blatge

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No. 25
Mestre et Blatge: Paris about 1920, softcover +/- 800 pages. Illustrated catalogue with thousands of products. Products are mainly autoparts, machines and equipment. The hinges of the book are weak, everything is complete, no lose pages.

SHG Schmidtsche Heissdampf G.M.B.H.

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Die erste Hochdrucklokomotive der Welt, Entwicklung und Bauart
Wagner, D.R.P.: Schmidt Heissdampf, Kassel-Wilhelmshohe 1929, softcover 24 blz., met uitvouwplaat. Techniek beschreven en afgebeeld. Treinen, treintechniek, stoomtreinen


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Erlesene Liebhabereien
Damase, J: About 1970 Parkland Verlag Stuttgart, hardcover with dustwrap 120 pages, illustrated, full-colour. History of Carriage and Coach. German Language. Koetsen.

Die Praxis des Modernen Machinenbaues

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Weller, C.A.: Berlin, about 1910. Full-colour. With 8 models of the newest technique. The models. By lifting the tabs you will see more of the inside technique. In this Atlas, Mercedes-Kraftwagen, Heissdampf-Schnellzug-Lokomotive-Schmidt'schem, Aeroplan der Bruder Wright, Gleichstrom Dampfmachinen, Drehstrom-Turbodynamo, Lokomobile, Steilrohr-Dampfkessel, Schiffs-Brons-Motor. Top of spine torned, book in fine condition.

Luchtvaarttechnisch woordenboek

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Roskam, P: 1948 Badhoevedorp, softcover 225 blz.. Goede staat

Oliver Operating Instructions

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Row Crop 60 Tractor
Oliver Corporation: 1946 Charles City Iowa, softcover 44 pages, illustrated, original.

Teknologi i virksomhet

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Verkstedindustri i Norge etter 1840
Lange, Even: 1989 Ad Notam forlag Oslo, hardcover with dustjacket 240 pages, illustrated ISBN 8241700083 good condition

Dr. Blan Televisie cursus

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In 12 delen compleet
Blan: ongeveer 1960 12 delen met elk 16 blz., over de TV techniek en hoe die toe te passen, met voorbeelden en illustraties. Uitgave Muiderkring, vormingscentrum voor radio en elektronica

Grundzuge zu einer Theorie des Fluges

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Haedicke, H: 1879 Kiel, softcover 24 pages with folding-out of illustrations of wings. Technical aspects of flying. Separat abdruck aus dem ''Civilingenieur.. Ex. Libairie.

Brochure Stork Continu Sterilisatoren

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Stork: Amsterdam, Ca. 1960, softcover 23 blz., met vele foto's van installaties en faciliteiten. In zeer goede staat

Brochure Stork Flessenreinigingsmachines type MS

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Stork: Ca. 1960 Amsterdam, softcover 23 blz., met foto's en illustraties van installaties en faciliteiten. In zeer goede staat

Topological Spaces

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Cech, Eduard: 1966 Prague and London Interscience Publishers, Revised Edition, hardcover with dustjacket 893 pages. In very good condition


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Bediening en toepassingen
Erk, M.H. van: 1978 Kluwer, hardcover 312 blz., geillustreerd. ISBN 9020110403 In zeer goede staat

25 jaar OTMV

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Ter gelegenheid van het 25 jarig bestaan van de Oude Trekker en Motoren Vereniging
Ton, W. e.a.: 2004, hardcover 246 blz., met fotos. Met reportages van vele klassieke tractoren en vele Stationaire motoren. Uitgebreid en mooi overzicht. In zeer goede staat