Maritime Technical Books

De Geschiedenis van de N.V. Machine- en Motorenfabriek v/h Thomassen en Co. De Steeg

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Verbrandingsmotoren, compressoren, putpompen, ja-knikkers en gasturbines
Vegter, J: Profiel, hardcover 176 blz., geillustreerd met vele fotos en illustraties. Over het bedrijf en over de motoren. ISBN 9789052945903 Deel 3 uit de serie van Nederlandse fabrikanten van land- en scheepsmotoren. Nieuw

Land en Scheepsmotoren uit Midden, Noord en Oost-Nederland

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Van Petroleum- en gasmotor tot aan gloeikoppen en compressorloze viertakt Dieselmotoren
Vegter, J: Profiel, hardcover 257 blz, met vele fotos en illutraties. Over de diverse fabrikanten en hun gemaakte motoren ISBN 9789052945910 Deel 4 uit de serie van Nederlandse fabrikanten van land- en scheepsmotoren. Nieuw

119 jaar schepen en 66 jaar Industrie Motoren

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Geschiedenis van de werven en de motorenfabriewk van D. en Joh. Boot te Alphen aan den Rijn
Vegter, J: Profiel, hardcover 104 blz., met vele fotos en illustraties, over het bedrijf en de gemaakte motoren ISBN 9789052945743 Deel 2 uit de serie van Nederlandse fabrikanten van land- en scheepsmotoren. Nieuw


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Een moderne Encyclopedie
Dokkum, K. van: gebonden 365 blz. . Goed boek over de vele technische aspecten van het schip. Van binnenvaartschip tot zeegaande schepen. over zowel het schip zelf, als de voorzieningen aan boord. Met vele tekeningen, illustraties en foto's. Voor zowel mensen die werkzaam zijn in de scheepvaart alswel scheepvaartgeinteresseerden. Ook in gebruik bij de maritieme opleidingen ISBN 9789071500206 Laatste editie

Ship Handling

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Baudu, H: Dokmar, hardcover 280 pages. The book is divided into three sections. The first section describes the features of a ship and the different methods of manoeuvring it. The second section deals with the forces which influence the movement of a ship and the final section describes the factors which affect the ship during manoeuvres (mooring, sailing in shallows, manoeuvring in the docks, etc.). The emphasis is placed on external factors which can influence the manoeuvring characteristics of a ship. The initial approach is at a basic level, suitable for pilots in training, for example. The field of ship dynamics is then explored in more depth for seafarers with a greater knowledge of the subject. The book analyses all aspects of the manoeuvring features of ships on both open water and narrow waterways, with reference to the recommendations of the STCW Convention, which sets out the required manoeuvring abilities of helmsmen. Author Hervé Baudu is a teacher in maritime training who has 15 years’ experience working on board ships, achieving the rank of captain. He taught manoeuvres first at the ‘Ecole Navale’, then at the National Maritime College of France (ENSM) in Marseille. The book is intended for both students in maritime education who are learning basic manoeuvring skills and seafarers with extensive manoeuvring experience who want to expand their knowledge in this field.

Ship Knowledge

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Ship, Design, Construction and Operation
Dokkum, K. van: Last edition, hardcover 383 pages, fully illustrated. Used on Maritime Schools ISBN 9789071500183

MarEngine English Underway

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Buczkowska, W: Dokmar, hardcover 240 pages. MarEngine English Underway is a nautical-technical English textbook which can be used as a practical educational tool for self-study. It helps students to organize and visualize the vocabulary in the field of nautical and technical English by theme. Each topic is followed by a number of practical questions, with answers provided. The book is also suitable for language teachers starting out in M(aritime) E(nglish), particularly in technical maritime training, who are not engineers or mechanics, but who have to deal with difficult nautical-technical terms and concepts.

Ship Naviagation

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Wallin, B: Dokmar, hardcover 304 pages. Ship Navigation demonstrates the art and science of navigating a ship from departure to destination without hitting the shore or shoals. There are essential decisions which need to be made every day in navigational work and the book provides guidance on how to make the right choices. Ship Navigation does not require any prior knowledge of the subject from the reader. It starts at the beginning: the first chapter is devoted to definitions and an overview of the challenges facing the navigator and ways of solving them. Both traditional and modern methods of navigation are discussed. An analysis of investigations into recent incidents of vessels running aground or colliding indicates that there is still a demand for ‘traditional’ methods. The text deals with navigational problems and methods from a practical viewpoint and contains many pictures and step-by-step diagrams. This makes it easy for the reader to understand not only the theoretical aspects of the problem at hand, but also the situation when actually on watch. In spite of – or perhaps because of – the abundance of sophisticated electronic navigational aids available today, the human factor is still recognised as a major obstacle to safe navigation. The author has provided numerous examples from accident reports and investigations which illustrate how this unpredictable element impacts on watch keepers and their ability to navigate safely at all times. The excellent text written by a Master Mariner with many years of watch keeping experience on the high seas and coastal waters, combined with the excellent colour and black-and-white illustrations makes this an essential source of reference for every student of marine science. It will also be useful to many practising deck officers who want to keep up-to-date with the theory and practice of their profession.

Stability of Merchant Ships for the beginning officer

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Abbenhues, T: 2016, softcover 62 pages. This book is meant to help the beginning officer and student getting a better understanding of stability. It contains the besaic explanations in a simple manner with some tricks and advises ISBN 9789198283204

Patent Brons

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Honderd jaar verstuiverbak motoren
Vegter, J.: gebonden 159 blz.. Na vier jaar intensief speurwerk komt de auteur tot de conclusie dat de uitvinding van Jan Brons in de historie sterk is onderschat. De uitvinding van het Brons-verstuiverbakje heeft niet alleen een duidelijke stempel op de Bronsmotorenfabriek in Appingedam gezet, maar ook wereldwijd heeft men geprofiteerd van deze uitvinding. Deze ontdekking motiveerde de auteur om dit alles grondig uit te zoeken, wat uiteindelijk resulteerde in dit nieuwe boek. Drietalige (Ned-Du-Eng) uitgave over Bronsmotoren en alle bakjesknappers die wereldwijd onder licentie zijn gebouwd in o.a. Scandinavie, Oostenrijk, Duitsland en Engeland.

Schiffe und Offshore-Konstruktionen

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Vertragsgestaltung im Maritimen Anlagenbau, Neubau, Umbau und Reparatur. Rechtliche Grundlagen, Standardvertrage, Subunternehmersvertrage
Baumhauer, M: Maximillian Verlag Hamburg 2014, hardcover with dustjacket 503 pages. Als BIMCO section in English Language. Dieses Buch stellt erstmals vertieft und zusammenhängend die rechtlichen Besonderheiten des Schiffbaus und allgemein des maritimen Anlagenbaus im Anwendungsbereich des deutschen Rechts dar. Mit dem Aufkommen der Offshore-Windindustrie sind verschiedene Entwicklungen verbunden. Zum einen ist Bedarf an Spezialschiffen und Plattformen für diesen Industriebereich entstanden. Zum anderen sind neue Marktteilnehmer wie Energieversorger und Bauunternehmen sowie Versicherer und Finanzierer hinzugekommen, die zuvor wenige oder gar keine Berührungspunkte mit dem Schiffbau und generell mit dem maritimen Anlagenbau hatten. Unter Berücksichtigung der branchenüblichen Standardverträge behandelt das Buch die für den maritimen Anlagenbau essentiellen Rechtsfragen und geht dabei auf die Besonderheiten ein, die den maritimen Anlagenbau teilweise fundamental vom allgemeinen industriellen Anlagenbau unterscheiden. Hierzu gehören unter anderem Fragen der Klassifikation, internationaler Regularien, Eigentums- und Registerfragen, Pfandrechte und Sicherheiten, Haftungs- und Versicherungskonzepte sowie Abnahme- und Streitbeilegungsverfahren. Dabei werden praktische Hinweise für die Vertragsgestaltung und die Projektabwicklung gegeben. Damit richtet sich das Buch an Werften, Reedereien, Zulieferer und Subunternehmer des Schiffbaus ebenso wie an Unternehmen der Offshore-Industrie sowie an Versicherer und finanzierende Banken und an deren Berater.

The International Maritime Dictionary. English, German, French, Polish, Romanian, Croatian

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For on board the ships or office
Kluijven, P.C. van: Alk, sofcover 528 pages. Dictionary about navigation, engineering, safety, communication, inland navigation, chartering, insurance and logistics. For the Maritime industry. ISBN 9789059610903

The International Maritime Dictionary. English, Filipino, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic

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For on board the ships or office
Kluijven, P.C. van: Alk, sofcover 518 pages. Dictionary about navigation, engineering, safety, communication, inland navigation, chartering, insurance and logistics. For the Maritime industry. ISBN 9789059611009

Ships Electrical Systems

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Borstlap, R. en H. ten Katen: Dokmar Enkhuizen, hardcover 224 blz.. The electrical installations in Ships. Fully illustrated. ISBN 9789071500176 (only english edition) Used on Maritime Schools

Verkeersregels op zee 6e druk

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Dokkum, K. van: gebonden 190 blz.. Zeer goed gedocumenteerd met vele foto's van situaties. Voor zowel de beroepsvaart als de pleziervaart, wordt gebruikt bij maritieme opleidingen. ISBN 9789071500008

The Colregs Guide

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A Fully Illustrated Textbook
Dokkum, K. van: Dokmar Enkhuizen, hardcover 192 pages. Used on Maritime Schools. ISBN 9789071500213


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Dokkum, Klaas van: gebonden 160 blz. Stabiliteit voor alle typen schepen, met vele foto's, tekeningen etc. ,et een Cd-rom

Ship Stability

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Dokkum, Klaas van: Dokmar Enkhuizen, hardcover 176 pages, with photo's and illustrations. With DVD ISBN 9789071500152

Lexicon Scheepvaart en transport

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Nederlands/Engels en Engels/Nederlands
Kluijven, P.C. van: gebonden 287 blz.. 1e deel woordenboek en het 2e deel een handboek, met daarin de Engelse termen zoals die op de brug, in de machinekamer en via de marifoon op schepen worden gebruikt. Tevens worden worden de meest voorkomende temen in documenten betreffende verzekering, vrachtvervoer, charters, etc.uitgebreid verklaard

The International Maritime Language Programme (IMLP)

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Second Edition, CD-rom Included
Kluijven, P.C. van: softcover 416 blz., The International Maritime Language Programme (IMLP) is a well structured, English-monolingual textbook with diversified texts, tasks and projects, complemented and supplemented by a CD-ROM and reflecting an up-to-date content based communicative methodology of language teaching and learning. The programme covers every aspect of the seafaring world: Maritime Communication, General Ship's Knowledge, Engineering, Navigation, Safety, Documents, Correspondence and Grammar. The course book and the CD-Rom are well suited to acquire the communication requirements as laid down in the relevant sections of the IMO International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978/95.