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Damned By Destiny

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Williams, D.L. and De Kerbrech, R.P.: 1982 Brighton. A complete account of all the world"s projects for large passenger liners, which, for one reason or another, never entered service. Some were still-born, some met with disaster after launching and some were diverted to other purposes during war. Potentially, some were the greatest liners ever conceived and would have surpassed the most famous, not only in speed and in splendour, but in their very size and appearance. They were victims of circumstance-a fate narrowly missed by a few of the most celebrated liners. In very good condition

Kungsholm, Europa, Columbus C

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Een internationaal schip
Guns, N: Hardcover met papieromslag 302 blz.. Alles over dit schip, met fotos en uitklapplaten. ISBN 9789068811124 In zeer goede staat

Deutsche Ozean-Passagierschiffe 1850 bis 1895

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Kludas, A: 1983 Germany, hardcover with dustjacket 144 pages. Every pages a ship with photo, details and history. In good condition. With English summary of each ship. German language

Deutsche Ozean-Passagierschiffe 1896 bis 1918

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Rothe, Claus: 1986 Berling, bound 160 pages. Every page a monographie of a ship with photo. From the serie; Bibliothek der Schiffstypen. In good condition

Nummer gewijd aan het motorschip ORANJE

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De Zee: 1939 Amsterdam, hardcover 158 blz., met fotos. Het schip gedetailleerd beschreven en met fotos van het schip in detail. In goede staat

Per Mailboot naar de oost

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Reizen met de Lloyd en de Nederland tussen 1920 en 1940
Alberts. A: 1979 Bussum, softcover 103 blz., met veel foto's en achtergronden ISBN 9022818268 In zeer goede staat

Rotterdam en de zee

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Vier eeuwen passgiersvaart/Four centuries of passenger travel
Notenboom, E.W./Oosterwijk, B: 2005 Rotterdam, gebonden 159 cm. Onderverdeeld in tijdsperiodes. In Nederlands en Engels. Met veel foto's ISBN 9789090198828 In zeer goede staat

Schiffahrt im Bil, Kusten-Passagierschiffe

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Detlefsen, Gert Uwe: 2001 Bremen, bound 120 pages. Photograph book of ships in German waters. From recent till earlier days. In very good condition. German Language

Antwerp-New York

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Eugeen van Mieghem (1875-1930) and the Emigrants of the Red Star Line
Joos, E: 2005 Antwerp, softcover 112 pages, with many illustrations of the art-works. The Artworks of van Mieghem of Emigrants to New York in the Harbour of Antwerp in Full-colour ISBN 9789076704999 In very good condition. English Language

Luxury Liners

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Life on Board
Donzel, C: 2006 Vendome Press USA, hardcover with dustjacket 191 pages, with many photos on board the Large Liners, with text. ISBN 9780865651739 In very good condition

The post-war Cunard story

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Mitchell, W.H.: 1975 Marinart UK,hardcover with dustjacket 80 pages, with photos and side-profile drawings. Mainly history of the ships within the Company. ISBN 0904478114 In good condition

The Liners of Liverpool in 3 volumes complete

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Whale, D.M.: 1986-1988, softcover 415 pages all together, with photos. The Liners with home harbour Liverpool. Their history. In very good condition

The Pacific Empresses

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An illustrated history of Canadian Pacific Railways Empress Liners on the Pacific Ocean
Turner, R.D.: 1981 Sono Nis Press Canada, hardcover with dustjacket 290 pages, with many photos and detailed information. In very good condition ISBN 0919462618

The Last White Empresses

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Harvey, C: 2004 Carmania Press UK, softcover 120 pages, with many photos and details. ISBN 0954366638 In very good condition

Passengerships of the Irish Sea 1919-1969

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Liddle, Laurence: 1998 Ireland, softcover 152 pages, with many photographs and a index of ships. In very good condition

Empress of Britain

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Canadian Pacific's Greatest Ship
Turner, Gordon: 1992 Ontario, bound with dustwrap 216 pages. History of this famous ship. From wharf till Sinking in WW II. Many Photographs. ISBN 1550460528 In very good condition

The Pacific Princesses

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An illustrated History of Canadian Pacific Railway's Princess Fleet on the Northwest Coast
Turner, R.D.: 1977 Canada, gebonden met papieromslag 252 blz., met veel foto's en lijsten van schepen ISBN 0919462049 In very good condition

The last Atlantic Liners

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Miller, William H.: 1985 London, gebonden met papieromslag 192 blz.. . Veel informatie over de laatse oceaanreuzen, met veel foto's. ISBN 0851773206 In zeet goede staat

The Cunard Line

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A Pictorial History 1840-1990
Woolley, Peter Moore, Terry: 1990 UK, softcover 112 pages. Every page a photograph with undertext. In very good condition

North Star to Southern Cross

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The Story of the Australasian Seaways
Maber, J.M.: Stephenson 1967 UK, hardcover with dustjacket 350 pages. illustrated. the comprehensive history of the 60 shipping lines that have served the routes between Europe, Australasia and North America. With a index of the ship names and fleetlists of every Company. In very good condition